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Time Recoils Earth Is 4.32 Billion Years Hindusim

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Kalpas, Manvantaras, Samvatsaras


Calculation of Time by Hinduism

Time The Hindu Way.

A Kalpa is 12 hours of Brahma. 2 kalpas make a day and a night of Brahma.


He lives for 100 years on this time scale.
How many Mahayugas or Chaturyugas( Four) are there in a Kalpa?
There are 1000 or 1008, Mahayugas in a Kalpa Mahayugas in a Kalpa.


84 Chaturyugas is an hour of Brahma.


There are 14 Manvantaras in a Kalpa.


Check my post on this.( Link provided at the end of this post)


A Manu or an Indra lives for 1 Manvantara.


A Manvanatara is a 100 years of Indra.

There are 72 Chaturyugas to a Manvantara.

The cycle of Kalpas, beginning with Brähma-kalpa and ending with Pädma-kalpa, is repeated a thousand times, Cyclic,non- Linear


The present kalpa is called Sveta-varäha-kalpa.
The Bhagavatam speaks of 30 kalpa names, one for each day of his month.


This list does not match the list in the Vayu Purana.

The Thirty kalpas of Brahma ,

(1) Sveta-kalpa

, (2) Nilalohita,

(3) Vamadeva,

(4) Gathantara,

(5) Raurava,

(6) Prana,

(7) Brhat-kalpa,

(8) Kandarpa,

(9) Sadyotha,

(10) Isana, (

11) Dhyana,

(12) Sarasvata,

(13) Udana,

(14) Garuda,

(15) Kaurma,

(16) Narasimha,

(17) Samadhi,

(18) Agneya,

(19) Visnuja,

(20) Saura,

(21) Soma-kalpa,

(22) Bhavana,

(23) Supuma,

(24) Vaikuntha,

(25) Arcisa,

(26) Vali-kalpa,

(27) Vairaja,

(28) Gauri-kalpa,

(29) Mahesvara,  and

(30) Paitr-kalpa.
List from the Vayu Purana.
“(1) Bhava.

(2) Bhuva.

(3) Tapah.

(4) Bhava.

(5) Rambha.

(6) Ritu.

(7) Kratu.

(8) Vahni.

(9) Havyavahana.

(10) Savitra.

(11) Bhuvah.

(12) Oushika.

(13) Kushika.

(14) Gandharva.

(15) Rishabha.

(16) Shadaja.

(17) Marjaliya.

(18) Madhyama.

(19) Vairaja.

The great Vairaja Manu was born in this kalpa and his son was the great sage Dadhichi.

(20) Nishada. The race of nishadas (hunters) were created during this period

. (21) Panchama.

(22) Meghavahana.

The word megha means cloud and vahana means to bear. In this kalpa, Vishnu adopted the form of a cloud and bore Shiva on his back.

It is thus that the Kalpa received its name.

(23) Chintaka.

(24) Akuti.

(25) Vijnati.

(26) Mana.

(27) Bhava.

(28) Vrihat

. (29) Shvetalohita.

(30) Rakta.


(32) Sita.

(33) Krishna

(34) Vishvarupa.”
Note: There are 864,00 seconds in our day.

Thus Kalpa is a simple multiple of this figure.

By this reckoning the earth is about 4.32 Billion Years old.

Citation .



Time non Linear Hindusim


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Hand, Giant Fingerprints Of God NASA

In Astrophysics on January 11, 2014 at 11:45

Actually it is not the hand of God.

It is the X-ray Photograph of the remains of exploded Star.

It resembles a Huge hand.

And you have an Image in Mars resembling a Giant Fingerprint!

Hand of God Image.

NASA Image Hand of God



x Ray image of a collapsed Star

Hand of God

A Young Pulsar Shows Its Hand

A small, dense object only 12 miles in diameter is responsible for this beautiful X-ray nebula that spans 150 light years. At the center of this image made by NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory is a very young and powerful pulsar, known as PSR B1509-58, or B1509 for short. The pulsar is a rapidly spinning neutron star which is spewing energy out into the space around it to create complex and intriguing structures, including one that resembles a large cosmic hand.

In this image, the lowest energy X-rays that Chandra detects are red, the medium range is green, and the most energetic ones are colored blue. Astronomers think that B1509 is about 1,700 years old and it is located about 17,000 light years away.

Neutron stars are created when massive stars run out of fuel and collapse. B1509 is spinning completely around almost 7 times every second and is releasing energy into its environment at a prodigious rate — presumably because it has an intense magnetic field at its surface, estimated to be 15 trillion times stronger than the Earth’s magnetic field.

The combination of rapid rotation and ultra-strong magnetic field makes B1509 one of the most powerful electromagnetic generators in the galaxy. This generator drives an energetic wind of electrons and ions away from the neutron star. As the electrons move through the magnetized nebula, they radiate away their energy and create the elaborate nebula seen by Chandra.”

Fingerprint Mars

Giant Fingerprint in Mars




Image Credits: NASA/CXC/CfA/P. Slane et al.





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‘Lost’ Mind Space.

In Hinduism on October 15, 2013 at 09:15

This is in continuation of my Post on Hinduism,JK.

As I was saying about the film ‘Gravity’ dealing with the psychological aspect of being stranded in Space,I started thinking on the meaning of being ‘Lost’

In general terms  by losing we convey the sense that we have not been able to have what we had,or we do not know where what we had been using was gone.

In the case of Objects, we try to recollect,in many cases one visits the places mentally, some even physically(which I do, if it is my Home, to recall what had happened.

In most of the cases we do find what we thought we lost.

Excepting in cases where others have wantonly taken or hid them .

Then we repossess them.

Before we think of this, let us see what this ‘Lost’ means  in other contexts.

Many say or feel they are lost in Thoughts or lost in confusion.

in these cases what happens is that people are concentrating on a particular thought or indecision and fear of taking decision to the exclusion of everything else.

So in effect their losing in things is illusory but a diversion in something else.

So effectively they do not lose anything, or do they?

The examples quoted above relate to mental images and they exist/existed only in the Mind.

And as such they have as much Reality of being or having been with us before or their continued association with us.

Therefore the term Lost does not really mean losing but a change of mental state.

If the mental states are the criteria, which they really are, then, all the things we we experience fall under the same category and need not los(?!) sleep over it.

As put by Hinduism aptly we are but temporarily Trustees of all things here, nothing more.

It may not be out-of-place to mention an interesting fact.

Tamil, a Language in India is as ancient as Sanskrit.

Tamil has a word for parents ,’Petror’, ,’பெற்றோர் ‘   ‘meaning those who beget.

It implies that even children , whom we pride ourselves of our own blood are not our own to call them as such.

We beget them, that’s all.

So all we have here is on a Trusteeship basis, nothing is owned by us to lose.

Now to the question of being lost in Space.

You lose yourself only when you have some fixed point.

You can fix West if you know where you are,, whether you re in the East, South or the North .

If you can not or do not have a reference as to where you are , how do you say you are lost for both the statements have no reference.

At best we can say we disoriented and remain scared.

How about being disoriented or lost to one self.

In the next Post.

3D Printer For Space Pizza

In technology on May 23, 2013 at 20:50

Technology leaping!

3D printer for Space pizza.

Pizza in 3D Printer.


NASA has announced that it is funding research into 3D-printed food. Mechanical engineer Anjan Contractor recently received a $125,000 grant from NASA to build a prototype 3D printer with a goal of automating food creation.

NASA’s interest in a 3D food printer is obvious. The space agency hopes that such a system could provide astronauts food during long distance space travel, but the printer’s creator has a much loftier goal of helping to solve increasing world food shortages by cutting down on waste.

Software for the 3D food printer will be open-source, and the hardware is based on the open-source RepRap Mendel 3D printer.

The concept behind the 3D food printer involves using basic “building blocks” of food in replaceable powder cartridges. By combining each block, a wide range of foods should be able to be created by the printer. The cartridges will also have an incredible lifespan of 30 years, which is more than sufficient for long distance space travel.

Contractor will first prove that his system works on a basic level by printing chocolate, then he will begin his project in the next few weeks by attempting to print a pizza.

The printer will first print a layer of dough, which will be cooked while being printed. Then it will mix tomato powder with water and oil to print a tomato sauce. The pizza topping is to be a nondescript “protein layer”.




Nice Space GIF Essay

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Nothing to comment excepting it is fun.

Space Locomotion

Space Locomotion

The Sun Gif


Galaxy Gif.

Our Galaxy

Space jump by a Cat

Cat’s Space Jump. This gif of the infamous internet cat jump mashed together with Felix Baumgartner’s space jump is why the internet was created Created by Reddit’s CharlieDarwin2

Effects of Gravity in Space,Crying-gif.

Crying in space






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