Purulia Arms Drop-Indian or International Conspiracy?

Peter Bleach served in British military intelligence in Belfast, fought for Ian Smith's white supremacists in Rhodesia and worked as a private eye in Britain before moving into the arms trade

Peter Bleach,one of the accused in the Purulia arms drop case of 1995 and who has served Eight years in Indian Jail, has revealed startling facts.

He was approached by a man who wanted some arms to be dropped into India.

Bleach, though an Armsdealer, got suspicious and informed MI5( Internal Security) of British Intelligence.

He was informed that the Government of India was interested in  finding out the destination of these Arms and they would like Bleach to go ahead to enable Government of India to arrest the conspirators.

MI 5 has informed him that R&AW was informed.

The British Government  backed the plan.

“The Purulia arms drop case was an infamous incident in which unauthorised arms were dropped from an Antonov An-26 aircraft in Purulia district in the state of West Bengal in India on 17 December 1995.

Latvian aircraft dropped a large consignment of arms including several hundred AK-47 rifles and more than a million rounds of ammunition over a large area in Jhalda, Ghatanga, Belamu, Maramu villages of Purulia district on the night of 17 December 1995.[citation needed] Several days later, when the plane re-entered Indian airspace, it was intercepted by the Indian Air Force MiG-21 and forced to land in Mumbai.[citation needed] While the true motive of the operation remains shrouded in mystery and conjecture, it has been alleged that arms were intended for the socio-spiritual organization Ananda Marga (Sanskrit for “The Path of Bliss”).

An Indian court in 1997 determined that the Ananda Marga group was indeed the intended recipient of the guns and ammunition[1]. Based on the pilot’s testimony, along with other evidence such as a photograph of the Ananda Marga headquarters on the aircraft, the Judge ruled: [2]

as per the materials available I hold that it has been established from the materials on record that the places where the arms were targeted to be dropped were of Anandamargies and precisely three storied white building was the target point and at that target point the arms were tried to be dropped from a flying aircraft and the aircraft has been pin pointed as per the evidence and materials on record.

However, despite the passage of years, many details of the incident are wrapped in mystery, and there has been considerable speculation as to the purpose and modality of the operation.

The crew of the aircraft consisted of five Latvian citizens and Peter Bleach, a British citizen Peter and an ex Special Air Service operative turned mercenary who was based in Yorkshire and involved in arms dealing.[citation needed] They were arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment while alleged kingpin Niels Christian Nielsen (aka Kim Peter Davy), a Danish citizen and member of the Ananda Margagroup[3], escaped. Later, an Interpol red notice was issued against him. Following the intervention of Russian authorities, the Latvian crew (who gained Russian citizenship while in Indian custody) were later pardoned and released in 2000. Peter Bleach, too, was released on 4 February 2004, via a presidential pardon, allegedly due to persistent British pressure. In 2007 Kim Davy was traced by Denmark authorities, and it is possible he may be extradited to India for trial[4].”


Another key suspect Kim Davy, aka  Niels Christian Nielsen, a Danish  citizen is supposed to be the master mind.

Though apprehended, he escaped from India.

Now it appears that Kim Davy, who is in Denmark, is likely to be extradited to India.

Peter Bleach poses these points.

He has informed MI 5 which stated that it had informed India and he has copies of statements made to MI5.

David Shealor was the case officer.

Another MI 5 officer Encock perjured in Indian Court to have Bleach incarcerated.

Bleach had given 30 page statement detailing the entire operation to Dutt .

Dutt later denied having received any statement.

Pereira,Nair and Mukkophadhyaya were the other officers involved.

Nair went to Latvia to threaten the Latvian crew against giving  media interviews.

These officers showed total lack of interest in Bleach’s statement,  despite the seriousness of the crime and the public focus it has generated.

Radar was switched off at the time of the drop.

Kim Davy did not escape but was spirited away by an Indian Diplomat in his car.

Bleach was never produced before Indian Judge.

Six Senior Police officers retracted their Statements.

Bleach was working with the British Government, but not employed by it.

He was well taken care of in Indian prison,  courtesy of British Deputy  High Commissioner, including food sent from star hotels.

Bleach surmises that the then Congress government under P.V. Narasimha Rao wanted to destabilize the West Bengal Communist Government and that one or couple of politicians and bureaucrats  from India and Britain were involved in the operation.

Kim Davy’s version.

Updates 1 July 2011.

The Danish Court rejected the plea for extraditing Kim  Davy on the ground that he will be tortured in Indian prison.

Read my blog’ Skewed European Judicial System’.

CBI does not seem to be interested in getting Kim Davy extradited.

Well, you can not fault them considering the people likely to be involved.

The CBI Director no longer needs to be embarrassed as the CBI is now kept out of RTI Act.

Long Live Law and Democracy!


Kim Davy

“In a sensational allegation, Kim Davy, an accused in the 1995 Purulia arms drop case, has told a TV channel that the “Indian government had planned the arms drop in collaboration with British intelligence to destabilise the then Communist government” in West Bengal.

The objective “was to destabilize the government of West Bengal so that president’s rule could be declared and the CPI-M government disposed,” Davy said in an interview to the Times Now TV channel, a release issued by the channel said.

When asked why he was revealing all this now, Davy said that he “feared getting extradited to India and wanted to reveal the truth, and to set the record straight”.

“I am under the danger of being extradited to India as a terrorist, I don’t feel I am a terrorist, I have not done anything to harm anyone, on the contrary done things to protect people from communist terror, state sponsored terror and I kept my silence in all those years… 15 years, but now political forces in India are coming out to reach at me again,” he said.”


Kim Davy’s interview  in Times Now-Transcript.

28 Apr 2011, April 17 in & in the wee hours of Dec 18 1995 a mysterious weapon consignment was dropped from the sky over Joupur Jhalda area under Purulia Disctrict of West Bengal. The consignment was discovered the next morning. Until now nobody knew what really happened. Today Kim Davy the seventh man and the leader of the operation reveals everything to TIMES NOW.
TIMES NOW: My first question to you Niels Christian Nielsen, alias Kim Davy, Why are you choosing to speak out now?
Davy: I am under the danger of being extradited to India as a terrorist, I don’t feel I am a terrorist, I have not done anything to harm anyone. On the contrary I have done things to protect people from Communist terror, State sponsored terror and I kept my silence in all those years, 15 years. But now political forces in India are coming out to reach at me again as they did 15 years ago and I feel its time to set the record straight.
TIMES NOW: So tell me and I will call you Kim Davy because you are known as Kim Davy across the country. Tell me who were these arms meant for? This Purulia Arms Drop, who were these arms meant for and for what purpose, who commissioned this arms drop?
Davy: The arms were meant for self-protection, it is my complete conviction that if I was tried in a Court of Law about the legality of dropping arms to protect people against State sponsored Communist terror, I would clear my name because it was legal defence against decades of murder, torture, rape by the CPIM in West Bengal. I have seen friends being butchered in front of my eyes for so many years and all I did was to work for the betterment of the rural people of West Bengal. For 15 years I worked my every waking hour to better the circumstances of the poorest of the poor in West Bengal, but the atrocities committed by the Communist simply became too much when too many friends were tortured to death so we had to defend ourselves against these attacks and that was the whole background of the Purulia Arms drop.


Davy substantiates Bleach’s story and adds some more .

He was met by not one man but many people.

They have informed him that they have contacts in the PMO.

He was helped to escape at the Mumbai Airport and was spirited away by an MP to Nepal through Bihar and some Bihar anti social elements were involved..

That MP is Pappu Yadav.

The entire operation was known to a Group of MPs who were dissatisfied by the way Purulia people were being exterminated by the West Bengal Government ,headed by Jyothi Basu and they wanted to arm the insurgent groups as had been done by the Government in Tripura earlier. 

He was given a Schedule and was asked to meet the people in Karachi.

He was accompanied in the plane by MI 5  and R&AW officers.

He was guaranteed in 2002 by the Danish Government that he will not be extradited.

He surmises that the present dispensation in the central Government may want to settle scores on some ground with some one and that is why he is being extradited.

R&AW was informed by the MI5 and this has been posted in the Web page of  British Secret Service.

He argues that he is not foolish enough to fly a plane from Pakistan into indain territory .that too with a cache of arms with out clearance from the Indian Government.

My questions.

Arms dropping is not necessary, (that too, to  go to such great lengths,by  the Central Government)to dismiss a State Government.

What exactly is the role of the British ,Pakistan and the Danish Governments?

If the Firm(MI5) is involved, their Cousins across the Atlantic,the Company(CIA)

must have been informed by MI5.(that is the level of cooperation they have towards Third World Countries)

How is it that MI5, which essentially looks after Internal Security gets entangled in Outside British soil?

Normally MI 6 would have handled it.

Why the sudden urge to declare facts by Peter Bleach, coinciding with the culmination of Decisive  Polls in India?  

Why do R&AW and Government of India are( as reported)  about to issue a statement on this case?

Normally neither the Government not the intelligence agencies like R&AW and IB will react.

Again, why the the UK pressure to release Bleach and the Presidential pardon?

More complicated than a Noodle in Castor Oil.


Now 59 and still sleek and erect despite eight years in Calcutta’s jail, where he contracted TB and at one point nearly starved, he seems a throwback to an earlier sort of Englishman: James Bond, Raffles, John Le Carré’s Honourable Schoolboy. Kipling would have known the type. He worked as a private eye for years, but when spying went sour on him after one sleazy divorce case too many, he drifted into the arms trade. He specialised in small-scale orders – a couple of Polish helicopters or 50,000 yards of camouflage material – for governments in the developing world.

So when a German business acquaintance rang him one day and told him about a Danish contact who was looking for a supply of AK-47s, it promised to be nothing out of the ordinary. Bleach flew to Copenhagen to meet him – “You do want to get an eyeball of the people you are doing business with” – and present his quote for the guns.

But he was in for a surprise. Kalashnikovs are used by state armies all over the developing world, and the quote he had prepared covered their delivery to the bonded warehouse in Calcutta. But his customer, who introduced himself as Kim Davy, said he wanted the delivery made not to Calcutta, but to a remote spot near the western border of West Bengal called Purulia. He produced a map of India and put his finger on it.

For Bleach, there could be only one explanation: the arms were required not by a government but by a terrorist group. “I was a bit taken aback,” he says. He pointed out that it was illegal, and would therefore cost a lot more. “So he said, ‘Can you give us a fresh quote?’ and I said, ‘It’ll take a lot of doing, I’ll need some time to do it.’

“We shook hands on that, and I was driven back to the airport and flew home, and phoned the Ministry of Defence as soon as I touched down. And that,” he adds with a bitter laugh, “is where it all went wrong.”

Informing the authorities of what you are up to is second nature for a British arms dealer, Bleach explains. “In those days there was an organisation called the Defence Export Services Organisation (Deso), which had offices in London’s Soho Square, a division of the Ministry of Defence.” In a business as sensitive as arms dealing, Deso’s supervision “was a good system: you fed everything back to them, they weren’t bothered about what you were doing so long as it wasn’t exactly illegal, and they got a very good picture of who was buying what and what was going on around the world. So my only objective was to go back to the UK and telephone Deso and ask them what they wanted me to do – simple as that. Guess what? The British Government does occasionally support terrorist groups and things like that.



Author: ramanan50

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5 thoughts on “Purulia Arms Drop-Indian or International Conspiracy?”

  1. In 1982, anandamargis were conducting recruitment drive from Calcutta footpath. They were conducting child-lifting from Kolkata footpath. The whole anandamargis organisation is using “sanyas” custom of Hinduism as impersonation tools. Meanwhile, they kidnapped one young refugee-boy of that area and tried to force him to adopt sanyas. This boy was transferred to Varanasi center of Anandmarg and the boy escaped from there. Local clubs where the boy was a member, decided to beat the anandamargis. Unfortunately, when the beating of the kidnappers started, the beggars and foot-path residents came running; participated in the process of beating; outnumbered the club-boys and ultimately killed the Margis. Till today, nobody knows the actual name of those 17 Margis; nobody claimed whose relatives they are. Enough reason to suspect that these creatures were themselves kidnapped by anandamargis in their child-hood. Every nation has the right to be careful against emergence of such problematic organisation. KIM DAVY, the Purulia arms drop accused is a false person, using a birth-certificate of one Australian child who died long ago. Let govt also be careful regarding emergence of Anandmarg.


  2. one thing is very clear from this conspiracy and post revealation by various foreigners that indian politics system’s condition is very pathatic. It is very unfortunate that the people behind this anti national conspiracy are directly elected by us.


  3. Does LEFT and OPPOSITION Parties deserves this Anti-National treatment from Congress? After this kind of expose, instead of filing a Petition in SC for inquiry [ like Dr Swamy on 2g ] this Parties would wait for their turn to be on board of Coalition Govt ruling pie.


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