Why Breasts become larger?Breast Facts.

Us e of hormones ans birth control pills that affect the hormones are the primary causes and use of these is dangerous for health.

Why do women today have bigger breasts?

Some experts say the boom in bust size may be explained by the popularity of cosmetic implants: 10,000 breast implants are carried out every year.

Significantly more women have breast enhancements than they do reductions: 2004 figures from a BUPA Hospital in Edinburgh show that of the 21-30 age group who had cosmetic surgery, 60 per cent opted for breast augmentation and only seven per cent wanted a breast reduction.

Other experts highlight the effect of hormones – breast tissue is extremely sensitive to these, with some women finding they need a bigger bra in the week leading up to a period. This is a major reason why the contraceptive pill – which also leads to fluid retention in the breast – has been linked to the increase in breast size.

“There is a tendency for the pill to stimulate breast growth,” says Professor Pierre-Marc Cilles Bouloux, a consultant endocrinologist and physician at The London Clinic. “However, modern versions of the pill contain far less oestrogen than their older counterparts, so it is not fair to attribute this shift in its entirety to the pill.”

The residual oestrogen that gets into the water supply from people on the pill is also thought by some to be a factor.

Other speculative theories include the suggestion that levels of artificial hormones in the foodchain could be affecting breast sizes, though there is no research to back this up. Foods from baked beans to almonds have also been touted as factors in increasing breast size, but this is speculative.

In fact, it seems that the most significant and likely explanation for our growing bust size is the simplest – bigger breasts is a result of weight gain all round. Since the 1950s, the average female waist has risen from 27.5in to 34in. So, is it any wonder that breasts are getting bigger too?



Almost Got Vietnamese Bikers Banned From the Roads

In 2008 the Vietnamese government was seriously considering banning all females whose chests measured less than 28 inches from riding their motorbikes on public roads. Allegedly this was a bid from the Ministry of Health aimed at making sure that the people behind the handlebars remain healthy, but it’s quite obvious that they were just trying to pressure the women into getting b00b jobs.

Breasts Can Become Bigger Via a Cellphone Ringtone

Speaking of smaller breasts from East Asia, it somehow seems appropriate that the inventor of the first noninvasive breast augmentation procedure that probably works, hails from Japan. For a number of years now Dr. Hideto Tomabechi has been preoccupied with 2 things: sounds and breasts, and in 2008 he combined his 2 passions into the “Rock Melon” – a ringtone which supposedly causes titties to gain in size if you just listen to it.

Sufficiently Big Melons Can Keep You Out of Prison.

In 2007 Serena Kozakura, 38, was convicted of property destruction after she allegedly kicked in the wooden doors to an unnamed man’s apartment and trashed it to hell. However, during a reenactment of the crime, Kozakura proved that the hole someone made in the door was way too small for her and her impressive 44-inch chest to crawl through.

Based on just that, the woman was acquitted. It’s probably safe to say she will never curse her massive knockers ever again after it turned out they are her own personal pair of top notch defense lawyers. Oh breasts, is there anything you cannot do?

Hooters Are Getting Huger.

A few years ago some UK researchers turned to the world and said “We have good news and we have better news”. The good news was that someone actually gave them money to study boob sizes around the world. The better news was that their findings showed that, worldwide, breasts are getting bigger and bigger.

Just in the UK alone, the average bra size had gone up from 34B to a way juicier 36C. As for the rest of the world, breast sizes had been continuously going up for the last 10-15 years, averaging now almost an entire cup bigger than just a decade ago. If this trend continues, someday we might actually need an M-cup bra size.

Plastic surgeries must have some part in this, but diet and lifestyles cannot be ignored. We definitely eat more and exercise less now, and all that fat has to go somewhere – the fact that it seems to be going mainly to breasts is the best evidence that God exists and that he loves us.

There Do Exist Women with Three Breasts.


3 of them



Or so we thought. Thanks to a wondrous example of life imitating art it turns out that some women can have 3 breasts. The medical condition is called “polymastia” or “supernumerary breasts” and works just like the superfluous nipple bit. Some supernumerary breasts (see, even science knows that those are “super”!) might not even make their presence known until puberty, that special time when a polymastic girl first starts to resemble a prostitute from a cheesy Sci-Fi movie.

Location wise, polymastia can manifest itself virtually anywhere on the front of the body, hopefully somewhere between the first and second b00b. So that’s one accurate prediction “Total Recall” has made. Now, where are our virtual reality machines?

Breast Implants Can Save Your Life.

In 2006 a women from the Bulgarian city of Ruse was in a pretty horrific car accidents that left both cars totaled. She and the other driver survived but in her case it was thanks solely to those bigger plastic tits which took upon themselves the force of the impact, rupturing right there on the spot and leaving the women alive, though heavily deflated.

If it wasn’t for them, the woman might have hit the steering wheel full on, damaging her internal organs and maybe even banging up her heart a little. This is an obvious sign that Evolution wants our women to have bigger knockers. Maybe later down the line car companies will get rid of airbags altogether and simply offer free b00b jobs to female drivers with each purchase.



Last week the FDA reported that breast implants put women’s lives in danger. The big news last week was that a small number of women can get a very rare type of cancer (ALCL: anaplastic large cell lymphoma). It confirmed that death is a possible side effect of breast implants.

But what no one is talking about are all the other more frequent, more common and very real dangers and problems that go along with breast implants. Does the FDA really believe that if we don’t kill too many women it’s acceptable to disfigure them and compromise women’s health in other less lethal ways?







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