Some questions on Christianity.

1.One must remember that the Old Testament was compiled after nearly 300 years after Jesus. Conclave of 1600 Cardinals was assembled by


Constantine to choose a most suitable version of The Bible with a view to prop up Roman Empire.


Million dollar offer to Muslims to convert to Christianity Jpg.

Million dollar offer to Muslims to convert to Christianity.


The present Old Testament was selected from among over 300 versions perused by the Cardinals.


Constantine chose that Version which would suit his political ambitions.


This, the word God?
2.New Testament is still more curious.


King James had it compiled for personal reasons.


A Book that was compiled because a King could not marry his concubine because, the Pope refused to grant him divorce, how sacred that could be?
3.If Salvation is only through Jesus, then what about people who were born before him, including John , the Baptist?


There is a version of Bible which states that John, who was not baptized, baptized Christ.


How valid is that?
4.Christianity speaks of Holy Father and you will find Him mentioned only in the passing and Jesus is given prominence.
5.Jesus means son of God.What is his real name?


6.Christianity, it often claims has no Caste divisions and treats all equally.


Christianity also asserts Hinduism is caste ridden( read m posts on this).


Can Christianity count the number of Divisions in Christianity, Protestant, Calvinism, Catholics, Seventh day Adventist, Pentecostal,Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox,Anglican…?
7.A Religion which states that all beings are meant for Man, encourages killing of animals for Man’s eating pleasure.In the eyes of God all living beings must be equal.
8.Creation of Papacy was to exercise control over masses to ensure that they stayed in the Roman Empire.


That is the reason why Constantine converted to Christianity.
9.Only Search for Reality or Self inquiry will lead to Enlightenment.
10.Some one taking responsibility for my actions/sins and absolve me of the same if I declare Faith in him, is laughable.


One should be responsible for his actions. For every action he performs he is accountable.


Based on Christianity to conclude all philosophical/Religious thoughts are useless is incorrect.


You may peruse the Vedas,which are approximately 5000 years old( The Religious Text of Hindus).


You shall find answers for your queries.


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