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Vintage History Photo Essay

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I have come across a site where I found some interesting photos.

These  are photos from history are quite captivating.

Einstein's Desk

Einstein‘s Desk the day after his death April 18,1955

Map 1689

World Map 1689


Ground above where Hitler was burnt

The Ground below which Hitler was burnt in the Bunker 67 years ago


Teenager who Flew Cessna

A teenager flew a Cessna into Red Square illegally 1987, he was arrested



Helmets of the World War of different Nations


Death in World war

World War Deaths Note India‘s

Forecast 1962

Forecast of 2012 New York in 1962






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Auschwitz Birkenau Holocaust Killing Spree

In crime on December 17, 2013 at 09:40

In connection with the Holocaust Day on 27 January, it is worth remembering the Crimes committed by Man against Man and ensure it does not happen again.


Zyklon B Tablets were dropped into the Gas Chambers.

Zyklon B Tablets


Zyklon-B “crystals” were introduced into the homicidal gas chambers through metal tubes of 2 or 3 cm diameter [running parallel to the ground!] , tubes which, in fact, were used to diffuse carbon monoxide coming from metal cylinders outside. I found this impossible association in the Investigation Section of the Warsaw Central Commission. I saw there a photocopy of a French newspaper article illustrated by a can of Zyklon-B surrounded by its “crystals” [Photo 1] PASTED DIRECTLY NEXT TO the funnel used for pouring a liquid found at the Natzweiler [Photo 3]


The relative confusion about the method of using the toxic product in the gas chambers was aggravated by the fact that the SS Bauleitung often grouped in the same building two completely different sanitary functions: showers and incineration furnaces (for example in the Natzweiler camp in France). This proximity brought about a forced association. While in many homicidal gas chambers the showerheads were dummy, there were many testimonies that asserted that the toxic gas was diffused by them. Confusion reinforced by the fact that Zyklon-B was, above all, the regulation pest control agent used by the Wehrmacht, used to delouse effects and combat insects and rodents in premises. During the trials that were held after the war, the tons of Zyklon-B ordered by the camps were attributed to homicidal use without any verification. By far the greater part (over 95 percent) was destined for delousing (effects and buildings) while only a very small part (less than 5 percent) had been used for homicidal gassings.

zyklon B

Photo 2: [PMO neg. no. 624]

Gas Chamber Funnels.

The funnel with a tap conserved at La Citadelle de Besançon which was used to supply water to a mixture of chemicals in order to generate prussic acid in the gas chamber at Struthof, asphyxiating 86 Jewish victims in August 1943. (Photo by the Franche-Comté Museum of the Resistance and Deportation, La Citadelle de Besançon.)


Delousing the Victims.

Although dated 23rd November 1943, this drawing 3230 of the Stammlager [Drawing 1] is actually an earlier drawing which has been used just to show the location of the eight new watch towers. The original was probably drawn at the beginning of 1942, which would explain why in 1943 this drawing still shows a projected Krematorium, BW 47a, for which the drawings were 870, 871 and 875. The new Krematorium with its external chimney against the wall is shown in yellow outlined in red and is below Krematorium I, itself in yellow and surrounded by its earth embankment.
A: The delousing gas chamber in Block I.
B: The two delousing rooms on the ground floor of Block 26.
C: The two clothing delousing gas chambers on the first floor of Block 3.
This drawing proves that the numbering of the Blocks in the main camp varied according to the period and was different from that which we know now. An ex-prisoner may speak of Block 8 of the Stammlager, whereas now it is No. 23. Extreme care is required with the testimony of survivors who must always be asked to precisely situate and date the action of their accounts, something which is, unfortunately, often forgotten, particularly in France.
LAGEPLAN DES SCHUTZHAFTLAGERS AUSCHWITZ OS / general drawing of the Auschwitz protective detention camp. Upper Silesia. Scale 1:1000, Drawing 3230 of 23/11/1943 (PMO neg. No. 6192).

The document supplied is at the very limit of legibility, for the PMO does not have the original which is said to be in Moscow in the “October RevolutionCentral State Archives. There is a good photograph of this drawing in the first bulletin of the Central Commission for the investigation of Hitlerite crimes in Poland, dated 1946. volume 1. page 64. photo No. 5 of the Polish version.

  Delousing the Victims in the concentration Camps.

Drawing 1: General plan of the Stammlager showing the location of the intra muros delousing installations with Krematorium I and a projected second Krematorium. Delousing the Victims in the concentration Camps.

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World War II Photo Essay

In images on October 27, 2013 at 09:50

There are some Photos I came across of World War II.

I am Posting a few.

World War II Photos

A man looks at Bodies in a Pit.

Wold War II

Praying near a Corpse.


World War II

Desolate Children.

Word War II .

Disconsolate Man near a Killed Child.

World War II

Sleeping with a Dog..


World War II

US Soldier sleeping in a Fox Hole.


Landing at Normandy.

Normandy Situation. World War II Click to Enlarge.





Nuns Sell Illegitimate Babies For Huge Profits,

In Christianity on July 21, 2013 at 11:51

Vatican sells babies.

At an historic press conference yesterday, two groups fighting to end Catholic church terror against children formally joined forces and announced the launching of a public campaign commencing in Rome on September 20.
Francesco Zanardi of Rete L’Abuso and Kevin Annett of The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) disclosed their joint campaign to Italian reporters and activists at a morning press conference in the northern Italian city of Savona. Many members of the Italian press were present to receive the evidence, while the press conference was livestreamed via TeleGracia TV in 3 languages: Spanish, Italian and English.

Think of any crime, Vatican has done it.

Pedophilia , coerced conversions, Homo sexuality, Popes dying in the act of copulation Murder, bank frauds, laundering drug money ..

Now we have documented case involving  the Vatican where the Vatican force the Nuns(?) to part with their illegitimate babies, and sold them in the market for abnormal profits.

‘ By the Sin,Of the Sin,and for the Sin?’


Ann Fessler who authored “The Girls Who Went Away: The Hidden History of Women Who Surrendered Children for Adoption in the Decades Before Roe V. Wade”  is, by nature, a multi-media artist, and like Celeste, Ann, was also an infant adopted during the Baby Scoop Era. Also like Celeste, Ann traveled around the country, finding and talking to the women who had been forced to give up their children to adoption during the Baby Scoop Era. For anyone who is going to have adoption in their lives, then this book is a must read for them to understand the very foundation from which modern adoption is built on.


Both Women are truly amazing to be around. Both The Mother’s Project and TGWWA are strong in a truthful message that adoption is not all what it seems. It’s not always a good thing at all and often, when you hear these stories, we have to admit that some things were very, very wrong. 


The Baby Scoop Era Was a Dark Time for Adoption
Usually define as the period post WWII spanning until Roe vs. Wade, the Baby Scoop Era produced almost 5 million adoptees. Go to any adoption related event and you will see them all. It seems like everyone you meet is from 1964, or ’67, or ’68. Mothers, fathers and the now adult adoptees, sometimes, together, sometimes apart, but so many from the sixties alone; it’s remarkable.  One study reported that 1 of every 40 children under 18 years in the United States is adopted (Kreider, 2003)and the number of American domestic infant adoption birthmothers is somewhere around 10 million. Though officially over in the early seventies, I personally know Mother’s as late as 1980 and 1986 who were treated with true lack of choice and coercion, not unlike the mother’s of the defined Baby Scoop Era.


The Central theme in the BSE, is the use of shame, lies, and outright fraud used by most religious or charitable maternity homes of Post War America. Bottom line was that if you were a blue collar or above, white “nice” girl from the shiny new suburbs, and you got yourself pregnant, then either you were getting married real fast and might never live it down, or you went away. In 1970, for instance, 80 percent of the infants born to single mothers were placed for adoption and it’s not because these girls wanted to. It’s because, by the end of World War II, the adoption industry in America had all their ducks in a row. It was considered one’s “patriotic duty” to reproduce and create greater numbers of free American’s to combat the numbers born in communist Russia and China. The American dream was in full force, creating the suburban sprawl and the perfect family values we now hold dear. Coupled by war wounds and just general infertility as suffered by women, being “barren” and unable to produce the requisite 2.5 children was seen as a social flaw, but not openly addressed.



The Third Reich, Hitler’s Germany Photo Essay

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Hitler's Germany

Adolf Hitler salutes troops of the Condor Legion who fought alongside Spanish Nationalists in the Spanish Civil War, during a rally upon their return to Germany, 1939.

Hitler's Germany

Nazi Rally 1937

Crowds Cheering Hitler

Crowds Cheering Hitler

Hitler and SS

Adolf Hitler at the swearing-in of SS standard bearers at the Reich Party Congress, Nuremberg

Hitler at Nuremberg.

Reich Party Congress, Nuremburg, Germany, 1938

Girls Dancing at Rally

League of German Girls dancing during the 1938 Reich Party Congress, Nuremberg, Germany

Hitler's Berlin at Night

Berlin illuminated at midnight in honor of Hitler’s 50th birthday, April 1939

SS Swearing in at Midnight

Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels (in box) at Charlottenburg Theatre, Berlin, 1939

Hitler's Germany

Adolf Hitler makes keynote address at Reichstag session, Kroll Opera House, Berlin, 1939

Hitler's Germany

Reich Party Congress, Nuremberg, Germany, 1938.

It is difficult to believe, after viewing this, that none of the Germans had anything to do with Hitler and they were ‘just following orders!’





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