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Wives Sons Yudhishtra Bhima Arjuna Nakula Sahadeva

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Following is the list of the wives of each of the Pandavas, apart from Draupadi.


Pandavas with Draupadi.jpg

Pandavas with Draupadi


Married Devika, the daughter of Govasana of the Saivya tribe, and begat upon her a son called Yaudheya.


Balandhara(daughter of the king of Kasi),Chedi king Sisupala’s sisterand Hidimbi , a Rakshasi.

Bhima had three sons from his three wives – Ghatotkach from Hidimbi, Sutasoma from Draupadi, and Sarvaang from Balandhara


The Naga Ulupi, the princess Chitrangada of Manipur, Krishna’s sister Subhadra during this pilgrimage.

But in Tamil retellings of the Mahabharata, he married totally seven women.

One of them was a warrior woman called Ali who refused to marry him but Arjuna was so besotted that he sought Krishna’s help. Krishna turned him into a snake and he slipped into Ali’s bed at night and frightened her to become his wife.

Some say he forced her to be his wife as he managed to spend the night in bed with her in the form of a snake.

He also married Chitrangi, a Pandya Princess(Tamil Literature).

His sons,

Abhimanyu(Subhadra),Babruvahana(Chitrangada), Srutakirti (Draupadi)and Iravan(Ulupi)


Karenumati, the princess of Chedi.

Son Niramitra.


Vijaya,daughter of Dyuthimatha, King of Mathura.




Aswathama Alive Seen Explanation

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I have been talking to my grandson in Sweden who informed that he had seen in the internet that Aswathama,son of Dronacharya of the Mahabharata that

Aswatahama had been sighted in North India and he wanted my explanation.



Tapkeshwar Temple.jpg

Aswatahama,Tapkeshwar Temple


The News  Aswathama was seen,


Interestingly, people who met Ashwatthama never cited the incident as ego booster but merely highlighted it in their biographies or as contextual reference in their historical documents; giving very little importance to the occasion – writing up few lines on  their meeting with Aswatthama
This could be because they were not astonished to meet him or never thought of giving it due importance in their writings due to his past deeds in Dwapar Yuga.
You may contact Dr Narayan Dutta Srimali’s disciples in Jodhpur, INDIA. They tell all these with evidence.
Incident 1
A more than a decade old newspaper article ran about a railway employee on leave. During his wanderings in the jungles of Navsari (Gujarat) he had reported a very tall man of about 12 feet with a wound on his head. He claimed to have conversation with him and learnt that Bheem was much taller and stronger than him.
Incident 2
The last record of his existence came to my notice while reading a book called “Himalaya kah raha hai” by Pilot Baba. you can also go to his website to read the excerpts. The temple where he stayed was washed away in the floods a few years back. His site is link* is given at foot note of this post.
Incident 3
When in 1192, Prithveeraaj Chauhaan lost the battle from Mohammad Gauree, he left for jungle. There he met one old person with a scar on his head. Being a very good doctor Prithveeraaj Chauhaan confidently asked him that he can cure his scar. The old man agreed. But even after week’s medication it remained as it is. Prithveeraaj was surprised and understood the details. He asked old man if he is Ashwatthaamaa. Because only the scars that is created through taking up the “MANI” the gem from forehead cannot be cured. The old man told that he was Ashwatthaamaa and then he went away. This description is given in “Prithviraj Raso” the book written in 12th century by him.
Incident 4
In late 14th, early 15th century there lived in Gadag, Karnaatak, a poor Braahman called Naranappa. Later, because of the Mahabharata epic “Karnata Bharata Kathamanjari” that he wrote in Kannada, he came to be called as Kumara Vyasa. His greatest desire was to write Mahaabhaarat based on original sources, and to this end he prayed day-in and day-out in the Temple of Veera Naaraayan, temple of Trikooteshwar. One day the Almighty decided to answer his prayers and appeared in his dream and said: “Attend the forthcoming Dwaadashee Paaran (Dwaadashee feast) in the Veera Naaraayan Temple. Watch out for one lone Braahman who would leave the feast the earliest. He is none other than Ashwathaamaa of MBH. Fall at his feet and ask him to narrate the MBH as it happened. You can record it in writing and claim your share of fame”.
Promptly Naranappa attended the following Dwaadashee Paaran at the Veera Naaraayan Temple, and then followed the Braahman who finished his feast the earliest and started walking out of the Temple. He approached him and fell at his feet saying, “I know who you are, you are the very same Ashwatthaamaa of MahaBharat, please help me”. At this Ashwathaamaa was taken aback and asked him how do you know this? Naranappa responded saying “The Veera Naaraayan Swamy” appeared in his dream and told me so. Ashwatthaamaa was mightily pleased hearing this and asked Naranappa, OK, tell me what can I do for you. Naranappa responded saying he would like to write the Mahaabhaarat in Kannada as it happened.
To this Ashwatthaamaa agreed under two conditions. He said that Naranappa should start writing the Mahaabhaarat everyday after he finished his bath, wearing a wet Veshti (Dhotee). Ashwatthaamaa said – “You can keep writing till such time your Veshti is wet and the MahaBharata would flow from your pen as it happened. The moment your clothes dry up, the flow would stop. He also put a condition that he should not disclose this secret to anyone failing which the flow would stop forever. Needless to say, our Naranappa, was immensely excited about the project, and he kept his secret till the time he reached the “Gadaa Parv” (the time when Duryodhan and Bheem fought the duel of the mace fight). At this moment it is believed that Ashwatthaamaa appeared before Naranappa and he was in tears ” remembering his friend Duryodhan and the A-Dhaarmik (unjustified) way in which Bheem defeated Duryodhan. Naranappa overcome with excitement disclosed this secret to his wife, and his writing flow stopped immediately. That is why his Mahaabhaarat ends with Gadaa Parv only. Later someone might have added up from Vyaas’ MahaBharat, but our Kumara Vyaas’s MahaBharata ended only with Gadaa Parv. End of Mahabharat and Beginning of Kaliyuga further suggest that Dronacharya’s son is very much alive and is bound to roam in India to serve the curse bestowed on him.
The curse that “Ashwatthaamaa would roam the world carrying his own dead body, with people shunning him, and suffering the pain of the wound on his forehead from where the “Mani” was removed by force”, was for 3000 years. 3000 years since Mahabharata is now long passed, and I am sure, Ashwatthaamaa is there somewhere in the Himaalaya, performing Tapasyaa.
Incident 5
Dharmdev and Bhaktimaataa (father and mother of Bhagwan Swaminarayan) were cursed over two hundred years ago by Ashwatthaamaa – son of Dronacharya. This is described in Satsangi Jivan written by Shatanand Muni – He was tall and well built robed in orange clothes as a Braahman. His head was strapped just above his eyebrows and he was covered with Bhasm (ash). He had big red eyes full of angerness.
Mother Bhakti and father Dharm were on their way back from Vrindaavan where Shree Krishn proclaimed to them that there troubles in Chapaiyaa (village close to the banks of Sarayoo) would soon end after He himself would be born to them. On the way back one night (it took 28 days for them to get back to chapaiyaa village – the birthplace of Swaminarayan Bhagwan), as they walked through the forest they lost there way. They saw a tall Braahman roaming in the forest. They asked him for direction. The Braahman with a deep voice asked where they were coming from as they looked feared. Dharmdev explained that they were a Sarvariyaa Saam Vedee Braahman and his Kuldev was Hanumaan Jee and up on Hanumaan Jee’s advice at Hanumaan Garhee -Ayodhyaa (where Dharmdev did Tapascharyaa for 3 months) they went to Vrindaavan. Dharmdev further explained the whole incident as well as telling him how they had a revelation from Lord Krishn and Shreemati Raadhaaraanee in Vrindaavan. With this the Brahmin spoke with anger in his voice “Krishna my arch enemy? Will be born to you? I curse Him for the pain I have borne as of Him, that He as your son will never be able to bear weapons and neither shall he be able to fight in any war.”
Saying this he left pushing Dharmdev aside. Bhaktimata started trembling and crying. Just then Hanumaan Jee arrived to them once again and calmed them and showed them the way and told them that they need not fear as God does not need any weapon nor need to fight to rid evil and tyranny.
This incident shows that Ashwatthaamaa is still roaming in forests and jungles of India today. As this was just over 200 odd years ago. [4/6/2005]
Incident 6
My Father’s uncle was a famous (Vaidya) – Doctor in Ludhiana. He would spend hours meditating too. He was a Bhakt of Data Dayal, a well Known Guru in Panjaab (try to search for Data Dayal on net). One day as he was closing his shop in the after noon, it was summer time and everything was shut due to summers, in 1968-69, Ludhiaanaa, Panjaab, just then an old person came to him, whose face was covered and spoke to him in crude Panjaabee and Hindi mix, “Badaa naam sunaa hai teraa, bhaut badaa vaidya hai too? Ilaaj kar sakdaa hai meraa?
My father’s uncle said – “Tell me what the problem is?” and when he removed the Pagadee from his head, there was a dent on the forehead. He had never seen such a dent before, as if the brain was taken away from the fore front, yet the skin was tight as if nothing had happened. My dad’s uncle was a bit nervous but still said that he would like to have a second look at him. He said – “Tenu pataa hai main kaun hoon?” and my dad’s uncle said – “I think I know who you are but still let me get my stuff.” By the time he brings his stuff from the almirah, that man had left, never to be found again. But he said that his eyes always haunted him, He had blue eyes, which were so sharp as if he would walk inside his brain.
Incident 7
I have also heard from numerous people that others have spotted someone with a dent in the forehead roaming around the Narmadaa river (Gujaraat). He was described as tall person, and that there was tons of fly’s, bugs surrounding him all the time.
Thought: What is more startling about the experiences that every person shared was; the incidences were unique, non-repetitive and their descriptions differed which further add value to the perception that Ashwathama is still roaming in the forest to serve the curse that he got from Lord Krishna. And most of all, these were shared by revered Kings, Saints and Sages who never fall for recognition but shared it with disciples as one of the incident of their lives; which is one of the basis of real strength of Indian spiritual power.’
Aswathama was cursed by Krishna towards the closing of the Mahabharata War that he would remain forests with out company and remain immortal.
This was reinforced by Krishna when Aswathama failed to retract the Narayanastra which he sent to destroy the Pandavas after he had come to know of
his father Drona’s death by subterfuge.
He was also divested of his Syamantaka Mani on his forehead, his forehead being provided by him as a target for Narayanastra.
Please read my post on this.
Now to the incidents of Aswatahama being alive and seen.
1.Aswathama is a Chiranjeevi, Immortal.
Being Immortal does not mean that he physical frame does not decay and wither away.
What it means is the though the physical body dies, the Sukshma Sareera does not go through the PiruLoka en route to Swarga and it is left wandering.
Any material born on Earth must amd would decay and die.
Therefore that Aswatahama’s physical frame is seen is not probable or possible.

Alter the Mahabharata War was over,only Ten remained alive, Three from the Kaurava Side and Seven from the Pandavas.



They are,

Pandavas 5

Lord Krishna,


From the Kaurava Side Aswathama, Kruthavarma and Krupa.(Mahabharata ,Adi Parva).


Vyasa is very clear on who remained after the War.


He narrates the death of the others including Lord Krishna.


If Aswatahama retained his physical frame , Vyasa would definitely have made a specific mention about it.


He had left it as it was as he was confident that people wold know what the term Chiranjeevi meant


The people might have seen Aswathama’s Sukshma Sareera and the people who had seen him might have been evolved souls who could relate to Sukshma Sareera of those who were dead long back.


Siddhas belong to this category and thogh they leave their body they asumse different bodies and there are instances to confirm this , in the case of


Trilinga Swamigal and Kuzhandayanada Swamigal.


I recall an incident narrated by my father.


Kuzhandai(Child) Swamigal used to stay in our paternal grandfather’s house and my father used to bathe him.( around 1935)


On one occasion my father had seen a knife wound scar on the back of Kuzhandai Swamy and asked him about it.


He seems to have replied casually that Muslim had knifed him in Plassey(Battle of Plassey, 23 June 1757)







Vishnu With Four Heads

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Lord Vishnu ,from the Vedic stand point, is a form of Narayana,who is a manifestation of Purusha.


Vishnu is the Protector, the word Vishnu is from the Sanskrit word ‘Jishnu’, that which sustains.


His forms are many ,so are His Avatars, numbering 10/12.


Vishnu with FourHeads.jpg


The Vishnu Sahasranama calls Him as,





‘Chaturmurthi,Chatur  Bahu’, Chatur Vyuha, Chatur Gathi ‘four headed, with four arms, four manifestations, and four Goals.


I was curious to find out the reference as one normally sees Vishnu with One head and Four arms.


The first reference of  Vishnu with Head appears in the Mahabharata.


Though I am unable to locate any temple associated with this form., there are Temples in Kashmir with this Icon.


If there is any temple or the Icon is known to some people, please send in the information.


The Four Heads represent ,






Varaha, the Boar Avatar,


and Kapila ,representing Ferociousness or Asura Bhava.


This is one interpretation.


My view is that as Sage Kapila, the Founder of Samkhya System of Indian Philosophy, is an Avatar of Vishnu, the fourth face may represent him.


Pancharatra system explains thus,


Vasudeva (Krishna), Samkarshana (Balarama), Pradyumna and Aniruddha – four vyuhas (manifestations) of Vishnu.








Shiva Temple Prime Land Chennai Rent .001 Paise A Year

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There are 34,401 public religious institutions in Tamil Nadu. The following are the classifications based on the income of the temples:

	I.	Religious institutions having an 
		income of Rs.200/- or less per annum 		 8,368

	II. 	Religious institutions having an income 
		of less than Rs.2000/- but above Rs.200/- 	17,687		

	III.	Religious institutions having an income 
		of less than Rs.10,000/- but above Rs.2000/-	 6,509

	IV.	Religious institutions having an income of 
		less than Rs.50,000/- but above Rs.10,000/-	 1,469

	V.	Religious institutions having an income of 
		less than Rs.1 lakh but above Rs.50,000/-	   166	VI.	Religious institutions having an income of 
		Rs.1 lakh and above.				   202
						Total	:	34,401


Only the last four categories of institutions are assessable institutions and that works out to 8,346.



While other Religions zealously guard their Mosques and Churches, The Secular Government of India,has a department to take care of Hindu Temples(?).


Lands were donated by the ancient Kings to the Temples and the Brahmins who maintain the Temples.as far back as during the Mahabharata period for which records exist, Chera King Perunchotru Udiyan Neduncheralaathan donated 100 Velis of Land, a Veli in 100 acres to Brahmins with the condition that he should see that the Tempes are maintained well and that he should see the smoke from the Homa being performed by the Brahmins daily.


The State Governments in India have taken over the administration of the Temples.


Details about Tamil Nadu are provided above.


The advent of Dravidian Parties saw a surge towards the systematic destruction of Hindu Temples in Tamil Nadu.


The overt move was made by the DMK Government by appointing Trustees for the temples, most of them DMK Party Members and Atheists,their Atheism is restricted to only to Hinduism.


MGR, in his later years turned a Theist and tried to restore the Status quo.


When Karunanidhi came  to power, he tried his best undermine the sanctity of the Temples by introducing measures to appoint Priests through a Government training Institution, under the impression that the Temples were controlled only by the Brahmins.


DMK men were allotted temple lands on rent at a pittance.



A) In 1979, the HR & CE authorities had proposed to sell 116 grounds of the Kapaleeswarar temple in Madras for Rs.3.5 lakhs and 147 grounds of the Gangadeeswar temple, Purasawalkam, Madras for Rs.4.5 lakhs. This move was opposed by the State Temple Protection Committee.

B) Akshyalingeswar Temple at Kiwalur in Nagapatnam Taluk has 950 acres of land. 300 acress of land are cultivated by the co-operative tenants. The total arrears of rent was 5,000 bags of paddy per year and there was a total arrears of 36,000 bags of paddy in 8 years.

C) At Kodambakkam, Madras a 40 ground plot belonging to a temple was leased out on a rent of Rs.4 per year.

At Saidapet, a 40 ground plot was leased out for a pittance and the occupants had built beautiful houses. But the temple languishes for want of income.

D) With the abolition of minor Inams, the Governmnet took a decision to confer ownership rights to the tenants who were in occupation for 60 years. Later it was decided to reduce this period of enjoyment, to 30 years, with the proviso that rent for 12 years should have been paid. In such a way, 13,825 acres of temple inam lands woth Rs.2.5 crores were distributed to 5,000 persons. The Government should have collected the amount and handed it over to the temples. But the Government took the decision to write off this amount. The Government has not compensated it to the temples. A total of 2,600 religious institutions had suffered because of this decision.

E) King Raja Raja Chola had endowed lands to the Brihadeeshwara temple to fetch 80,000 bags of paddy every year. But the lands are not with the temple’s control now. On October20, 1983 the priests of the Big Temple, Thanjavur stopped performing pujas as they had not been receiving their salary for several months and there was no rice or oil for “Naivedyam”.

F) On 7th April, 1985 the Endowments Minister told a press conference at Madurai that the leader of a political party was occupying premises belonging to Madurai Meenakshi temple which had been sub-let to him by the original lessee. He said that when he visited Thanjavur and Trichi Districts, he found that the archakas and temple staff had not been paid their salary for several months.

G) On 26th November, 1979 the Conference of Temple Employees Association was told that out of 1,87,712 tenants of temple lands only 20% were genuine lessees and the rest were bogus intermediaries. The Association urged the Government of exempt all temple lands from lands laws, Tenancy Acts, particularly from the Fair Rent Act which reduced the temples share from 40% to 25%.

H) Kalpati temple car was sold for Rs.20,000/- to maintain the pujas.

I) On 09-03-1992, addressing a Press Conference the Kanchi Acharya commented on the increasing number of burning of temple cars, murders inside temples and thefts. The Acharya felt that the motive of all these crimials was not merely the lust for money and jewels. A new force seemed to be working from behind to check the growing “bakthi cult” in Tamil Nadu.


The Government led by J.Jayalalithaa, has been trying to correct this, by initiating various measures.

The website http://tnhrce.org/ provides information, though not exhaustively on the Temples in Tamil Nadu.


There is a provision for RTI.


News reports claim that details regarding the Lands of temples are available at the site, though I am unable to find it.


Instead of building new temples, Hindus must concentrate on reclaiming the Lands belonging to the temples, by obtaining the relevant information from the Portal under RTI and move the Courts.


Not only the Rents are ridiculous but the Temple premises are encroached and used for Illegal and Immoral activities.


The lands are being sold ad Plots by the party-men.

The web site url is provided in the post.








Book Hinduism History Indian Philosphy Unique Temples

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I have manuscripts  in English ready for Publication on Hinduism, Indian Philosophy,Unique temples India, The World..


These , I intend publishing  as  books.




The contents have been received well in my blog www.ramanan50.wordpress.com.



The topics covered are.


Essentials of Hinduism.


Vedas, some important Texts, Explanations.


Scientific explanation of Indian Thought.


Proof of Ramayana, Mahabharata, Vedic Culture.


Spread of Hinduism, Sanatana Dharma throughout the world with archeological and historical proof.


Real Indian History.How our Dharama was spread around the world.


Sanatana Dharama spread from South.


Rig Veda composed in the Arctic.


Higher Physics interpreted with Vedic Knowledge.


Sakthi Peethas, location, Legends, How to reach them.


List of Shiva Sthalas, Shakthi Sthalas,


Devi Upasna,


Advanced concepts in Vedas on Latest scientific developments including Multi verses, Quantum theory.


And much more.


Many of the readers of my blog have been asking me to bring out in Book from .


Only now I feel I can publish them  in a couple of Books, it might be more than two books,


I plan to do the Translation in Tamil as well.


I am in search of a quality Publisher with a commitment to spread Sanatana Dharma.


Publishers,or those who have contacts with Publishers may contact me.


Separate arrangements for US may also be worked out.


The articles may be found under Hinduism, Temples, Indian Philosophy,Science, Astrophysics.


I shall be updating them before publication.


Those who can translate in Kannada, Hindi,and Telugu are invited to send in their proposal as I have received requests for publishing in these languages.




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