Reduce weight -No pills , no slimming course.

Follow the link to plan your diet.
It may be added that there is no conclusive evidence as to why some put on weight and how some never gain.
It is attributed to genes,ethnicity as well as diet.
Essential is that you do not go starving in the name of diet.This might result in your losing essential factors that constitute your health.
Suggested course is that you burn your energy by your accustomed activity.If you have sedentary habits, take a walk;walking should be at your normal pace, not jogging;walk till you think you can,no fixed distance is indicated.preferable walk in the early morning.
Most importantly,DO NOT GO TO CLINICS, which offer slimming courses, as it is not supported by hard science.
A relative of mine expired because of a dieting clinic.
Preferable you avoid non vegetarian food.avoid junk food and snacks.
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3 thoughts on “Reduce weight -No pills , no slimming course.

  1. One thing you should definitely consider is to replace some meals with freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices. Lots of people even grow their own wheat grass at home for juice that improves overall health and natural body balance.


    1. Getting your groceries/cereals from from the source is advisable; suggest that people might try to take fruits raw after cleaning as the skin of the fruits contain minerals.Washing the fruit, especially Apple is a must as the they are varnished for sparkle.
      In India fruit merchants hasten the process of ripening by keeping it in room full of smoke or drop calcium carbide.
      Highly dangerous.
      I am sure some other practices are prevalent in the Wet as well.
      Please refer my blog on How to eat fruit filed under Health.


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