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Principles Of Parenting In The Vedas Hinduism

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Hinduism takes parenting as it takes everything about Life or Death.


It does not accord  Parenting any special place or does it ignore it.


It treats as a routine affair of Life and treats is such.

Sikshavalli, Taittriya Upanishad Rules behaviour for Children

Principles Of Life,Taittiriya Upanishad


Conceiving and giving Birth to a Child and bringing it up is taken so naturally as it treats the highest thoughts of Philosophy .


It considers all these as a Natural process and one need not be overly concerned about this  as such.


The Vedas offer basic Guide lines.


1.Dharmachara, Righteous Conduct.


Behavior should be according to the Dharma, Moral Principle.


Parents are expected to behave he way they expect their children to behave towards them or others when they become adults.


Parents are prohibited from using vulgar language or the use of harsh words in front of their children.



2.Dharma Svagriha.


Worship at Home.


Parents should set an examples of following the Anushtaanas laid down for them in the Shastras.


They must perform Sandyavandan thrice a Day.


Perform other duties like Aupaasanam and other nithya karmas-read my posts on Rituals of Hindus, Samskaaras.


Give the pride of place for the family Deity.


Worship the Gods at fixed time daily at Home.


Vedas do not speak about. building a Temple, much less visiting Temples.


3.Dharma Sambhashana.


Talking about Righteousness , Moral Books, Purans, Itihaas and of course the Vedas.


Parents are expected to read and teach children these sacred texts.


“Children should grow in the awareness of the brotherhood of man and the fatherhood of God. If no provision is made for this atmosphere and this teaching, we are denying them their due.”-Atharva Veda


The scripture also cautions parents that if children learn to worship money and material things, they will grow up admiring cruelty and deceit, rather than love and compassion.


4.Dharma Svadhyaya, Self Study


Self study is given priority.


Children are to be sent to Gurkula, Home of The Teaher, at the age of Five, after having performed Upanayana, for a minimum twelve years.


At the Gurukul,which would be their Home for the next twelve years, the children are taught, apart from the Vedas , the other Sciences like Maths,

Physics,Biology, Warfare and the like.


After completing the Gurukul vasa the individual is  expected to engage himself in Self Study.


This is not time bound.


One is expected to learn throughout his Life.


5. Dharma Sangha. Follow a Preceptor.


One is expected to follow a Preceptor.


The Spiritual Guru is to be chosen carefully.


If one’s desire is strong enough, the Guru shall seek him.


The Taittriyopanishad  contains elaborate instructions to the Student.



Taittiirya Upanishad Text Translation pdf


Taittiriya Upanishad Lectures



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How To Brush Your Teeth Hindusim

In Health, Hinduism on April 12, 2014 at 09:09


Hindu Smritis lay down the procedures for brushing the teeth.


How to brush Teeth,Hinduism

Brushing teeth, The Hindu way

They are,

1.Do not brush your teeth with the Pointing Finger.

2.Wash with the Right Hand.

3.Sit on the balls of your feet.

4.Brush Clock-wise.

5.Brush with sticks made of Neem or Banyan tree or us your Fingers.

6.After washing the teeth, gargle and spit water 16 times.

7.Spit the water onto  your left side.

8.Wash the teeth n the Brahma Muhurtha(4.30 Am to 6AM)

9.Do not use the sticks on the Sraddha Day,Vrat Days and Parvas.


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At And After Death Timeline

In lifestyle on April 12, 2014 at 00:45


What happens to us just at Death and after Death?


This is a Timeline of our Death.

Death and afterWhat happens after Death.

Life after Death


Hour 1.

Muscles in the body relax, a state called primary flaccidity.


Eyelids lose their tension,


the pupils dilate, the jaw might fall open,


the skin will sag,


prominent joints and bones become pronounced.


Pallor mortis causes the usually pinkish tone of the Heart becomes pale.


Algor mortis, the decrease in body temperature follows, (Two degrees Celsius in the first hour; One degree each hour thereafter.)


Hours 2 to 6.


Livor mortis. If the body remains undisturbed long , the parts of the body nearest the ground can develop a reddish-purple discoloration.


Rigor mortis, the first muscles affected include the eyelids, jaw and neck.


Over the next several hours, rigor mortis spreads up into the face and down through the chest, abdomen, arms and legs until it reaches the fingers and toes.


Hours 7 to 12.

The knees and elbows will be slightly flexed, and fingers or toes can appear unusually crooked.


After 12 hours.


Rigor mortis dissipates in the reverse order in which it occurred, i.e., from the fingers and toes, through the arms and legs, and then up through the chest to the neck and face.


Eventually, all of the muscles will again relax, reaching a state known as secondary flaccidity.


Some Functions that remain for some time immediately after Death.


Nails and hairs Grow.


Brain remains active for some time.


Skin Cells grow.


Urination and passing of Motion.


Digestion takes place for some time.


Erection and Ejaculation take place.


Moans and Murmurs will be heard because of breaking Gas in the body.


In rare cases child is delivered.


Watch this in the Link.


What happens to Body after Death



About .com




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Service Portal For Seniors.

In consumer forum on February 28, 2014 at 10:30

The Joint Family system having broken up, thanks to Western Culture, the Seniors are now considered as mere appendages.

Gone are the days when looking after the elderly was the duty of Children.

No longer.

If you imagine this is because of economic reasons, you are mistaken.

A good percentage of these people in the Senior Citizen’s Home are the parents of children settled abroad.

Children send in  money and ask the parents to take care of themselves.

I had posted the elders , taking into consideration of the changing value systems, one has to accept reality, without being morose about these issues.

The elders were here before these children were born and were taking care of themselves.

No point in mourning on this issue.

One can be self-reliant if one is confident.

What it needs is the unnecessary clinging to some one else even if it be Children.

One should be happy that they have at least the Financial security.

Imagine people with out even this and being discarded and neglected

One is required to be more updated on the information side and the minimum skill to operate modern gadgets,

If one has a basic knowledge of Computers and Internet, most of your problems are solved.

My brother’s wife, 74, is a Diabetes patient and my Brother is 82 years.

She needs Insulin injections daily and she can not nor my brother can Use a Syringe.

The Nurse who comes is not regular and my brother has to keep on hunting for a Nurse for injections.

Locating the nurses is a problem as the information from service providers  is generally confusing and really not focused on the issue at hand.

This is not the only issue the elderly have.

Elders, whose children are abroad, find it extremely difficult to handle daily issues like buying things, Emergency help,Health Care,Daily Living Aids ,Services.

one wishes that there is a nodal information resource that can offer these services Online to help the Senior Citizens.

One needs to log in and have the information.service they need is at hand.

I recently come across a  site  that offers this service.

Senior servcie site

Help for the Seniors.

The services are under different heads.

Daily Living Aids where one can order food, Diet Food,

Pharmacy from where the Drugs can be bought.

Diabetes Management,

Supplement Nutrition,

Wheel chairs if needed,


Bed Pullers,

Folding Tray.

One has the choice of choosing the Budget range and at discounts as well.

Payment may be made through major Credit cards like VISA, and Bank Debit/Credit Cards.

If one is interested in travel arrangements, Standard service provider are available at the site, India Pilgrim tours,Yatra.com,make my trip for Local travel

For international travel one has a choice among Europe tours,Kesari,Veena world,Orbit, VRS.

One can use this site to identify new properties or choose a Senior Citizen Home

The site has Customer care services.

Customer Care : Phone: + 91 9819529534 ( 10 am – 6 pm) Skype id: Seniorshelf ( till 12 midnight IST)

email : genie@seniorshelf.com

The following site is worth giving a look in.


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Brahmin Gotra List

In Hinduism on February 23, 2014 at 10:48

I published a Post on the Surnames of Brahmin Community.

I had in my mind to publish a complete list of Brahmin Gotras.

I promptly forgot about it.

Couple of Days ago when I received n alliance proposal for my brother’s Grandson, I was unable to check the Gotra, whether it belongs to the Brahmin Community.

Later I checked it out and it was a Gotra of Brahmin Community.

I am posting a list from the available resources and people may also contribute with authentication to make this List a Comprehensive one.

Brahmin Gothras


The List of Brahmin Gotras,





































    Saroha Village Luhara
















Check out the Following Link.


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