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Kargil War Story, ‘Setting Up Zoo Priority’ Over Surveillance

In India on April 10, 2014 at 21:29

What the Government of India and the Army tried to hush up is open .


Not only the ground intelligence of the impending attack by Pakistan and the intrusion of Pakistani  Irregulars into India, the Army was busy organizing

a Zoo, vetoing Air Surveillance!


VK Singh praises Musharaff

VK Singh Comments on Musharraf


Equal measure of responsibility by the then Political Masters who wanted to play to the International Gallery.


While it is reported that the Army tried to destroy the Documents relating to Kargil War, the Congress, in the opposition then made a cursory

noise,possibly a reciprocal arrangement for BJP not putting up adequate pressure on Security issues.


And note the Candidates being put up by the Congress against Modi!


Viva La Democracy!




“Establishment India and its non-official spokespersons insist, despite a string of media exposes, that there were no institutional military failures in the months before the war. Over the last 14 months, the most damning pieces of evidence of such failur es have been discredited and suppressed. Claims that Brigadier Surinder Singh, the then Commander of the 121 Brigade, warned of possible conflict have been flatly rejected by officials as untrue. ..


The documents also show that his superiors, including former Chief of the Army Staff V.P. Malik, refused to act on these warnings, and even blocked 121 Brigade initiatives to defend Kargil more intensively. Wh ile the broad contents of the 121 Brigade papers have figured in several publications, including Frontline, this is the first time the original documents have been acquired and made available to the public.


On August 25, 1998, Major R.K. Dwivedi, the Brigade-Major of the 121 Brigade, sent out a letter marked 124/GSD/Vis. To this letter were attached the contents of Surinder Singh’s proposed briefing of Malik on the security situation in Kargil, scheduled to take place during the Chief of the Army Staff’s visit to Kargil the following month. The 42-point document was, during the final presentation, backed by slides.

Right at the outset, the 121 Brigade briefing paper analysed, in terse military shorthand, the possible “En(emy) Pattern” for the coming months. Pakistan, paragraph 5(a) noted, would seek to keep conflict “alive after (the Pokhran-II) nuc(lear) blasts an d in view (of the) SAARC m(ee)t(in)g of 29 Jul(y) 98 and now for (the) NAM m(ee)t(in)g.”..

3 Division took the best part of a fortnight to get back to this letter. Major V.K. Chattre, General Staff Officer 2 to the officiating Colonel General Staff, wasted few words. “Your proposal is not approved,” letter 1124/Trg flatly said. 15 Corps Headqu arters in Srinagar, at that time in charge of the 3 Infantry Division, did not see fit to intervene in the debate. Requests for additional troops were not even graced with a reply. One letter generated by the 121 Brigade’s Major R.K. Dwivedi, on behalf o f Surinder Singh, marked 101/GS(Ops)/ANE, pointed to a recent mine explosion on the highway, and underlined the need for troops to protect the road and vulnerable villages. No troops were deployed. Indeed, despite the 121 Brigade’s protests, the 9 Mahar Regiment was actually withdrawn, leaving the Yaldor area wide open.


Nothing better illustrates the space between the worlds of 3 Division Headquarters and the 121 Brigade than two letters that form part of the papers Frontline’s investigation has unearthed.

On May 16, 1998, 3 Division sent out instructions to all its field units informing them of their commanding officer, Major-General V.S. Budhwar’s new pet project: building a zoo for the sake of Leh‘s few thousand residents. Lieutenant-Colonel U.K. Singh sent out a second missive, marked 6361/9/ZOO/Q1 on June 8, 1998. “Please ensure,” the Colonel’s letter read, “that various types of wild animals/birds are procured and despatched to zoo at Leh at your earliest.” “Cages required for transportation of anim als/birds,” it continued, “will be made under arrangements of respective b(riga)de(s).” “No representation,” the Colonel concluded sternly, “will be entertained.”

The Kargil Story.

Source Link above .Frontline

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Crimea For Russia US Action Illegal

In US on March 24, 2014 at 08:01

There is a lot of talk about the Occupation of Crimea by Russia and the referendum in Crimea to join The Russian Federation.

The West, led by, as usual by the US, followed ardently by the Third World Countries, have joined the Chorus and threaten the Russian Federation with Economic Sanctions and ostracizing of Russia.

Referundum on Crimea in Crimea

Crimea wants to join Russia- Referendum.Image Credit.Global research.ca.


“You just don’t, in the 21st century, behave in 19th century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped-up pretext”, he pontificated on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”_John Kerry, US Secretary of State


Who invaded Kuwait and Iraq?

I had a call from my grandson in Sweden and we got to talking about Crimea issue.

In tune with the common perception he expressed his opinion that Russia must leave Crimea.

Such is the disinformation by the Media that the History of Crimea is swept under the carpet.

Loot any hotspot of Terrorism or Territorial issues, you shall find Britain being the culprit for the present confusion.

Palestine,Sri Lanka,India,Pakistan.

They occupied these lands and when the conditions became too hot for them to handle, they complicated the issue by playing both sides of the coin and left the place in a mess to be sort out by what remained of a Country.

Before the Vote in the UN  for granting Statehood to the Jews, while leaving Palestine, Britain promised both the Arabs and the Jews Palestine!

Today none can sort the Palestine issue and in the process we have millions of Stateless people in Palestine.

In Srilanka they played the same game with the Tamils and the Sinhalese on the one hand and on the other among the Tamils of the North,of Estate workers and Muslims.

We know what has happened in Lanka and what is happening now.

India , a double game was played by inciting Jinnah and the animosity between India and Pakistan shows no signs of abating.

In Crimea they have done the same thing.

The history of the Crimean peninsula covers more than 2,000 years, with many different conquerors and settlers throughout time. In ancient times, it was the home of Cimmerians and Scythians, as well as the site of Greek colonies. The most important city was Chersonesos at the edge of today’s Sevastopol. Later occupiers included the Romans, Goths, Huns, Bulgars, Khazars, the state of Kievan Rus’, the Byzantine Empire, the Kipchaks, and the Golden Horde. In the 13th century, portions were controlled by the Republic of Venice and by the Republic of Genoa.

The Crimean Khanate, a state ruled by Crimean Tatars and generally subject to the Ottoman Empire, succeeded the Golden Horde and lasted from 1441 to 1783. The Khanate was conquered by the Russian Empire under Catherine the Great in 1783. From 1853 to 1856, the peninsula was the site of the principal engagements of the Crimean War, a conflict fought between the Russian Empire and an alliance of the French Empire, the British Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the Kingdom of Sardinia, and the Duchy of Nassau.

During the Russian Civil War, Crimea was controlled by the White Army. After they were defeated by the Red Army, Crimea became part of the Soviet Union in 1921 as Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. In the Second World War the peninsula was occupied by Nazi Germany for several years.

In 1954, it was transferred to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic within the Soviet Union. In 1991, it became part of independent Ukraine.

Crimea was once again a site of conflict in 2014, when the region reacted negatively to the Euromaidan revolution in Kiev and came under Russian Federation control. Ukraine continues to claim Crimea as an integral part of its territory.”

Britain’s Role in Crimean War.


Please check the British Archives on Crimea.

The Right to Sovereignty is based on three counts.

1.Those who have been living in the land for the most time.

2.In case of invasions, at the time of settlement, the one who has been occupying the place or if there is a contention with the one who happened to a winner in the War and,the one who held the place for a longer period of time, gets the land/Country.

3.As Democratic system has come into vogue, it is to be decided by a Referendum by the people of this country.

By the standard of having controlled Crimea more number of years after Romans nad Ottoman Empire, both are extinct now, Russia has the Right.

Most importantly the people of Crimea have voted for joining Russia.

“A fraction under 97% voted to cede to Russia, with a turnout of over 80% – an electoral enthusiasm of which Western governments could only dream.”

What is Illegal here?

The Illegality is with he US and those who nod with the US as if they have Parkinson’s for the their greed to get a foothold for Oil in Ukraine and other Territories nearby , including the Black sea.


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Misinformation Genocide Modi Begins In Web

In India on March 13, 2014 at 17:22

Suddenly articles have started appearing in web sites attacking Narendra Modi in the Internet  by way of Blogs, and mostly paid views.

qz.com has come with a blistering attack on Modi by Thane Richard, the founder of the Dabba, an independent digital radio station covering Indian culture and politics. He is also a co-founder of Jaunt, a journalism startup.

The article starts with a misleading Photo byline ‘Economic development should not change your morals. Reuters/Mansi Thapliyal’ .implying that the story is by Reuters.

NNarendra Modi and Godhra

Modi and Godhra Riots,in the image at qz.com the name of author is below the picture misleading that it is a Reuters story

I could not find anything in Reuters site.

Read some Gems.


“Even if Narendra Modi was involved in the Gujarat riots, I don’t care. His economic work wins out. I will vote for him.”


The point is not even whether you think Modi is better than Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal, or any other potential prime minister.


“The government estimated, according to the BBC, that “790 Muslims and 254 Hindus were killed, 223 more people reported missing and another 2,500 injured.


” Those are facts, regardless of whether you think Modi was involved. Here comes the test: if you believe he was behind the riots—behind “genocide”—then Gujarat’s economic growth rate does not matter. Rather, it shouldn’t matter.

What matters here is where you draw the moral line between what is acceptable in a politician and what is a deal breaker.”


 “If Modi came out and said women should not be allowed to vote, or that the caste system should be formally reinstated, or that he supported ethnic cleansing, then it wouldn’t really matter what his stance on taxation is.”
If I were starving or my family were starving, I might not care about the costs attached to keeping them alive or to electing a person who promised to put bread on my table.
While India certainly has enormous need, those are not exclusively the pockets that support Modi.
The woman I spoke to was not starving. The political columnists of India’s newspapers are not starving.
Anyone reading this article on this website is not starving.
Obsession with the promised economic wizardry of Modi is not selfless patriotism for India’s advance, it is greed without regard for cost.”
1.Supreme Court of India on Modi and Gujarat Riots.

In a big relief for Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi, the Supreme Court-appointed SIT has given him a clean chit in the post-Godhra Gulberg massacre case and sought its closure as it found no evidence against him.”According to SIT, no offence has been established against any of the 58 persons listed in Zakia’s complaint,” metropolitan magistrate M S Bhatt said in his order on Tuesday on a batch of petitions in which Zakia Jafri, widow of former Congress MP Ehsan Jafri who was among 69 persons killed in the Gulberg society carnage, had named Modi and 57 others for alleged criminal conspiracy in the 2002 riots.”


2.It is very convenient to say that X said this or that after a meeting with no corroboration.
A fictitious Indian in Detroit said what has been posted in the first para of this post!
What is supposed to have been said in 2012 is reproduced in 2014″
3.The post is written cleverly to pass off by juxtaposing the author’s words ‘Genocide, ethnic cleansing’ in  and around the BBC report  to authenticate this sheer non sense.
4.Why convey the impression of a Reuters story, by cleverly posting below the Image  in the Story, name of the author with Reuters name.
Hope Reuters takes notice.
Honest writing does not need false flags.
In October 2012, I spoke to a crowd of mostly Indians in the Detroit area about the need for innovation in Indian media. After my talk, I was stopped by an Indian woman who looked to be in her forties, was elegantly dressed, well-spoken, and struck me as someone who I could have easily run into at a gallery opening in Mumbai or high tea at a five-star hotel. She complimented me on my speech, I thanked her, and we began talking about the far-off 2014 Indian election. What she said to me that day festers in my memory:
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Vote Narendra Modi Despite BJP 10 Reasons

In India on March 13, 2014 at 08:06

Right man in the wrong Party.

Political parties find their election candidates embarrassing at times.

And the candidate , in general, has one goal, to defeat the opponent at the Polls.

Narendra Modi is one such.

The party he belongs to, at times, embarrasses him.

BJP is not  a bad party, of late it is becoming a divided House.

It is so democratic that you an hear a virtual Babel Tower on every issue, with the result,the issues being debated, are lost.

Despite knowing pretty well it is Narendra Modi who has caught the imagination  of a disillusioned people,many BJP leaders want to play spoil sport over Modi.

While people do want Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India, it is the BJP’s antics and funny strategies that make one pause,,

Is it worth voting BJP to ensure Narendra Modi coming to Power?

Such is the pull of warring factions.

If Modi commands respect and affection it is because of His forthrightness, calling a spade as one and his commitment to the oft touted now diluted principles  of the BJP.

Despite the confusion BJP had made in stitching together alliances for the elections, this is why BJP should be voted to power, if only to ensure that Modi becomes the PM.

Pray that BJP does not throw the spanner in the works.

Why should one vote for Narendra Modi, through BJP?

Narendra Modi speaks.

Narendra Modi Quotes on Governance.

1.Transparency and Integrity.

Modis’ running of the Gujarat has been one of transpareny and he minces no words when he implements any programme for the welfare of the State.

On Free distribution of power , he declared that electricity costs money, he can not afford to offer freebies and people should pay for it.

Result Gujarat is more than self-sufficient in Power in India, the only one.

Or look at the way he appoints enquiry into his own deeds if necessary.

Or his wooing of Business, at the same time he is not being run by the corporate.

He nails them when warranted.

Infrastructure, Roads, Public distribution, way ahead of the other States.

On Godhra Riots, the Center has tried all the avenues open to it , to sully his name.

Special team, CBI and even the Supreme Court.

Embarrassing for them all of them have given a clean chit to Modi in the riots in Gujarat.

The socalled “Muslims living in fear in Gujarat’ is nullified by the declaration of the Community that Modi is not against them, but terrorism

2.Administration Open honest and swift

He is accessible, unlike the other able administrator, Jayalalithaa the CM of Tamil Nadu.

3.Modi  is clear on his foreign policy be it Pakistan, Bangladesh or the US.

He does not seem to be cowed by the US nor rattled by the fact he might lose votes if he is soft with Pakistan

On immigrants in Assam, West Bengal , he is for sending them back or at least regulating them.

4.As of date none of the corruption charges made against his has stuck for there is nothing to stick.

5.He has not or is presiding over scams, starting from Bofors, through 2G, ISRO-Dewas-Antrix,,CWG,Maharashtra irrigation,Thorium,Adarsh,defence coffin purchase…

6.Nor has he had his name implicated in an Italian Court for Corruption in Westland Helicopter deal.

7.He does not have a Swiss bank account.

8.He was not thrust as the prime Ministerial Candidate as Congress has done.

9.He does not foist Cases.

10.He stands by his Officers, does not make them scape goats.

India has a Party system and does not have a Presidential form of governance.

BJP has placed the cart before the Horse by projection Narendra Modi as the would be PM..

Hope BJP does not upset the Cart.

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Knotted Rahul TimesNow Interview Runs For Cover

In India on January 28, 2014 at 11:49

If ever there was an interview where the interviewed huffed, Hawed, Ducked slipped ,tied himself in knots and landed with egg all over, I would rate Rahul Gandhi‘s Interview with Arnob Gosawmi of TimesNow News Channel on 27 January at 9 pm in Newhour.

If Karan Thapar was nailed black and blue by Jayalalithaa when he interviews her, when she bluntly told him that she did not like the way he conducted the Interview and tht it definitely was not a pleasure for her to interact with hi,

Please read my post with Video on this.

Times now Interview Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi Times Now Interview Runs for cover.

Now Arnob Gosawmi fired bullets after bullets to Rahul Gandhi and he was left with no clue at all.

On the issue of Gujarat Riots,when Gosawmi asked him the rationale behind Congress attacking Narendra Modi after the Courts had given Modi a clean chit in the Gujarat Riot case, all Rahul could say was, totally irrelevant of course, that the Congress believed in Empowerment of women, taking democracy to grass-roots and about the six Bills pending in the parliament to root out corruption!

I counted the number of times Gosawmi asked Rahul about Modi.

Six times and he got the same answer.

Then Arnab switched over to the  killing of  the Sikhs after the assassination of Indira Gandhi in 1984.

Reference was also made to Rahul Gandhi’s speech about his controlling his anger at his grandmother’s killing.

Asked why the Congress did not take any action against Jagdish Tytler,HKL Bhagat and others for inciting the violence against the Sikhs, all Rahul could say he wanted law to take its own course.

When reminded that the same people were to be given tickets and were denied after media uproar Rahul went into Empowerment story!

On corruption, more specifically on Ashok chavan (and Adarsh Scam )as to why no action was taken against him ,action was taken against only against the bureaucrats when the Judicial enquiry indicted all, including the politicians,Rahul Gandhi went into sermonizing about the system being corrupt and the need to change it!

Then again on Congress’s position on bringing th Political Parties under RTI, Rahul wanted the Bills in Parliament passed, all apries must agree to this.

He added that if one wants to include the political parties, Judiciary and Media should also be included.

When Arnab pointed out neither the Judiciary nor the media run the Government, Rahul ran away from the argument.

The hilarious point he made was that the law makers, meaning MLAs do not know how to make Laws in UP.!

As if this is News!

As though Congress is the only Literate Party.

At this point I changed the channel.

Even if  the congress wins power, Rahul Gandhi will definitely make an ass of a Prime Minister, who roams in abstract theory and no practical sense or determination.

Unless the BJP decides to commit suicide, which it normally does, congress will lose the election.

Text in four Parts. Follow the Link.

Arnab: You are asking me the question

Rahul: Yes, I am asking you a question, it is a conversation

Arnab: Because I like and enjoy being a journalist, it is a professional challenge for me. My question is you avoiding a direct face-off with Mr. Narendra Modi?

Rahul: I am going to answer the question but I just want to ask you, when you were young and thought of being a journalist what drove you?

Arnab: Once I decided to become a journalist, I can’t be half a journalist. Once you have decided to get into politics and you are leading your party effectively, you can’t be leading your party by half, so I’ll throw the question, with respect, back to you, Narendra Modi is challenging you on a daily basis?

Rahul: You are not answering my question, but I will answer the question and that will give you some insight into how Rahul Gandhi thinks. For that I will have to expand a little bit about my growing up, how I grew up and the circumstances in which I grew up. What I saw when I was a child ,was my father, who was a pilot, and because of circumstances was thrown into the political system and all I saw when was small after my grandmother died was my father in constant-constant combat with the system in India and then I saw him die actually.

In my life I have seen my grandmother die, I have seen my father die, I have seen my grandmother go to jail and I have actually been through a tremendous amount of pain as a child when these things happen to you, what I had to scared  off I lost, there is absolutely nothing I am scared off. I have an aim, I have a clear aim in my mind and the aim is that I do not like what I see in Indian politics, it is something that is inside my heart. It is like in our mythology when they talk about Arjun, he only sees one thing, he does not see anything else, you asked me about Mr. Modi you ask me about anything and the thing that I see is that the system in this country needs to change, I don’t see anything else and I am blind to everything else. I am blind because I saw people I love destroyed by the system. “


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