Weapons that Killed Osama and Gallup Polls on Osama Killing.

However the Human Intelligence inputs rather than ELINT played a crucial role.

Details are emerging about the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden.

The terrorist leader was in a compound protected by concrete walls and barbed wire.

The secret ‘Seal Team 6‘ led the attack. A SEAL team typically has eight members.


A MH-60

They were transported in modified MH-60 helicopters. One was destroyed by special forces after it appeared to stall over the compound. Planners were reportedly terrified of another Black Hawk Down scenario, when a downed helicopter stranded troops in enemy territory. However, they were able to depart in a reinforcement craft.

A MH-60 costs about $28 million to produce.

By all reports, the SEAL team used small arms, such as M4 or M16 machine guns. The Navy SEALS carry SIG Sauer P226 pistols for close combat.

The team probably used thermal imaging to see through walls and determine where everyone was.

Although it was initially reported that Bin Laden was killed after resisting arrest, military officials have admitted that they planned to kill him. He was shot twice in the left side of his face. 22 people were killed in the raid; presumably everyone in the compound.

Seal Team 6 used facial recognition devices to confirm Bin Laden’s identity, along with DNA testing



Gallup Polls Approve of Osama Killing. Poll Details.

Military Gets the Most Credit

When Americans are asked how much credit they would give to Barack Obama, George W. Bush, the CIA, and the U.S. military for finding and killing bin Laden, the U.S. military and the CIA emerge as the big winners in the public’s eyes. Nearly 9 of 10 (89%) say the military deserves “a great deal of credit,” while 62% say the same about the CIA.

Americans are more reserved in giving credit to President Obama. Thirty-five percent say he deserves a great deal of credit and another 36% say he deserves “a moderate amount” of credit. More than a quarter say he does not deserve much or any credit at all.


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  1. SIG SAUER’s P226 is a superb weapon. Just completed a tactical course this weekend using a P226 — it was taught by an ex-Navy Seal. Excellent course and the weapon performed superbly!


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