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Karna Denied Food in Swarga Mahalaya Paksha

In Hinduism on September 4, 2014 at 17:28

Mahalaya Paksha is called the Pitru Paksha where the ancestors are remembered and offered the Tharpana.


One of legends for the Pitru Paksha is as follows.


After Karna was slain in the Mahabharata War, he ascended to heavens, Swarga.


There he was offered god and Silver every day but never Food.


He asked Indra, the chief of Devas for the reason.


Indra informed him that though Karna had given away whatever he had to those who had asked him, he never donated Food.


And if Karna were to get food in Swarga, he has to donate Food.


Karna descended to Earth and donated food.


This period is Mahalaya Paksha,one legend goes on.


However I have found no reference to this in the Puranas or Ithihasas.


Amavasya Pitru Tharpana Mantras In Tamil

In Hinduism on February 10, 2014 at 10:15

I have written a few post on Tharpana, Srardha.

I have received requests for Tamil Text of Tharpana Mantras to enable one to follow the Mantras.

I am posting these Mantras.

I will be posting the meanings shortly.

While on the subject I am asked to provide Tamil Tharpana Procedure as set by Agastya.

These are different from Apasthamba Sutra Tharpana in Sanskrit.

I am in the process of collating the information and shall post as soon as my information is authenticated and complete.

Please click the Link below for the Mantras,.

Karunya Pitrus related Mantras may be omitted for Amavasya and other Tharpanas.



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Pithru Tharpanam Text, Mantras, Rite of Hindus

In Hinduism, India on October 14, 2012 at 19:40

I have posted blogs on the importance of performing Tarpana ((Oblation to Ancestors)- Mahalaya Amavasya.

Some more posts are on Sandhya Vandhana in two parts and  one audio.



The Tharpana Mantras with basic instructions are given below.


Audio Follows.

Post on ‘Sankalpa’, Sanskrit names for performance of Daily Routines including

SandhyaVandana,Months,Rtus,Pakshas,Manvantaras,Nakshatras follow-with Tamil Equivalents.

I will post for Rik , Sama Veda and Shukla Yajur Veda.

In performance of Tharpana, some wear marks on the forehead and some not.

It is better to follow what has been followed at your homes.

As I mentioned in another blog, Tharpana ,Srardha are to be performed only after Noon,after performing Madyanhika and Brahma Yagnam.

As a matter of fact Brahma Yagnam is to be performed Daily


It is sanctioned in the Sastras that the Sraddha or commitment to performing these Duties are important and not throwing away

money to ease Conscience.

Food is to be cooked at Home by the wife/Daughter and not by caterers or getting ome one to cook at Home.

It is for your parents.

Physical contribution is necessary.

It is also stated that The Brahmanas who come to Srardha are to be well versed in The Vedas and they are to be fed.

Now a days one does not get them and ven if one gets them they do not know The Vedas to be called a purohits(Please read my blog on Acharya,Guru and Purohita).

In the absence of a suitable and qualified Brahmana, I suggest one feed a really needy, caste does not matter, but one should be of good habit, not a Drunkard,way ward and generally uncouth.

They can be given new clothes which they can use, not necessarily Dhoti and Angavastram.

The same can be followed during the Srardha for Women , by giving Sari or chidudhar as they prefer.

I am aware those who call them Panditas objecting to this.

But this is what I am doing for the past 30 years, criticisms notwithstanding.

Unfortunately for them I read the Sastra texts in the original!


    • September 9, 2013 (Monday) – Ganesh Chaturdhi
    • September 10, 2013 (Tuesday) – Rishi Panchami
    • September 16, 2013 (Monday) – Vamana Jayanti
    • September 20, 2013 (Friday) – Mahalaya Paksha Starts
Date Day Festival
Jan 14, 2013 Monday Makarsankranti / Pongal
Feb 15, 2013 Friday Vasant Panchami
Mar 10, 2013 Sunday Maha Shivaratri
Mar 27, 2013 Wednesday Holi
Apr 11, 2013 Thursday Hindi New Year
Apr 11, 2013 Thursday Telugu New Year / Ugadi
Apr 14, 2013 Sunday Tamil New Year
Apr 14, 2013 Sunday Baisakhi / Vishu
Apr 15, 2013 Monday Bengali New Year
Apr 20, 2013 Saturday Ramanavami
Apr 25, 2013 Thursday Hanuman Jayanti
May 13, 2013 Monday Akshaya Tritiya
Jun 08, 2013 Saturday Savitri Pooja
Jul 10, 2013 Wednesday Puri Rath Yatra
Jul 22, 2013 Monday Guru Purnima
Aug 11, 2013 Sunday Nag Panchami
Aug 20, 2013 Tuesday Raksha Bandhan
Aug 28, 2013 Wednesday Krishna Janmashtami
Sep 09, 2013 Monday Ganesh Chaturthi
Sep 16, 2013 Monday Onam
Sep 20, 2013 Friday Pitr-paksha Begins
Oct 04, 2013 Friday Pitr-paksha Ends
Oct 05, 2013 Saturday Navaratri Begins
Oct 11, 2013 Friday Durga Puja Begins
Oct 13, 2013 Sunday Navaratri Ends
Oct 14, 2013 Monday Dusshera
Oct 18, 2013 Friday Lakshmi Puja
Oct 22, 2013 Tuesday Karwa Chauth
Nov 01, 2013 Friday Dhan Teras
Nov 03, 2013 Sunday Diwali
Nov 17, 2013 Sunday Kartik Poornima






Mahalaya Amavasya,Tharpana Explained..

In Hinduism on September 13, 2011 at 12:39

English: Lunar libration. see below for more d...

Movement of the Moon.

Mahalaya Paksha 2014. 9 September 2014,Tuesday


The period between New Moon and Full Moon in Simha Maasa (approximately in September)for 15 days is named as Mahalaya Paksha.

Lunar Calendar of Hindus divides a month with reference to the waxing and waning of the Moon,into two.(for details on Hindu/Indian Calculation of Time’ please read my Blog’TIME-Non-Linear Theory,filed in Astrophysics).

The waxing period is called Sukla Paksha(Sukla in Sanskrit means White,  here indicates the waxing of the Moon),ending in Full Moon, Pounima, also called Pournamasya.

The waning period is called Krishna Paksha( Krishna means Black),culminating in New Moon called Amavasya.

Each Paksha has 14 Days ,one Amavasya and one Pournima makes a Month.

One is expected to perform the duties due to the Departed daily, that is do Tharppana daily.

This applies all Castes, Brahmana,Kshatriya ,Vaisya and Sudra.

We have conveniently omitted to follow the Sastras, by saying that the Srardha and Tharppana  are to be performed only by  Brahmins .

We also have made it a habit of performing Tharppana only on Amavasya,Beginning of the New Month,Mahalaya ,Aadi ,Grahana( Eclipses)  periods and Srardha Thithi.

This Behavior is not  sanctioned by The Sastras.

Of all The Tharppanas ,Mahalaya Tharppana is very Special.

This period falls in The Dakshinayana-movement of the Sun to Southern Latitudes ,this is for six months.

This begins from Adi and extends up to Makara Sankaranthi ( January 14)

In the Dakshinayana,the Devas and Pitrus(ancestors) are said to be asleep and the wake up in Uttarayana (from January 14 for six months )

We are expected to perform Thrappana during the entire Paksha starting from Amavasya in Simha Masa till Pournima- for 14 days.

The habit of doing only on Maha Barani,Maha Navami etc are procedures we have invented ourselves because of our reluctance/laziness.

One has to perform Sandhya Vandana-Madhyanniham,follow it up with Brahma Yagnam, then do the Tharppana daily on all the fourteen days.

At the beginning, changing Upaveedham is recommended.

Tharppna/Srardha should be performed only after 12 Noon-after Madhyanniha.

It is highly recommended to feed the Hungry-not necessarily Brahmins.

Better locate some one who is hungry as you go out on the Day, take him / her to a hotel and feed them.

Avoid paying cash.

Ideal would be to feed the hungry at your Home.One might also gift people who are needy with new clothes,Foot wear,umbrella and winter clothes.

Feed the cows and Dogs.

Benefits of Tharppana/Srardha.

Sastras  declare that there is no atonement for failing to perform the Tharppana and Srardha.

Of all the curses, Piru Saapa (curse), along with Sumangali Saapa (curse by women who expired when husbands  are alive) are the Deadliest.

Those who perform these Karmas will be blessed with Children, Grand Children. Wealth;will be free of chronic diseases,irritating circumstances and inexplicable problems in the family.

If the ancestors Bless us( we are here because of them), God follows suit.

If parents curse us,(which a parent rarely does) , even God will let us down.







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