Inverted Shiva Linga Energy Module Concentric Circles Anuradhapura Video

I have written, on the worship of Shiva even before the Vedic period,the construction of Shiva lingam,Jwalapuram Nataraja bring 74,000 years old, Thiruvannamalai,Tamil Nadu being 3.94 Billion years old,Shiva temples being aligned in a straight line, Chidambaram,Tamil Nadu as the centre of Geomagnetic field of earth , SriRudram and Chamakam in praise of Lord Shiva is vs mathematical aphorism,First DNA was spewed on the earth by Shiva lingam,Shiva lingam is present in all world cultures.

Ravana is reported to have created Secret chambers,Seven in number,and had kept a Crystal Linga,called Spatika Linga in each.

One of them is found in Anuradhapura,Sri Lanka.

You find image,when you look into the water, of seven concentric circles .

Each circle is reported to have one Spatika Linga inside.

There is a stupa elesewhere in the city to receive energy from this.

The Avudayaar is also called Yoni,which means among other things, that which contains everything,energy.

Avudayaar contains universal energy.

Will be writing more on this.

Transcript of Video available in Video description.

‘Danish scientist, Neils Bohr, demonstrates that Molecules (the smallest part of everything) made up of Atoms which consists of Proton, Neutron and Electron, all of which play a vital part in the composition of Shiva Lingam. In those days instead of using these English words such as Proton, Neutron, Electron, Molecules and Energy, the ancient sages employed the usage of the words like Lingam, Vishnu, Brahma, Sakthi (which in turn is divided into Renuka and Rudrani), Sarppa, etc. as Sanskrit was the dominant language in those periods.

According to Hinduism, the Pillar is described as the column of fire which represents the three Gods – Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara while the Disc or Peedam represents Sakthi. The Disc is shown with three ridges, encarved at its periphery.

Sage Vyasa, the author of Maha Bharatha, mentions that Lord Shiva is smaller than the sub-atomic particle like Proton, Neutron and Electron. At the same time, he also mentions Lord Shiva is greater than anything greatest. He is the cause of vitality in all living things. Everything, whether living or non-living, originates from Shiva. He has engulfed the whole world. He is Timeless. He has no birth, no death. He is invisible, unmanifest. He is the Soul of the Soul. He has no emotion, sentiment or passion at all. There is a mysterious or indescribable power in the Shiva Lingam to induce concentration of the mind and helps focus one’s attention. The contents of sage Vyasa is corroborated with the instance of that Arjuna fashioned a Lingam out of clay when worshipping Lord Shiva. Similarly, in Ramayana that before crossing to Sri Lanka, Rama, Lakshmana and Sita fashioned a Shiva Lingam at Rameswaram for worshipping Lord Shiva and also that Ravana could not lift the Lingam after it was placed on the ground by the small boy. These instances show that God may be conceptualized and worshipped in any convenient form. It is the divine power that it represents, is all that matters and here we see that both Arjuna in Maha Bharatha and Rama and Sita worshipping Lord Shiva as Nirguna Brahman or the formless Supreme Being.

The outcome of the scientific research is that the world came into existence with the formation of Molecules. According to Science, two atoms make one Molecule. The valency of molecules indicates the combination of the atoms.

It is essential to have a clear idea of the structure of an atom according to the findings of the Danish scientist, Neils Bohr., the nature of which is given below.

An atom is made up of Proton, Neutron and Electron.

Neutrons do not have a charge and so would continue on in a straight line.

The nucleus of an atom is composed of positively charged Protons and neutrally charged Neutrons. Almost all the mass of an atom is in its nucleus. The nucleus is the very dense region consisting of Protons and Neutrons at the centre of an atom.

Electrons are negatively charged and so would be deflected on a curving path towards the positive plate.

But the whole atom is electrically neutral on account of the presence of equal number of negative electrons and positive protons.

The electrons revolve rapidly round the nucleus in circular paths called energy level. The energy levels are counted from centre outwards.

Each energy level is associated with a fixed amount of energy.

There is no change in energy of Electrons as long as they help revolving in the same energy level and the atoms remain stable.

The Bohr model shows that the electrons in atoms are in orbits of differing energy around the nucleus. It is like planets orbiting the Sun.

An examination of the image of Shiva Lingam in the context of Bohr model, would demonstrate the puzzling truth that Brahma has created the world. The behaviour of Proton, Electron, Neutron and Energy are well demonstrated by Shiva Lingam.’.


Shiva lingam consists of two parts.

The perpendicular part,Linga and the base on which it rests, Avudayaar.

(Many jokers, inspired by Western misinformation and titillated by anything below the navel had called Shiva lingam as a Phallic symbol,which I have rubbished in my article).

Shiva lingam has three parts.

Rudra Baaga,part assigned to Manifestation,Brahma,

Sustaining part,Vishnu Baaga and

Dissolution part, Brahma Bhaaga.

The Brahma Bhaaga is embedded in the base Avudayaar,The Sakthi Baaga.

Abhisheka is performed for the top portion Rudra Bhaaga.

Shiva is not an individual name.

It is a quality.

Siva means auspiciousness.

Siva has five functions.

Manifestation, Srishti,

Maintanence or Sustanence,Stithi,

Samhara, Dissolution,

Thirodhaana, Hiding and

Anugraha,Compassion, Blessing,Revealation.

It is worth noting that the same five attributes are provided to Lalitha Devi.

‘Srusti karthre Brahma Roopa,

Goptre Govinda roopini

Samharini Rudra Roopa,

Thirodhaana karesswari,

Sadasivanugrahathaa Pancha krithya Parayana-Lalitha Sahasranamam.

Tradition has it that Siva is the dynamic principle and

Sakthi as the Dormant, energy principle.

The power of Shiva is from the invisible dormant Sakthi.

Sakthi in Tamil means power, energy.

It is said that Shiva without Sakthi is Sava, without Life.

Shiva with Sakthi runs the Universe and is the Universe.

In terms of physics known to us,Shiva is matter ,while Sakthi is antimatter,with Anti matter particles,that is Electron with positive charge,Proton with Negative charge and Neutron being Neutral.

When matter and Anti matter come into contact,the result is Zero, Infinite Energy.

This concept is explained in Avudayaar.

The power to dissolve is invisible and it’s action is responsible for dissolution and regeneration as it can happen only with energy.

The Avudayaar contains the Dissolution principle,Sakthi and the manifestation principle,Brahma.

There is an archeological site in Sri Lanka which contains the Inverted Linga with seven concentric circles.

Watch video and explanations.

Was Lord Krishna an Irresponsible Father?

I have received a comment on Lord Krishna being an irresponsible father, asking me for an explanation.

I have reproduced the comment towards the close of the article.

The comment has two parts.

One,Lord Krishna being an irresponsible father


Upbringing of children today.

Hinduism is a practical Religion.

It understands obligations and also the limitations of people in changing others,even it be they are of your Blood.

Before understanding the behaviour of Lord Rama, Krishna,one must understand the approach of Hinduism on Patenting.

It does not accord Parenting any special place or does it ignore it.

It treats as a routine affair of Life and treats is such…..

It considers all these as a Natural process and one need not be overly concerned about this as such.

The Vedas offer basic Guide lines.

1.Dharmachara, Righteous Conduct.

Behavior should be according to the Dharma, Moral Principle.

Parents are expected to behave he way they expect their children to behave towards them or others when they become adults.

Parents are prohibited from using vulgar language or the use of harsh words in front of their children.

2.Dharma Svagriha.

Worship at Home.

Parents should set an examples of following the Anushtaanas laid down for them in the Shastras.

Parenting in Hinduism

Beyond these guidelines one does not find anything much about Parenting in Hinduism.

Apart from laying the foundation to be a good Human being,by setting a personal example and sending to a a teacher of impeccable character and learning,parents in Hinduism do not interfere.

There is a saying in Dharma SASTRA.

‘Treat your son as

A King till till Five,

Treat as a slave till 15, and as

A friend thereafter.

Stages of Life in an individual is classified into four.

Brahmacharya,the Celibate stage,

Gruhastha, Married Stage,

Vanaprastha,Stage of leaving the family affairs to the eldest and leaving for Forest to meditate on Reality with spouse if she desires, and

Sanyasa,total Renunciation.

Aware of the fact that one can not do much to change one’s Swabhava, Natural disposition,people limited themselves to what is possible and stopped at that.

They did not set impossible goals in Life, including changing others,even it be wife or children.

One performs as his Swabhava.

This is reflected in ancient social life.

Take Lord Ram’s case.

He obeyed his parents unconditionally.

He loved his relatives,be it Lakshman or Bharatha.

He was accessible to his devotees, like Hanuman.

He was harsh towards his enemies,Ravana.

Yet the reason for all this is Dharma, loosely translated as Righteousness.

Rama performed all these actions so long as they were in conformity with Dharma.

The moment an instance is against Dharma,he would not hesitate to be against people whom he loves dearest.

He sent a pregnant Sita Away from home, because there was a slur,though he knew it was false.

He resorted to this step as as A King His Dharma is to set an example for His subjects however painful the act could be for him

He fought against his sons and Hanuman as it would be a bad example as a King to have his children and devotee to raise against him , however justified they might have been from their standpoint.

Once the issue was resolved he took them back.

Dharma was the cardinal principle and not relationships.

Relationships belong to Apara Vidya stage,lower Knowledge.

Para Supreme knowledge is by following scriptures and Dharma.

While Rama followed Karma Yoga,the Path of Knowledge thus,Lord Krishna belongs to another Higher level in performing Karma.

Rama had a conscious goal while performing can action and was looking forward to its results being favourable to him, Krishna had no such thoughts.

He performed an action because it ought to be performed, period.

It did not matter to Krishna who ruled Among Pandavas or Kauravas,both being his relatives:he would not an inch of land from either of them or any other favour,not that Krishna needed anything from anyone!

Yet he took the side of Pandavas for it was Dharma to be with just cause.

Krishna practiced what he preached in Bhagavad-Gita.

Renouncing the determination of the fruits of His actions.

Karma Sankalpa Thyaga.

Lord Rama was not in the same league,he practised one aspect of Karma Yoga.

As to Samba.

The incidents narrated are found in The Vishnu Purana as well.

One additional information.

After Samba was cursed, the Rishis came to Krishna and sought His forgiveness for their act in cursing his son,Samba.

Krishna replied,

‘ Why do you worry?

You have done your Dharma.

I should reap the consequence of my action in Rama Avatar,of killing Vaali from Behind a tree.

I should face the consequences for that.

The Yadava Vamsa is growing by leaps and bounds and it should stop to reduce the weight,Basra of Bhoomi,earth.

And I should have an excuse to shed this Body.

You have obliged me by cursing Samba’

That’s it.

While we remember Samba,who was a bad apple,how many know of Pradyumna Krishna’s other son,who was valiant and built a city in Port Barzhyn in Russia,which has been found?

Everyone has one’s destiny.

Shall write on present day parenting.

The comment I received.

Namaste. Devdutt patnaik is raising questions as below. Need help to respond pls.
One of the most disturbing stories that we find in the Puranas is the story of Krishna’s son Samba, whose mother was the bear-princess, Jambavati.

He dupes his father’s junior wives by disguising himself as Krishna and is cursed by Krishna that he will suffer from a skin disease that will enable his wives to distinguish father and son. Samba is cured after he builds temples to the sun. All sun temples in India, from Konark in Odisha to Modhera in Gujarat to Markand in Kashmir, are attributed to this son of Krishna.

Samba also attempts to kidnap Duryodhana’s daughter and this leads to war between the Kauravas and the Yadavas. Peace is restored, and the marriage is solemnised, only after Balarama, Krishna’s elder brother, and Samba’s uncle, in a fit of fury threatens to drag Hastinapur into the sea.

Then there is the story of Samba pretending to be a pregnant woman and duping sages who were visiting Dwaraka. They sages were not amused and cursed Samba that he would give birth to an iron mace that would be responsible for the end of the Yadu clan.

Must not Krishna’s son be as noble and divine and wise and loving as Krishna? But that is not so. Samba comes with his own personality and his own destiny over which Krishna has no influence. Or does he?

Can we wonder if Samba was a product of his father’s neglect? For was not Krishna spending most of his time with Arjuna and the Pandavas and in the politics of Kuru-kshetra?

There are hardly any stories of Krishna as father. He is friend, philosopher and guide to Arjuna, but the only stories of father and son are of tension, rage and violence.

In conversations about corporates, we often forget about the other half of our lives, the personal one. As more and more people are working 24×7, thanks to Internet, and smart devices, the lines between professional and personal, work and life are getting blurred. In fact, people feel noble when they sacrifice family for work and guilty when they take a holiday to take care of their family.

Family is not seen as achievement. Children are not seen as purpose. They are seen as obligations, duties, by-products of existence, even collateral damage.

We admire leaders who sacrifice family for a ‘larger’ cause. Like freedom fighters who neglect their wives and children. Like business men and entrepreneurs and consultants who spend most of their time in office.

With the rise of feminism, women are also working. Parenting has been outsourced to maids, teachers, computers, videogames and grandparents.

Women who work in the office have not been compensated by their husbands spending more time at home. Instead women are made to feel guilty for not being good mothers. No one questions men for not being good fathers. Eventually, the office wins. Absent parents rationalise how office is more important than the children: we need the money, the children eventually grow up, surely our needs are also important.

Many great Krishnas in the workplace discover that they have nurtured Samba at home: sons who either follow destructive paths as they seek attention, or sons who make their way away from parents, as they have grown used to not having them around. Who wins?

Corporates were supposed to create wealth for the family. Now families are creating only workers for the corporates.

We have many more Krishnas in this generation and maybe many Sambas in the next.

As written *By Devdutt Pattanaik*

Thought Provoking …


Indus Valley Civilization 100,000 National Academy of Sciences Science News

I have been writing on Sanatana Dharma and Indian history for nine years now.

I do this with an open mind to verify facts,events mentioned in ancient Hindu texts.

I have been able to confirm that the Sanatana Dharma was atleast 50,000 years old,

Veda period extended to that period,

There was a parallel Religious system in Lemuria, Home of Tamil,which is around 230 million years old,

Chidambaram Nataraja Temple is around 74,000 years old,

Tirupati is 2100 million years old,

Thiruvannamalai is 3.94 Billion years old,

Size of Tamil/ Lemuria was 64,000 square miles.

And more.

I recall having written about the size of Vedic civilisation and its size .

But I am unable to locate it now.

I have also written on Hindus having lived 74,000 years ago.

That a million year old advanced Tamil site near Chennai quotes Vedas.

Now more updates on Indus valley , Harappan civilisations.

It has been believed that it is about 5000 years old.


It dates back further.

And it’s size.

A million square kilometres, extending to Sumeria.

Once extending more than 1 million square kilometers across the plains of the Indus River from the Arabian Sea to the Himalayas and the Ganges, over what is now Pakistan, northwest India and eastern Afghanistan, the Harappan civilization was the largest of the first great urban cultures that also included Egypt and Mesopotamia (Liviu Giosan / Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution / Stefan Constantinescu / University of Bucharest / James P.M. Syvitski / University of Colorado)
The Harappan (or Indus) civilization was the largest — but least known — of the first great urban cultures that also included Egypt and Mesopotamia. Like their contemporaries, the Harappans, named for one of their largest cities, lived next to rivers owing their livelihoods to the fertility of annually watered lands...

Once we had this new information on the geological history, we could re-examine what we know about settlements, what crops people were planting and when, and how both agriculture and settlement patterns changed,” said co-author Dr Dorian Fuller, an archaeologist at the University College London.

The findings, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, show that the decline in monsoon rains led to weakened river dynamics, and played a critical role both in the development and the collapse of the Harappan culture, which relied on river floods to fuel their agricultural surpluses.’


Tamil Death Chant Karna Mantra Abhirami Andhadi

Of all the paths to realize God,Bhakti Yoga,Path of Devotion,though seemingly easier than the other three paths,Path of Knowledge,Gnana Yoga,Raja Yoga,Path of disciplining the body and mind to channelise Consciousness,Karma Yoga ,Path of doing away with the determination for the fruits action,is very difficult.

Abhirami Thirunavukkarasar.Image
Goddess Abhirami

It is very easy to say I surrender to God.

But in reality we do not.

Whereas in Karma Yoga,one has to renounce the Sankalp for the fruits of action,not merely the result..

This is Karma Yoga at its best.

Hence, the Death chant of Hinduism,Karna Mantra is from the Bhagavad-Gita.

sarva-dharman parityajya
mam ekam saranam vraja
aham tvam sarva-papebhyo
moksayisyami ma sucah


sarva-dharman–all varieties of Dharma; parityajya–abandoning;mam–unto Me; ekam–only; saranam–surrender; vraja–go; aham–I;tvam–you; sarva–all; papebhyah–from sinful reactions; moksayisyami–deliver; ma–not; sucah–worry.

Abandon all varieties of Religion, Dharma and just surrender unto Me. I shall deliver you from all sinful reaction and grant you Salvation. Do not fear.

Here Lord Krishna uses the rarely used form of address to speak to Arjuna.

That is ‘Ma Sucha’

This is a term of endearment by a Father to his son.’

Death Chant of Hinduism,Karna Mantra

In Tamil Abhirami Andhadi by Abhirami Bhattar gives out the essence of both Bhakti Yoga and Karma Yoga.

He says,

‘As death, dictated by my actions stalks nearby,May you assure me not to be afraid,

I shall always think of,and call you as Mother when I perform an action,

Abhirami,the one who fills the consciousness of of the Seekers’

Greatness of the poem lies in the fact that one’s own death and mode of death is determined by one’s actions,

And one willing God not merely at the time of death or difficulties but at all times!

இழைக்கும் வினைவழியே, அடும்காலன் எனை நடுங்க
அழைக்கும் பொழுது அஞ்சல் என்பாய், அத்தர் சித்தமெல்லாம்
குழைக்கும் களப குவிமுலை யாமளை கோமளமே
உழைக்கும் பொழுது உன்னையே அன்னையே என்பன் ஓடிவந்தே
அத்தர் – சிவபெருமான்
சிவபெருமானின் சித்தம் அனைத்தையும் தன்வயத்தில் வைத்திருக்கும், சந்தனக் குவியல் போன்ற முலைகளை கொண்டிருக்கும் அழகிய இளைய பெண்ணே, நான் செய்த தீவினையால், என் இறுதி காலத்தில், கொடிய எமன் என்னை துன்புறுத்தும் போது, எனக்கு அச்சம் உண்டாகும் போது, அன்னையான உன்னை அழைப்பேன். அப்போது, நீ “அஞ்சேல்” என்று ஓடிவந்து அருள் செய்வாய்.
He adds later, about total surrender,this
Be it This or Bad for me, I know nothing,
For I have given you what all I have , long back,
Real Karna Mantra in Tamil
பாடல் 33 (ராகம் – சிவரஞ்சனி, தாளம் – ஆதி) கேட்க:

நன்றே வருகினும், தீதே விளைகினும், நான் அறிவது
ஒன்றேயும் இல்லை, உனக்கே பரம், எனக்கு உள்ள எல்லாம்
அன்றே உனது என்று அளித்து விட்டேன், அழியாத குணக்
குன்றே, அருட்கடலே, இமவான் பெற்ற கோமளமே

அபிராமி, அழியா குணக்குன்று. த்ரிகுணாம்பா என்று ஸ்ரீ லலிதா சஹஸ்ரநாமம் அழைக்கிறது. மூன்று குணங்களுக்கும் (சத்வம், ரஜஸ், தமஸ்) தலைவி என்று பொருள். குணத்ரய விபாவினி என்று தேவி மாஹத்மியத்தில், முதல் அத்தியாயம் மது கைடப வத வர்ணனையில், அம்பாளை பிரம்மா புகழ்கிறார்.
இமவான் பெற்ற கோமளம் – மலையரசன் ஹிமவான் பெற்ற அழகிய செல்வம். ஹைமவதி என்று அம்பாளுக்கு ஒரு நாமம். ஹேமம், ஹைமம் என்றால் தங்கம். இமயம் – தங்கம் போன்ற உயர்ந்த மலை.
அருட்கடல் – அருள் நிறைந்த கடல் அம்பாள்.
அன்னையே, அழியா குணக்குன்றே, அருட்கடலே, மலையரசன் பெற்ற அழகிய செல்வமே, எனக்கென்று ஒன்றும் வைத்துக்கொள்ளாது, எல்லாம் உன்னுடையது என்று ஆக்கிவிட்டேன். அதனால், நன்மையோ தீமையோ எதுவும் என்னை ஒன்றும் செய்யாது. இரண்டிற்கும் வேறுபாடு அறியாதவனாகி விட்டேன். விருப்பு வெறுப்பு அற்றவனானேன். உனக்கே பரம் என்று என்னை ஆக்கினேன். என்று பட்டர் பாடுகிறார்.
நமக்கும் இப்படி பட்ட சம தரிசனம் கிடைக்கட்டும்.
பகவத் கீதையில், பகவான் ஸ்ரீ கிருஷ்ணர், “எவன் என்னுள் அனைத்தையும், அனைத்திலும் என்னையும் காண்கிறானோ, அவன் எப்போதும் என் அருகிலேயே இருக்கிறான். என்னை விட்டு விலகுவதே இல்லை.” என்று கூறுகிறார். அதுபோல் அனைத்தும் இறைவனுடையது என்ற எண்ணம் நமக்கு இருந்தால், உலகத்தில் துன்பம் என்பதே கிடையாது. என்றும் இன்பமே. ஆனந்தமே.
பாடல் (ராகம்-நாதநாமக்ரியா, தாளம் – –விருத்தம்–) Abhirami Andhadhi -95

Text and translation.

I have been trying to post this article since morning.

This is the fourth draft.

As my readers are aware, I never prepare drafts and I write as it comes to me.

This is one of the reasons for my articles being raw.

And spelling mistakes.

Right from morning, the material never got saved, despite the fact wordpress automatically saves as you write.

I tried saving manually to be sure.

No effect. I tried from my Tab and two mobiles.

This is my fourth attempt.

What is published here is totally different what I intended to write !

Before publishing now, I decided that this would be my last attempt to publish the article.

Well, now, it is published.

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Meaning Of Bharat India ‘ Where The Sun Delights Firstly’

Treasures of Hinduism can be found in the Vedas, Puranas,Ithihasas Ramayana and Mahabharatha.

Unfortunately many of us do not know Sanskrit.

Many assume that it is an arcane and difficult language.

This myth has been perpetrated to ensure we do not find our roots.

At least now we can try learning Sanskrit, bedrock of our Identity and Culture.

Most of the references to identify places, events in History this blog publishes is because of these treasures.

The Kishkinda and Sundara Kanda of Ramayana provides information about Historical refetences to Geographical locations and Indian presence around the world.

I have written on Nazca Lines of Peru, Cooke’s island,Americas and many more.

Be it history,philosophy,science or arts, you will find them in tgese texts.

Now to the point of the Name Bharat given to India.

It is assumed to be named after Bharata,First Emperor of Jambudweepa.

He was the son of Sakunthala and Dhushyanta and was tutored by Sage Viswamitra.

It is stated that the name Bharat is derived from the name of Emperor Bharata.

Somehow I was not really convinced by the explanation.

True Puranas, Ramayana , Mahabharatha and other texts refer to the landmass as Bharata.

Again there is a distinction.

Bharatavarsha and Bharata kanda.

Entire landmass was referred to as Bharatavarsha, while the Indian landmass was designated as Bharata Kanda.

Check Sankalpa by Brahmins.


There is no sense in mentoring Bharata twice.

While the first one refers to the landmass in Jambu Dweepa, Island of Jambhu trees, the Kande refers to the territory ruled by Emperor Bharata.

Hinduism has never been the one to name places after personalities.

All Concepts have their roots in Philosophy, Universal Facts, mostly relating to Astronomy.

Years in Hindu calendar denote qualities of the year in question, that is the general predictions for the year.

On checking up facts on the name of Bharata, I found that the name Bharata is from the attribute of the landmass India.

The landmass is the place which enjoys the first rays of the sun.

Even today we call the far eastern countries as land of the Rising Sun, Japan.

Read the refrence in Ramayana, Kishkinda Kanda.

‘ ‘उत्तरेण परिक्रम्य जंबू द्वीपम् दिवाकरः |
दृश्यो भवति भूयिष्ठम् शिखरम् तन् महोच्छ्रयम् || ४-४०-५९

59. divaakaraH = day-maker [Sun]; jambuu dviipam uttareNa parikramya = to Jambu Dwiipa, by north, on circling; mahat ucChrayam tat shikharam = zenithal, that, pinnacle; [praapya = on reaching];bhuuyiSTham dR^ishyaH bhavati = by far, discernable, he will be.

“The Sun is by far discernable in Jambu Dwiipa when he rises on this zenithal pinnacle Saumanasa, after he had circled the Jambu Dwiipa in a northerly route. [4-40-59]

The sunrises in the East on the peak of this Saumanasa which is on the zenith of Udaya Mountain. Then he traverses above Jambu Dwiipa, Indian Subcontinent, including South-East Asia, and sets in the West on the mountains called asta adri, ‘ the Sunset Mountain.’ Then he courses northerly on the other side of the globe via Mt. Meru in heavens at the other side of Jambu Dwiipa, only to rise again on this Mt. Sunrise. As Jambu Dwiipa, the subcontinent lies southerly to that heavenly Mt. Meru, and down East-South of Saumanasa, this subcontinent can happily see the First Sun, daily. This gives raise to the Indian name of India, that is Bhaarata, bhaa rataH Sun, delights…’ The place where the Sun delights firstly, that is bhaarata...’

Reference and citation.

Excellent site for rare information on Ramayan and Sanatana Dharma.

At Kailash Man Ages 28 Times Faster Strange Sounds Russian Study

Mount Kailash,the Abode of Lord Shiva is home for mysteries.

Mount Kailash seem to have some unique characteristics.

It is too regular to be a Natural Phenomenon.

It is connected to other sacred sites.

It is connected to Iraq, previously a part of Sumeria and to Romania.

A secret tunnel connecting Kailash to Iraq and Romania is found.

Bucegi Mountains.

Highly advanced concepts in Science are found in the Vedas and they are validated by latest developments in Modern Science.

So it comes to me as no surprise that there exists a maze of tunnel networks throughout the world.

All of these have one thing in common.

Mount Kailash!

The Abode of Lord Siva was reported to contain a Huge Pyramid underneath and there were beings from another dimensions.


The place,a mountain to which Kailash is connected by an underground tunnel has a room, where if one touches a Tablet,it is reported that one’s past,future and the evolution of Cosmos flash by.

Kailash centre of the Cosmos. Man Made Pyramid.

The Axis Mundi, the centre of the universe, the navel of the world, the world pillar, Kang Tisé or Kang Rinpoche (the ‘Precious Jewel of Snow’ in Tibetan), Meru (or Sumeru), Swastika Mountain, Mt. Astapada, Mt. Kangrinboge (the Chinese name) – all these names, real or legendary, belong to one of the holiest and most mysterious mountains in the world – Mount Kailas. Both geography and mythology play roles in the sacred significance of Mount Kailas. This holy mountain rises to an altitude of 6714 meters. It cannot compete with peaks in the nearby Himalayan range, which includes Mount Everest, and its grandeur lies not in height but in its distinct shape – four sheer faces marking the cardinal points of the compass – and its solitary location, free of neighboring mountains that might dwarf or obscure it. Mt. Kailas is regarded as the earthly manifestation of the Hindus’ mythic Mount Meru, or Sumeru, the spiritual center of the universe, the axis mundi in Buddhist and Jain as well as Hindu cosmology. Source.

Kailash Iraq Romania interconnected tunnel.

It is also reported that as one sets his sights on the Peak ,the peak keeps shifting.

And one ages 28 Times faster in Kailash than under normal conditions in Two weeks!

Another mysterious aspect about the mountain concerns the rapid aging of those who visited the area. After spending 12 hours in the region, the length of nails and hair is equal to two weeks in normal conditions! Is this caused by some energy surrounding this mysterious place?

Ancient Pages.

There are various incidents narrated in Indian Purana and Tamil literature on Age related issues.

King Pururavas shed his old age by exchanging it with his son.

In Tamil,the Saint Karaikkal Ammayaar became one, on her wish granted by Lord Shiva and she reached Kailash with the help of Shiva and she has the distinction of being called as Mother by Lord Shiva.

And Saint Thirunavukkarasar,when he became old traveled to Kailash by rolling on the ground and on reaching Kailash,Shiva gave Darshan at the spot where The Saint was.

Strange sounds are heard in the nights.

 Mount Kailash is sacred for Hindus, Buddhists and Jains. Source: Ondřej Žváček/wikipedia

Mount Kailash is sacred for Hindus, Buddhists and Jains.

Dr Ernst Muldashev, a Russian ophthalmologist based in Ufa, came up with a theory that Mount Kailash in Tibet is actually an ancient manmade pyramid that is surrounded by smaller pyramids and is linked to pyramids in Giza and Teotihuacan.

Standing at 6718 metres above sea level, Mount Kailash in Tibet is considered sacred by Hindus, Buddhists and Jains. Hindus believe that Lord Shiva, the destroyer of evil, sits in perpetual meditation on the mountain. Tibetan Buddhists believe that the Buddha Demchok, who represents supreme bliss, lives on the mountain.

No human has managed to scale Mount Kailash. There have been many legends of people dying in the attempt to climb the mountain. The Chinese authorities, knowing the religious sensitivity of the matter, have officially banned alpinists from attempting a climb.

Russians, like Indians, have been fascinated with the mountain for a long time. Nicholas Roerich wrote about Mount Kailash and one of his most famous paintings portrays the path to the mountain.

There are several legends about Russian climbers in the 19th and early 20thcenturies trying to scale the mountain and vanishing. A Siberian mountaineer once told me about a group of climbers who climbed beyond a particular point and suddenly aged by a few decades. According to his story, they died of old age a year later!

Roerich believed in the existence of a mystical kingdom called Shambala in the vicinity of Mount Kailash. Some Hindu sects refer to Shambala as Kapapa, and believe that perfect people reside there.

In 1999, Russian ophthalmologist Ernst Muldashev decided to go on an expedition to Tibet to try and discover the secrets of Mount Kailash. His team comprised of experts in geology, physics and history.

The team met several Tibetan lamas and spent several months around the foot of the sacred mountain.

Manmade pyramid?

Muldashev’s team came to the conclusion that Mount Kailash is actually a massive man-made pyramid that was built in ancient times. He claimed that it was surrounded by many smaller pyramids and could be the centre of all paranormal activities.

Dr Ernst Muldashev. Source: Mikhail Fomichev/TASSDr Ernst Muldashev. Source: Mikhail Fomichev/TASS

Dr Ernst Muldashev. Source: Mikhail Fomichev/TASSDr Ernst Muldashev. Source: Mikhail Fomichev/TASSDr Ernst Muldashev. Source: Mikhail Fomichev/TASSDr Ernst Muldashev. Source: Mikhail Fomichev/TASSDr Ernst Muldashev. Source: Mikhail Fomichev/TASSDr Ernst Muldashev. Source: Mikhail Fomichev/TASSDr Ernst Muldashev. Source: Mikhail Fomichev/TASSDr Ernst Muldashev. Source: Mikhail Fomichev/TASS

In the silence of the night, there often were strange gasping sounds in the belly of the mountain,” Muldashev, author of ‘Where Do We Come From?,’ wrote in an academic paper. “One night both my colleagues and I distinctly heard the noise of a falling stone that undoubtedly came from the interior (of the mountain).” He suggested that some beings lived inside the pyramid.

“In Tibetan texts it is written that Shambhala is a spiritual country that is located in the north-west of Kailash,” Mulsashev wrote. “It is hard for me to discuss this topic from a scientific point of view. But I can quite positively say that Kailash complex is directly related to life on Earth, and when we did a schematic map of the ‘City of the Gods,’ consisting of pyramids and stone mirrors, we were very surprised – the scheme was similar to the spatial structure of DNA molecules.”

Mohan Bhatt, a Sanskrit scholar based in Mumbai, says the Ramayana also refers to the sacred mountain as a pyramid. There are also references to the moutain in the vedas he adds. “The ancient texts refer to the mountain as a cosmic axis,” he says.

Muldashev believes that the pyramids were built by ancient and advanced people who knew about the laws of subtle energy. He wrote that the mountain is the most important part of a system of ancient monumental structures and is directly connected with the main pyramids of the earth such as the pyramids of Giza and Teotihuacan.

Onwards to the Past, a Russian-English bilingual website explores this theory in great details.’


Scientists are unable to answer these mysteries.

Shiva Linga Design Atlantis City Found Spain

I have written quite a few articles on Lemuria,Kumarikanadam,and Atlantis.

In the west it was first mentioned by Plato in Dialogues.

I have theorized,based on available evidence on the three land masses, Lemuria, Kumarikandam and Lemuria, Sanskrit references to Shiva’s Three Rotating cities and Tamil Classics’s reference and description of Kumarikandam,it’s boundaries, population Trinetra Dance of Shiva among Australian tribes,Nazca Lines,Peru,resembling Shiva’s Trident, description of Cooke’s Island,New Zealand in Sundarakanda of Ramayan, Natural Vishnu Temple, ,Quadrilateral Temple of Shiva in Grand canyon,US ,Tamil language being spoken in Cameroon even today by the Aborigines and a host of other evidence,that Atlantis abutted Lemuria.

And extended up to present Americas.

Atlantis was peopled by fair-skinned people and Dark skinned people.

Shiva linga in Mexico City Temple

Shiva linga in Saint Peter’s Cathedral Square

Shiva’s Tripura was located in Atlantis.

Also description of The city of Bandasura’s city in Lalitha Sahasranama,matches the underwater structures found off the Coast of Central America and Cuba.

New evidence unearthed off the Coast off Spain shows a city with three concentric rings and the lay out is Shiva Lungs with Avudayaar (base).

The team of archaeologists and geologists in 2009 and 2010 used a combination of deep-ground radar, digital mapping and underwater technology to survey the site.

Freund’s discovery in central Spain of a strange series of “memorial cities,” built in Atlantis’ image by its refugees after the city’s likely destruction by a tsunami, gave researchers added proof and confidence, he said.

Atlantean residents who did not die in the tsunami fled inland and built new cities there, he added.

The team’s conclusions are detailed in “Finding Atlantis,” a National Geographic Channel special.

image information.
computer graphic shows the concentric rings that may have existed during Atlantis’ ancient heyday. Scientists have seen evidence of such submerged structures beneath the vast marshlands of southern Spain’s Dona Ana Park.


Greek philosopher Plato wrote about Atlantis 2,600 years ago, describing it as “an island situated in front of the straits which are by you called the Pillars of Hercules,” as the Straits of Gibraltar were known in antiquity.

Using Plato’s detailed account of Atlantis as a map, searches have focused on the Mediterranean and Atlantic as the best possible sites for the city. Researchers have previously proposed that Atlantis was located on the Greek island of Santorini , the Italian island of Sardinia or on Cyprus .

Tsunamis in the region have been documented for centuries, Freund says. One of the largest was a reported 10-story tidal wave that slammed Lisbon in November 1755.

Debate about whether Atlantis truly existed has lasted for thousands of years. Plato’s “dialogues” from around 360 B.C. are the only known historical sources of information about the iconic city. Plato said the island he called Atlantis “in a single day and night … disappeared into the depths of the sea.”

Experts plan further excavations at the site where they believe Atlantis is located and at the mysterious “cities” in central Spain 150 miles away to more closely study geological formations and to date artifacts.

This report includes information from Reuters and “Finding Atlantis,” a documentary about the search for the city’s ruins, will air on Tuesday on the National Geographic Channel.’


How To Wear Upaveeda Poonal Jaanu Pracheena Veedhi Niveedha

One of the primary duties of Brahman, Kshatriya and Vaisya to wear Upaveeda,Jaanu, பூணூல்.

Upaveeda is worn after Upa Nayana.

One is called Dwija,who is born for the second time.

When an individual is born,he is clouded with Ignorance.

With no awareness of Reality.

After. Initiated into Brahmacharya,

the first station in Life,the others being Married (Gruhastha),Semi retirement from worldly affairs(Vanaprastha) and Renunciation at things Material,Sanyasa,one is empowered to enter the path of Spirituality.

Upa Nayana means ,’being taken near to Brahman,The Reality.

A Perceptor,Guru takes the Sishya, Disciple near Brahman.

Another explanation is that is after Upa Nayana,the second eye,as it were,is opened towards Reality.

Upa Nayana is to be performed before

The age of,

Eight for Brahmins,

Twelve for Kshatriya,

Sixteen for Vaisya.

Upaveeda is worn across the left shoulder while performing Auspicious Duties,

Across the Right shoulder, while performing Inauspicious duties and Pitru Karma (Pracheena Veedhi)and as

Niveedhi, around the neck like a garland when we perform our worldly duties.

Reference. Sandhya Vandana by Anna Subrahmanya Iyer,RK Mutt Publications.

Yoga 9000 BC Pasupathi Seal Rig Veda Poompuhar Chennai Evidence

Yoga, a system of Indian Thought for Realisation of Self,is classified as Raja Yoga,Path of Channelizing Consciousness by Physical and Mental discipline.

Realisation is ,

Cessation of Modifications of Chitta.
-Patanjali Yoga Sutra.

Chitta is a higher plane, higher than Mind,Intellect.

On successful completion of Yoga,one ,after having removed the Modifications of Chitta,becomes the Reality,though the term ‘becomes’ does not convey the full Import of the term Realisation.

Yoga,has eight steps.

Hence it is called Ashtanga Yoga.

The System of Yoga is widely believed to have been founded by Sage Patanjali.

The Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali are a collection of 196 Indian sutras (aphorisms) on the theory and practice of yoga. The Yoga Sutraswere compiled prior to 400 CE by Sage Patanjali who synthesized and organized knowledge about yoga from older traditions


This places the date of Yoga around Fourth century.

However references to Yoga have been found in Ancient Indian texts such as Ramayana.

And the Vedas.

We have Yoga Vasishta having been imparted to Lord Rama by Sage Vasishta.

Ramayana is currently dated around 5000 BC.

And Rig Veda around 7114BC!

I am not in agreement with both.

The date of the Sunken city of Poompuhar, Tamil Nadu is about 11,000 years ago.
New study provides “incontrovertible evidence” that the volcanic super-eruption of Toba on the island of Sumatra about 73,000 years ago deforested much of central India, some 3,000 miles from the epicenter, researchers report.a The volcano ejected an estimated 800 cubic kilometers of ash into the atmosphere, leaving a crater (now the world’s largest volcanic lake) that is 100 kilometers long and 35 kilometers wide. Ash from the event has been found in India, the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal..


And there is a Million year old Tamil site near Chennai,Tamil Nadu.

The discovery, described in Nature on Wednesday, pushes back the start of what’s called the Middle Paleolithic culture in the region by more than a hundred thousand years. That, in turn, could reshape how scientists view the global spread of hominins—humans and their ancient relatives..

Tamil quotes Vedas.

And Vedas mention Yoga.

So date of Yoga may be assigned ,at least , a date of 9000 BC.

This is reinforced by the presence of the Pasupathi seal found in Harappa.
There are indications that Indus Valley culture has roots far back into neolithic times (7000 BCE), but current evidence places the active phase of this culture between 3300–1700 BCE, with its high points between 2600–1900 BCE. If a link can be made between this culture and Hinduism it could push the date of Hinduism back many more millennia than current textual evidence allows.


Pasupathi in Denmark.
The Druids of the ancient Celtic world have a startling kinship with the brahmins of the Hindu religion and were, indeed, a parallel development from their common Indo-European cultural root which began to branch out probably five thousand years ago. It has been only in recent decades that Celtic scholars have begun to reveal the full extent of the parallels and cognates between ancient Celtic society and Vedic culture.

Pasupathinath worshipped in Denmark

Yoga references in Rig Veda

sa dhīnāṁ yogaṁ invati

“He (saH) promotes (invati) the yoga (yogam) of thoughts (dhInAm)”. (He here is again, Brahmaṇaspati) In this mention, it is clear that Rigveda has itself showed to us what the “bay horses yoked by Indra / Brahmanaspati” are, in the more lucid part of first Mandala. Thus, it is clear from the mention that yoga is purely a spiritual activity, it has less got to do with physical exercises in Rigveda.

(Rigveda itself. In 1.18.7)

The second important mention is at 1.30.7 :

yoge yoge tavastaraṁ vāje vāje havāmahe

“In each yoga, we invoke the Strong (Indra); in each struggle”.

The third relevant mention is a part of a very mystic but beautiful hymn of Rigveda, in 10.114.9 :

“kaś chandasāṁ yogaṁ ā veda dhīraḥ
ko dhiṣṇyāṁ prati vācaṁ papāda
kam r̥tvijāṁ aṣṭamaṁ śūraṁ āhur
harī indrasya ni cikāya kaḥ svit”

“who knows the yoga of the metres here, who has gained the “word” (Vak) the subject and object of thoughts? who is called the eighth Hero among the conductors of order? who has perhaps controlled the (two) bay horses of Indra!’


Shiva Abhishek Ghee Turns Butter Shiva Gange Temple

Apart from the spiritual point of view,Hindu temples are repositories of Innovative Architecture and house sites of Events that defy logic.

People call them as Miracles.

However those who know the ancient wisdom handed over through generations orally know that none of these ancient texts call any happenings,which might appear to be away from our daily Life,are Miracles;for the Hindus nothing in the world is a Miracle for it is Natural.

There is nothing called Paranormal in Hinduism.

Everything in the Universe is Natural.

When we come across things which we do not see in our daily Life,we tend to call them as Miracles.

Fact is that we are perceiving them anew.

That’s all.

What human mind is capable of conceiving is possible.

( That the world has only Relative Existence is an issue of philosophy and this blog has covered that topic)

Thus we have,

Shiva lingas that change colors daily/Five times a day)

Ganesha Idol that remains white during the waxing of the Moon and black during the waning of the moon.

Narasimha idol that consumes Jaggery water,

Temple Ghee remains unspoilt for an year and lamp keeps on burning in a temple that opens once a Year.

I can keep on adding.

Please read my articles on temples by Googling temples of India+ramanan 50.

There is a temple near Tumkur, Karnataka,where Ghee poured on Shiva linga as Abhisheka, Holy Bathing,turns into Butter.

This temple is around 54 Kilometers from Bengaluru and 19 Kilometres from Tumkuru.

Airport. Bangalore.

Railway Station.Bangalore,Tumkur.

Buses available from Bangalore to Tumkur.

One has to trek the hill.

Autos,Buses available from Tumkur.

Shiva Gange .image.

Shiva Gange Shiva Ghee turns butter,

Image credit.

An interesting miracle happens here is that when an abhisheka is performed on Shivalinga with ghee, the ghee turns to butter. Devotees can see the miracle live during abhisheka.It is said that the ghee that turns to butter has medicinal powers and can cure many ailments. According to legend there exists a secret tunnel that extends from the sanctum sanctorum (Garba Griha) of this temple to the Gavi Gangadhareshwara temple in Bengaluru, around 50 kilometers from this temple.


Shivagange is a mountain peak with a height of 804.8 meters or 2640.3 feet and Hindu pilgrimage center located near Dobbaspet, in Bengaluru Rural district India. It is situated 19 km from the town of Tumakuru and 54 km from Bengaluru. The sacred mountain is shaped as a shivalingaand a spring flows near locally called “Ganga”, thereby giving the place its name. It is also known as Dakshina Kashi (Kashi of the South) and place is having various temples such as Gangadhareshwara temple, Sri Honnammadevi Temple, Olakal Teertha, Nandi Statue, Patalagange, A historical rock statue of Nandi or Basavanna carved on top of a steep rock is considered as a spell binding sculpture because of its narrow location.


Sanauli Chariot Find 4000 Years Harappan Horse

Ramayana is dated around 5114 CE,

Mahabharata has thirty nine archeological sites which proves the Mahabharatathe,

One Million old Advanced Tamil site being found near Chennai,Tamil Nadu,India,

Poompuhar, Tamil Nadu is dated about twenty thousand years ago,

Tamil sites in Arikkamedu,Adichanallur are dated about 5000 Years old,

Oldest Murugan temple in Pondicherry is dated around 4000 BC,

Dwaraka is dated Thirty thousand years old…

these Scholars go on denying the dates assigned to Sites relating to Indian history!

As if this is not enough,they bring in new theories like the Aryan Invasion theory of India.

800 Years Sculpture Child In Womb,Sundara Kamakshi, Chinna Karumbur

The Religion, culture and history of India is very old.

It defies time.

The advancements in Arts, Science are mind staggering when one finds evidence of Scientific concepts in the sculptures of Indian Temples.

I have written on the temples located in a straight line , in the same latitude,no structure between the Temple and Arctic, colour changing idols,temples where shadows fall without source of Light, sculpture where a Pin dropped at one end of the bow falls through it to the ground…..

And many more.

There is a temple where sculpture of a Baby in the Womb is found.

Accurate position of the baby, as one would find in a Scan!

And the temple is at least 800 Years old,Chola architecture.

Sri Sundara Kamakshi temple at Siru Karumbur

Location: The temple is about 400 meters from the Chenai – Bangalore highway at the SiruKarumbur junction between Ocheri and Kaveripakkam. The SiruKarumbur junction is 1 km after Ocheri junction; 2 kms before Murugan Idly Shop; and around 4 kms before Kaveripakkam while going from Chennai.

Airport. Chennai.

Railway Station. Chennai.

Buses from Chennai available.

Reference and citation.

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