Macrobiotic Diet for Health.

That food is best that is prepared by self; next that is prepared by one’s Mother,Sister,Daughter and Wife in that order.Any thing other than this is equivalent to poison’


Very true.Note that non vegetarian food is excluded.
Indian Philosophical treatises stress the fact that natural food is to be consumed.
Human Nature is broadly divided into three categories.
Contented,self reliant and calm
Highly energetic,active and passionate .
Inactive,dull and depressed.
These three characteristics are present in every human being and the combination of these factors vary depending on predisposition, and habit.Also these characteristics vary from one moment to another.
The first mentioned is ideal when you become healthy, strong both physically and mentally.You shall be in control of your mind and emotions and you shall be self reliant and self contented.
This can be achieved by diet;for your thinking is determined by what you eat and you become what you think.
For instance if you take pungent, spicy food you become hyperactive , easily swayed by emotions.On the other hand if you take mainly dairy food and vegetables you not only become healthy but you can manage your emotions.
Therefore Diet is given pride of place in Indian Philosophy.
There are foods to avoid.
-Spicy,pungent,stale,food that is too hot or that is too cold;
that is not cleaned,that is over cooked/under cooked;non vegetarian food including egg.
Suggested food.
Grains, Vegetables,roots,Milk products
Also it is necessary that the food be prepared by people who love you.In fact Sanskrit texts say ‘That food is best that is prepared by self; next that is prepared by one’s Mother,Sister,Daughter and Wife in that order.Any thing other than this is equivalent to poison’
Mental vibrations do play an important part in preparing the food.

Macrobiotics is an Oriental theory that lays down guidelines for promoting wellbeing and longevity through systematic diet consisting mainly of whole grains and beans. Macrobiotics is made up of two Greek words, Macro meaning the bigger picture and Bios meaning life. It is basically more a way of life than a specific diet that was followed in Japan.

The macrobiotic diet probably originated with the teachings of a nineteenth century Japanese natural healer, Sagen Ishizuka. It was introduced to the West by George Ohsawa, a teacher in Japan who studied the eating habits of ancestors, followed the dietary principles of Sagen Ishizuka and claimed to have been cured of a life threatening disease—tuberculosis.

Macrobiotic Diet

Chinese philosophy describes the Yin and the Yang as the two opposite, but complementary cosmic forces that operate in all areas of life. Macrobiotics extends the principles of the Yin and the Yang to the realm of food and cooking. The main tenets of the macrobiotic diet are Yin and Yang, meaning Expansive and Contractive forces that are inherent in any food we intake. Ohsawa said if we balance the contractive and expansive forces we will stay away from diseases and live a healthy, happy life. Ohsawa’s original macrobiotic diet was considered too restrictive by many dieticians and the Kushi diet popularized in North America by Michio Kushi in 1978 is seen as a popular alternative to Ohsawa’s macrobiotic diet.

The nutritional aspect of the macrobiotic diet holds to the principle that the body can exist in harmony with Nature and recover its natural good health. It is important to note here that the diet should be based on foods native to ones’ own climate, as this helps in achieving that “natural balance”. The diet should constitute of the following components:-

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