Blogging and Self-Promotion.

Internet sites that ask Readers to submit Stories have a policy which states that self promotion of the reader is not permitted.

What exactly are these  ‘Story Collecting Sites’ do?

They take your time and of course power to run the Computer and earn advertisement revenue from the Readership generated by those who submit stories.

The Traffic of these sites is because of the collective efforts of those who submit stories.

What about Links in the sites submitted  from the sites?

Are you not earning on some one’s sites?

If this is not Self -Promotion, what else is?

Self Promotion seems to be the bane for these sites who think they have a moral superiority,feigned of course; real reason is they want to earn at other’s expense and time.

Even if you consider the traffic of the sites, you will notice that the Story Collecting Sites get referred to from your site and they build their hits.

When these sites take your story, the link you submit appears under their url, where the original site  you have submitted is relegated to the back ground.

In fact when you submit a story these sites get  more hits than yours.

Commercially speaking, the sites to which you submit your stories get more hits than yours  even after them referring to your site.

And no news is original excepting the event.

It is being handled by multitude of people in the print media and electronic media.

So shall we stop with the first report of the event?

My view is that these Story Sharing Sites must allow Bloggers to submit their site stories which may be based on other stories published, in their own interest.

Care must be ensured that it is not Spam.

Ultimately Readers decide the traffic.


Author: ramanan50

Retired Senior Management Professional. Lectures on Indian Philosophy,Hinduism, Comparative Religions. Researching Philosophy, Religion. Free lance Writer.Blogger

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