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Molecular Biology Cancer Treatment In Hinduism Vedas

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“In the great teaching of the Vedas,
there is no touch of sectarianism.
It is of all ages, climes and nationalities
and is the royal road for the attainment of the Great Knowledge. “

- Thoreau,
American Thinker


Vedic Chemistry

Chemistry in Vedic Times


Vedas, the authority for Hinduism  speaks of Science as Apara Vidya, Transitory Knowledge, which deals with this world of Name and Forms.


It speaks of Mathematics, Physics,Chemistry,Biology.Astronomy, Social Sciences ,Architecture, Medical Sciences including Surgery.


It also speaks of Nano Technology,Psychology,Space Travel,Ship Building.



Of Metallurgy,Mining,Manufacturing of Textiles,Cosmetics.


Of preserving Food.


Of detailed Chemical analysis and the way to treat many diseases, including Cancer.


The Siddhas are another school of Thought which throws excellent insight into Chemistry and Medicine,


Some Texts of Chemistry.


  • Rasahrdayatantra
     by Govind Bhagwatpad
  • Srasaratnakara by Siddha Nityanatha
  • Rasarnava by an unknown author
  • Srasendracudamani by Somadeva
  • Rasaratnasamuccaya by Vagbhatta
  • Rasaprakasasudhakara by Yasodhara
  • Rasarajalaksmi by Ramesvara Bhatta
  • Rasendracintamani by Dhundukanatha
  • Rasendracintamani by Ramacandra Guha
  • Rasasara by Govind Acarya
  • Rasakaumudi by Sarvajnacandra
  • Rasabhesajakalpa by Surya Pandita
  • Rasasamketakalika by Camunda
  • Lohapaddhati by Suresvara
  • Kankaligrantha by Nasirshah
  • Rasamuktavalina by Devanatha

Cancer was identified and methods of Healing included total eliination of cancer, Management .handling weight loss associated with Cancer and the side effects of Cancer.


Twenty Five plants have been identified, their chemical and therapeutic  properties analysed and were used in treating Cancer.


Forms of cancer Granti and Arbuda were discussed.








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காஞ்சி பெரியவர் அஷ்டோத்ரம் .

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I am reproducing the Kanchi Maha Periyava Astothram.


Click on the image to magnify.

10 names of Kanch Periyavar

Kanchi Periyavar Ashtothram


Periyavar Astothram 31-61

Maha periyavar Astothram 31 -61

1o8 names of kanchi periyavar

Kanchi Periyavar Asthothram 62-92


Astothram Maha periyavar 93-108

Kanchi Periyavar Ashtothram 93-108

Kanchi Periyavar 3 D mage

3 D Image Kanchi Maha Periyavar Source. Maha Periyavaa.com




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Moon Shines On Tirupathi Balaji’s Forehead Video

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I had posted earlier on how the Tirumala Hills resemble the Lord Balaj’si,Venkateswara’s, Face.



I just received a Link that the Moon shone on Lord Balaji’s Forehead.









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Devi With Beeja Shakti Peeta Pithapuram

In Hinduism on March 14, 2014 at 08:30

Pithapuram, Andhra Pradesh , India, is where the Devi‘s left hand fell.


Ujjainyam Maha kali, Peethikayam Puruhutika /
Odhyane Girija devi, Manikya Daksha vatike // Asthta Dasa Stotram ,Shankaraharya.

The Goddess in Puruthika Devi and the Lord is Kukkudeswara.



The idol of Puruhuthika devi has four hands. They contain bag of seeds (Beeja), axe (Parashu), lotus (Kamala) and a dish (Madhu patra) from lower-right to lower-left in order.

Puruthika Devi, Pithapuram.

Puruthika Devi, Pithapuram.

Previously there were two sects of Upasakas in Pithapuram worshiping Puruhootika devi. The first one calling her as Puruhootha Lakshmi (Meditating on Kamala and Madhu patra) and worshiping in Samayachara and the second one calling her Puruhoothamba (Meditating on Parashu and Beeja) and worshiping in Vamachara. There is also a tale that the original statue of Puruhutika devi was buried under the temple which was worshiped by them.


Once Indra has cheated Ahalya (wife of Gautama maharshi) in the form of Gautama and was cursed by the Maharshi. Indra lost his testes and got the symbols of Yoni all over his body. He felt very sad and prąyed Gautama a lot. Finally the Rishi accepted and told that the Yoni symbols will look like eyes, so that Indra will be called as Sahasraksha there after. But Indra lost his testes. He wanted to regain them. He left his kingdome, came to Piithika puri and did Tapasya for Jaganmata. After a long time Jaganmata appeared before him and blessed him with wealth and testes. Indra was very happy and prąyed her as Puruhutika devi (One who was worshiped by Indra).

This is also a Vishnu Kshetra where Kunthi worshiped Lord Vishnu.

"Vishnu Temple Pithapuram

Kunthi madhava in Garbha griha


Nearest Busstation: Pithapuram
Nearest Railway station: Pithapuram, Kakinada
Nearest Airport: Kakinada, Rajahmundry, Visakhapatnam.

Temple Timings and Pooja Details.

Every day pujas are performed by the priests, which are as:


Time 5.30 to 11.00 A.M 12.30 P.M 4.30 P.M 6.00 P.M 7.30 P.M
Puja Abhishekam Maha Nivedhanam Darshanam Dhoopa Seva Nivedhanam, Neerajanam, Mantra Pushpam, Darbar Seva, Pavalimpu Seva


Time 6.00 A.M 12.30 P.M
Puja Sahasra Kumkumarchana Maha Nivedhanam


Time 6.00 A.M 12.30 P.M
Puja Sahasra Kumkumarchana Maha Nivedhanam


Time 5.30 P.M 12.30 P.M 4.30 to 8.00P.M 6.00 P.M
Puja Abhishekam Maha Nivedhanam Darshanam Ashtottharam


Time 6.00 P.M 12.00 P.M 12.30 P.M 6.00 P.M 9.00 P.M
Puja Kakad Harathi Madhyana Harathi Maha Nivedhanam Sandhya Harathi Shej Harathi


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Veda Sutras Vedangas Details

In Hinduism on March 1, 2014 at 11:40

This post is in continuation of the Post Veda essential Details.

Each Veda has Srautha Sutras.

Veda Sutra

Layayana Sutra Sama Veda

Srautha Sutras explain the Rules for Conducting the Yagas and Yangnas.

Yagas are condcuted with a specific purpose while Yagna is performed because it is a Duty.

Puthra KameshtiYaga for example is a Yaga while Brahma Yagnam isa Yagna; the former is performed for begetting  Children, the later is performed because it is a Duty.

Rig Veda has Sanakayana, Aswalaayana Sutras.

Shukla Yajur Veda has Kathyaayana Sutra,

Aapasthamba,Bodhayana,Hiranya Keseeya,Bharatwaja, Manava,Vaikanasa belong to Krishna Yajur.

Sama Veda has Dhraahyaayana,Laatyaayana,Machaka Sutras.

Kathyayana and Vaidhaana belong to Atharva Veda.

(Kathyaayana seems to be common for Atharva and Shukla Yajur- will some one clarify?)

These are Gruhya Sutras,

Vedas also have Dharma/Gruhya Sutras which advise the House holder on Righteousness or Dharma for Gruhastha.

Gautama, Vasishta,Hiranyakeseeya and Vaikaanasa are some of these Sutras.

The Vedas stress the importance of Dwani, tone and pronunciation.

Details of this is provided in the Prathisaakyas.

Each Veda has Anugrahamani on this subject.

To  explain the meaning of the Vedas there is a special Group called Niruktham.

There are six sub texts of the Vedas called Vedangas.

They are Siksha,Vyakarana,Chandas,NirukthamJyothisham and kalpa.

Please read my post filed under Hinduism, Vedas.

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