Anil Ambani’s son reported in accident,Radia says ‘Good’-Radia Tapes.


Click link above for audio.

Pocha to Niira Radia: “It’s Anil’s son,” Jehangir Pocha tells Niira Radia, referring to an accident in Mumbai involving Anil Ambani’s car. “Very good,” replies Radia. “What very good,babu?,” Pocha chides her. Radia replies: “They’re only after us.” (The rumour at that time was that Mukesh Ambani’s son was involved in an accident). Pocha goes on to say, “Don’t say that, someone has got hurt, the boy has been in an accident.” Pocha then goes on to describe the accident — the driver finally surrendered — saying that the police had said it all looked “suspicious”. Radia says she’d “let them [Mukesh Ambani’s people] know”


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