‘The great quantum physicist Niels Bohr once said a colleague’s new theory was crazy, but perhaps not crazy enough to be correct. Two scientists seem to have taken that approach to heart when they speculated that God may have shut down the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva to keep it from discovering the elusive “God particle.”’
Even based on Theory of Relativity, if one has to observe particles traveling at a higher velocity than the velocity of light the plane of the observer changes;else he can not notice the change.He has to change his plane.This is also borne out of Quantum theory which postulates simultaneous existence of multi verses , which means an event that we see/perceive is happening Right now and also has happened and shall happen in the future(with reference to our time Frame).
As such any attempt to observe velocities of particles at speeds which we are not equipped to observe because of our limitations of Space and time,either the experiment shall not fructify or we can not understand the results.First stated has now happened.
This has been explained in Hindu philosophy in detail( Please refer my Blog on Time -Non -Linear theory).


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