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Srirangam Ranganatha Temple Since 1868 Photo Essay

In Hinduism on October 19, 2014 at 18:30

Srirangam,Tamil Nadu, is considered as the Bhooloka Vaikuntam, the Abode of Lord Vishnu and is the First Divya Desam of Sri Vaishnavas.


A Photo essay of  Srirangam down the memory lane since 1868.




Shiva Temple Prime Land Chennai Rent .001 Paise A Year

In Hinduism on October 19, 2014 at 09:09

There are 34,401 public religious institutions in Tamil Nadu. The following are the classifications based on the income of the temples:

	I.	Religious institutions having an 
		income of Rs.200/- or less per annum 		 8,368

	II. 	Religious institutions having an income 
		of less than Rs.2000/- but above Rs.200/- 	17,687		

	III.	Religious institutions having an income 
		of less than Rs.10,000/- but above Rs.2000/-	 6,509

	IV.	Religious institutions having an income of 
		less than Rs.50,000/- but above Rs.10,000/-	 1,469

	V.	Religious institutions having an income of 
		less than Rs.1 lakh but above Rs.50,000/-	   166	VI.	Religious institutions having an income of 
		Rs.1 lakh and above.				   202
						Total	:	34,401


Only the last four categories of institutions are assessable institutions and that works out to 8,346.



While other Religions zealously guard their Mosques and Churches, The Secular Government of India,has a department to take care of Hindu Temples(?).


Lands were donated by the ancient Kings to the Temples and the Brahmins who maintain the Temples.as far back as during the Mahabharata period for which records exist, Chera King Perunchotru Udiyan Neduncheralaathan donated 100 Velis of Land, a Veli in 100 acres to Brahmins with the condition that he should see that the Tempes are maintained well and that he should see the smoke from the Homa being performed by the Brahmins daily.


The State Governments in India have taken over the administration of the Temples.


Details about Tamil Nadu are provided above.


The advent of Dravidian Parties saw a surge towards the systematic destruction of Hindu Temples in Tamil Nadu.


The overt move was made by the DMK Government by appointing Trustees for the temples, most of them DMK Party Members and Atheists,their Atheism is restricted to only to Hinduism.


MGR, in his later years turned a Theist and tried to restore the Status quo.


When Karunanidhi came  to power, he tried his best undermine the sanctity of the Temples by introducing measures to appoint Priests through a Government training Institution, under the impression that the Temples were controlled only by the Brahmins.


DMK men were allotted temple lands on rent at a pittance.



A) In 1979, the HR & CE authorities had proposed to sell 116 grounds of the Kapaleeswarar temple in Madras for Rs.3.5 lakhs and 147 grounds of the Gangadeeswar temple, Purasawalkam, Madras for Rs.4.5 lakhs. This move was opposed by the State Temple Protection Committee.

B) Akshyalingeswar Temple at Kiwalur in Nagapatnam Taluk has 950 acres of land. 300 acress of land are cultivated by the co-operative tenants. The total arrears of rent was 5,000 bags of paddy per year and there was a total arrears of 36,000 bags of paddy in 8 years.

C) At Kodambakkam, Madras a 40 ground plot belonging to a temple was leased out on a rent of Rs.4 per year.

At Saidapet, a 40 ground plot was leased out for a pittance and the occupants had built beautiful houses. But the temple languishes for want of income.

D) With the abolition of minor Inams, the Governmnet took a decision to confer ownership rights to the tenants who were in occupation for 60 years. Later it was decided to reduce this period of enjoyment, to 30 years, with the proviso that rent for 12 years should have been paid. In such a way, 13,825 acres of temple inam lands woth Rs.2.5 crores were distributed to 5,000 persons. The Government should have collected the amount and handed it over to the temples. But the Government took the decision to write off this amount. The Government has not compensated it to the temples. A total of 2,600 religious institutions had suffered because of this decision.

E) King Raja Raja Chola had endowed lands to the Brihadeeshwara temple to fetch 80,000 bags of paddy every year. But the lands are not with the temple’s control now. On October20, 1983 the priests of the Big Temple, Thanjavur stopped performing pujas as they had not been receiving their salary for several months and there was no rice or oil for “Naivedyam”.

F) On 7th April, 1985 the Endowments Minister told a press conference at Madurai that the leader of a political party was occupying premises belonging to Madurai Meenakshi temple which had been sub-let to him by the original lessee. He said that when he visited Thanjavur and Trichi Districts, he found that the archakas and temple staff had not been paid their salary for several months.

G) On 26th November, 1979 the Conference of Temple Employees Association was told that out of 1,87,712 tenants of temple lands only 20% were genuine lessees and the rest were bogus intermediaries. The Association urged the Government of exempt all temple lands from lands laws, Tenancy Acts, particularly from the Fair Rent Act which reduced the temples share from 40% to 25%.

H) Kalpati temple car was sold for Rs.20,000/- to maintain the pujas.

I) On 09-03-1992, addressing a Press Conference the Kanchi Acharya commented on the increasing number of burning of temple cars, murders inside temples and thefts. The Acharya felt that the motive of all these crimials was not merely the lust for money and jewels. A new force seemed to be working from behind to check the growing “bakthi cult” in Tamil Nadu.


The Government led by J.Jayalalithaa, has been trying to correct this, by initiating various measures.

The website http://tnhrce.org/ provides information, though not exhaustively on the Temples in Tamil Nadu.


There is a provision for RTI.


News reports claim that details regarding the Lands of temples are available at the site, though I am unable to find it.


Instead of building new temples, Hindus must concentrate on reclaiming the Lands belonging to the temples, by obtaining the relevant information from the Portal under RTI and move the Courts.


Not only the Rents are ridiculous but the Temple premises are encroached and used for Illegal and Immoral activities.


The lands are being sold ad Plots by the party-men.

The web site url is provided in the post.








Jayalalithaa Bail Rejection Right Correct

In Corruption on October 7, 2014 at 18:29

It is quite some time now since I have written on Political cases involving corruption save for the one on Jayalalithaa’s arrest in the disproportionate wealth  case.


Reason is that I was fed up on reporting corruption exhaustively only to find that the process of Law being subverted .


The culprits remain unpunished, going about their tasks of amassing wealth as usual, with more vigor.


Now a ray has appeared  in the conviction of Jayalalithaa.


For my article the End of Dravidian parties in Tamil Nadu, where I dealt with Jayalalithaa’s conviction, I have received. apart from emails,personal calls,stating that my views are wrong,there are people who are more corrupt going scot-free,like Sonia Gandhi,Karunanidhi,A.Raja and many more;


Jayalaithaa’s conviction for 66.64 crore is a pittance against Rs 1,86,000 crore 2G scam and some other corruption cases;


She has done a lot for the poor;


Some told me as a Brahimin I should desist from  condemning Jjayalalithaa.


My friend for about 50 years slammed and hung up the phone on me.


Now that Jayalalithaa’s bail application has been rejected by the High Court of Karnataka, which I anticipated,my view on this issue remains the same.


We seem to have watered down basic values, being Honest,of Integrity, Sincerity, Loyalty.


We have started giving shades to the values.


Less Honest,Less sincere, slightly less loyal etc.


Moral values are Absolute.


There can be difference between one who takes Rs 100 as Bribe and another who takes ONE CRORE.


Both are corrupt and have to be punished.


People have been saying that Bail should be granted.


Bail is not a matter of Right and it is the discretion of the court.


As for as the contention that Lallu Prasad has been granted bail in th Fodder scam, the judge , who tried Jayalalithaa’s case, observed that Lallu had been in Jail for ten months and Jayalalithaa has been in Jail for only ten days.


He has also observed correctly  that corruption is an assault on basic Human Rights.


Surprising why prosecution did not object for the bail


The judgement is Morally Right and legally correct.


I expect more abuses for this article.


There is no parity with Lalu Prasad’s case; corruption is violation of Human Rights.


Karnataka high court on Jayalalithaa’s plea..




Subrahmanya With Vel Pointed Down Neendoor

In Hinduism on October 6, 2014 at 08:05

Lord Subrahmanya Killed Sura Padma, on the orders of Lord Shiva,


The day he killed Sura Padma is celebrated as Sura Samhara .


He annihilated Sura with His Spear, Vel.



The Vel was given to Him by Goddess Uma at Sikkil, a Town near Thiruvarur,Tamil Nadu.


The idol  Lord Subrahmanya sweats on the Sura Samhara Day when the Vel is being handed over to Him by Uma.


The festival is being celebrated even to-day, please read my post on this.


The Vel being a powerful weapon, which Subrahmanya wields represents the three principles ,Icha Sakthi(Drive of Desire).Kriya(Action) and Gnana(wisdom)


The tip of the Vel, wielded by Subrahmanya always points upwards.


But in some temples of Kerala the tip of the Vel points the down ground.


This is very rare.


Legend has it that after the killing of Tharakaura, Lord Subrahmanya was inan angry mood (Ugra Bhava) and has the vel pointed downwards.


Murugan is worshipped here in the form of Devasenapathi, the supreme general of the holy forces. He is in a very angry mood as he had “Tharakasura Nigraha Bhavam”.

He faces east as seen in most of the temples.

Mahaganapathi, Dhakshinamoorthi (Lord Shiva), Thooninmel Bhagavathi (Bhadrakali), Shathavu, Durga, Nagaraja and Bhahmarakshs are installed here as subordinate deities..

Tuesday is an important day in this temple..

April – May are time of festival in this temple.

Six days main festival in this temple.

Neendoor Subrahmanya Swami Temple hosts the arattu festival celebrated on a grand scale on the Medashasti day. Thaipoosam is another famous festival.


Pandavas and Vyasa worshiped Subrahmanya here.




Rail.Ettumanur Rail Way Station , Kuruppan Tara Rail Way Station are the very nearby railway stations to Neendoor.

How ever Kottayam Rail Way Station is major railway station 11 KM near to Neendoor .

Buses are available from Kottayam.


No Pitru Paksha for Sri Vaishnavas?

In Hinduism on September 22, 2014 at 12:04

A close friend of mine, a Sri Vaishnava told me that he does not perform the Mahalaya Paksha Tharpana.


He informed me that , as an Iyengar belonging to Thengalai Sampradya, he does not do it as it is prohibited by Ramanucharya.


He told me that the other sect of Iyengars in Tamil Nadu, Vadagalai Iyengars perform the Pitru Paksha Tharpana.



As I am unable to find any authentic source on this, I am posting my views.


Those who know the subject well may quote with source.


In Hinduism there are two paths in terms of Lifestyle.


One is called Pravritti Marga and another Nivrutti Marga.


Pravrutti Marga is the leading of our daily lives , as normally do, by going after the sense objects.


Nivrutti Marga is renunciation of the sense objects.


Hinduism teaches how to live,taking into account the limitations and the frailties of Human Life including the desire to go after sensory objects for pleasure.


So Hinduism has devised the four stages of Life.


Brahmacharya, the young Celibate.


Gruhastha when one gets married begets children and goes about Life.


Vanaprastha,when one, after the son becomes capable managing the Family leaving the Family, either with or without wife to seek Reality either in the Forest or staying at Home in a detached way.


My friend quoted Visishtadvaita to support his view that one need not perform the Karmas,excepting Sandhyavanadan and Amavasya Tharpana as Sri Vaishnavism gives priority to surrender to Lord Visnu and once one surrenders himself to God, one need not, should not perform Karma , including Pitru Paksha Tharpana.


He quoted the Sloka form the Bhagavad Gita, this is also called the Karna Mantra,,


Sarva Dharma Parijyasya Maameka Charanam Vraja,


Aham Thva Sarva Paapepyp0Mokshayisyami Maa sucha. Chapter 18


Leave all actions, and surrender only to Me.


I shall absolve you of all your sins and grant you Moksha’


I think my friend does not seem to have understood Krishna and this sloka is often misunderstood.


What Krishna says is that he shall grant Moksha and one need not perform any action(Karma)  id one surrenders to Krishna.


The surrender , Krishna means a surrender  is not a lip service but one of total Surrender,mind ,words and deeds.


By merely saying one has surrendered to Krishna does not mean total surrender.


Draupadi who is a cousin of Krishna and an ardent devotee had to throw her arms up and pray Lord Krishna when Dhuchashana was stripping her.


Krishna did not pay heed to her earlier entreaties to save her when she held her hands to her saree: only when she devoid of Ego , called out, did Krishna rescue her modesty.


Such a devotion is very difficult to come by.


It needs years of practice ,Abhyasa and determination(vairagya)


This, I think we posses at least I do not.


So the statement , presumably said by Ramanucharya, that one need not perform Karmas if one surrenders to Vishnu, is meant for evolved souls;such loved souls like Ramadasas,Ramakrishna Paramahamsa may and can follow this as they had lost Dehatma Buddhi, the attachment to Body.


We can not compare ourselves to these souls.


Again, wile talking about Renunciation, Krishna says  in the Bhagavad Gita, those who call the,selves Sanyasis , while their Minds are after sense objects, may appear so outwardly. are only Aashaadaboothis(hypocrisy)


The determination to relinquish the fruits of action even at the mental level while performing the action is called renunciation.


With such a mindset one can even be in family Life, like Janaka, father of Sita.


Therefore the non-performance of Pitru Pksha , quoting some Acharya is contrary to Vedas and as such is incorrect as Pitru Yagnya is one of the most important and mandatory Yagnya for every one.



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