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Different Colors Of Vishnu Yugas

In Hinduism on September 3, 2014 at 08:42

Lord Rama was blue-black.


Krishna was black.



The term Krishna means Black.


Both Rama and Krishna are the Avatars of Vishnu.


Then why the difference in skin tone?


I checked.


Vishnu appears as,in


Krita Yuga


White, with four arms,with hair pulled up(Jatamakuta),


Wearing Maravuri, clothes made of  barks,


with Akshamala Kamandalu and Dhanda.


Treta Yuga.




Golden hair-locks,


With Vedas as Four Arms.


Dwapara Yuga.




With Peethamabra,


Sri Vatsa,,


Chank(Conch),Chakra, Gatha.


Kali Yuga.




Bare arms and Arrows.


Source.Bhagavatha Purana Chapter 30.

Religion Rituals Hinduism Work

In Hinduism on August 31, 2014 at 10:17

I have come across comments like,


‘For reaching God, Self Realization, it is enough if our heart is pure,there is no necessity of the rituals, Poojas, visiting temples’


‘Love for All is the central message of Religions and of Spirituality,if I love all, there is no need for following Religion’


‘Wearing Caste-mark on the forehead, taking bath before Pooja, following strict cumbersome procedures fo the Pooja, Are they necessary?


God is everywhere,why should I perform all these,they are nothing but expressions of hypocrisy’


I have recently received a comment,


I got your Comment on My Blog, So I came Here
Seeing your blog, I find it is Spiritually Inclined. So I asking some Questions I Have

Today Hinduism is full of Rituals. I feel that it is corruption of Hinduism. What do you say.
True Hindu should worship work, not conduct rituals. What do you think.”


Let me attempt to answer as I have been doing till now to my children and close friends.


It is alright and it sounds nice to say that “I know that God is everywhere and I treat everyone equally’


Is it an honest statement?( I am speaking out myself)?


Do I treat everyone equally?


Do I love everyone and everything in the world?


Am I free from prejudices, anger, Lust for power,women, money?


Do I forgive others?


Am I helping others?


Is my heart pure enough not to feel jealous of others?


Do I place others before myself?


Am I innocent?


Did/Do I not  hurt many in my life, both professional and personal?


Am I honest and follow what I say?


My answer is NO.


So I am not qualified to be counted among those who can realize God by these methods.


There is also this perception,


That if you do your Duty, there is no necessity of worshiping God.




Lord Krishna implies this in The Bhagavad Gita.


The confusion is what ‘work’ means’ though Krishna means Karma or Action’ which is different from work.


What is the Work we are talking about?


Going to office, 10-5, working in a software company or running a Business, where we earn?


What do we do here?


We earn money to satisfy our senses.


We remain unsatisfied whatever we earn.


We remain loyal , honest to others in the work place so that our jobs, businesses are secure.


Where is the question of Altruism?


At the end of the day, after we do our life’s work, what does remain for us?


Have we evolved Happier, Contented?


Have We answered our urge to know where We are, where were We and where do We go thither?


Have I answered these questions?


Of what use this money, the result of my dedication to work to Me finally?


By saying Everything is Brahman, I am Brahman,I Love All does not make One Spiritually evolved.


Every one can not become a Ramana Maharishi by asking ‘Who Am I?


It is only by searching within oneself for answers and finding them, does one become a Jnani or a Realized Soul?


Rituals, procedures laid for them, Poojas, Dhana, Dharma, Neethi Sastras,Vedas , Puranas, Ithihasas, Yoga all these are disciplines to follow , are to enable us to reach that mental and spiritual maturity to Realize Self/God.


One in a Million can become a Ramana Maharishi,Kanchi Periyavar,Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.


Even these people had  followed a system of discipline.


Merely Working in an office, running a business does not constitute a Sadahana.


Ding even this has to have an attitude, disposition as explained in Karma Yoga.


We do not follow this even.


Till we become mature enough we need the Rituals.


You may choose your own from any from the numerous paths explained in Hinduism.



Nyasa Anga and Kara Preparaion for Pooja

In Hinduism on August 28, 2014 at 11:43

There are procedures for performing Pooja in Hinduism.


The Universe is connected and interdependent.

Any action performed affect another and there may be certain elements which may not be tolerant of your actions.

There may be elements that would help you  in your endeavor.

To prevent the former and facilitate the latter some procedures have been evolved in Hinduism.

While this may not be necessary for daily parayana , it is necessary for Pooja and more so for Tantrik Sadhana.

The places are Head, Lips,Heart,Shoulder blades,Palm and Fingertips and in some cases pit of the stomach and Buttocks.

Some Nyasas.

Mahashodha nyasa where a sadhaka or sadhvika places planets, constellations, sacred sites and other elements of Lalita’s cosmology on her or his body. T

Rishi Nyasa, Kara (hand) Nyasa, Matrika Nyasa and Sadanga Nyasa.

Every mantra has a Rishi or seer who first pronounced the mantra,

Matrika Nyasa is a form where the 50 letters of the Sanskrit alphabet are placed on the body.

Sadanga Nyasa uses bijas connected with long vowels of the Sanskrit alphabet.


Kara Nyasa refers to use of fingers and marking them.

Mudras are special expressions with the fingers.

There is another aspect, Dikbandhana, when the Diretions (Space) are marked to prevent evil influences disturbing one’s concentration.


Hungry Krishna Naivedyam 3 AM Thiruvarappu

In Hinduism on August 27, 2014 at 11:07

Lord Krishna was reported to have been hungry after killing Kamsa.


To satiate hunger, Nainedyam is offered to Lor Krishna at 3 am daily.


The temple in Thiruvarappu, Kottayam District,Kerala and is believed to be 1500 years old.


The Idol is like Guruvayoorappan of Guruvayur.


There are Sannidis for Bhagavathi and Shiva.


Thiruvarappu Krishna Temple. Image

Thiruvarappu Krishna Temple.


Aswatthama, The Curse Of Immortality Narayanastra

In Hinduism on August 26, 2014 at 08:15

I often tell my friends and children that living for  long time is painful.


Ashwatthama use Narayanastrajpg

Ashwatthama use Narayanastra.


For , beyond a certain age, say after 50 years , everything that happens is Life to an individual, is ‘Action Replay’


One would have seen and gone through nearly all aspects of Life.


And there are no surprises .


To live through the same thing in Life, is monotonous.


One more factor is that even if one wants to take leave of this world, it is not in one’ hands.


I have observed that it is those who have a zest for Life and want to live more, die suddenly .


On the other hand those who feel that they have served their time seem to live and linger on.


It is painful if one falls ill and depends on others for discharging daily functions.


Imagine remaining Immortal!


Nothing can be more painful than this.


And if you were to be cursed to be alone and wander alone..!


This has happened to Aswathama, son of Dronacharya.


Aswathama was agreat warrior.


During the Mahabharat War, Drona was killed by  Dhristathyumna against whom Drona vowed not to bear arms.


Aswathama could not come to terms with it.


As the war drew a to a close, Duryodhana was also killed by Bhima by dubious means, of hitting Duryodhana below the waist in a mace fight.


Duryodhana lay dying a mountain stream.


Aswatahama, angered at this, used an Astra and had all the children of Pandavas killed, save Parikshit who was saved by Krishna.


Duryodhana abused Aswatahama informing him that Children had nothing to do with war and anyway the children of the Panadavas were as much his own,that Aswathama wiped out his own clan by killing these children.


And he died.


Aswathama became more agitated.


He came to the war field and sent in Narayanstra.


There are three powerful Astras.


Brahmastra, Pasupatastra and Narayanstra.


Naranaystra is the most powerful and to my knowledge this is the only instance where it was used.


This astra would wipe out every thing in the universe nd there is no stopping it.


At the time of Aswataham sending down this Astra Narada and Vyasa, who were present in the battle field warned not to use Narayanastra.


Despite this warning Aswathama sent the Astra.


It started destroying everything in its wake , starting from the Heavens.


Arjuna was speechless.


Krishna advised every one that the only way to stop the astra is to lay down Arms and prostate before it.


Everyone did so.


The Astra did not hurt any one and came back to Aswathama asking him to assign a Target, failing which it would kill him.


Aswathama could not retract the Astra as he did not know how to retract it, knew only to send it.


Krishna asked Arjuna to take the Astra and aim it.


Arjuna told Krishna that he knew nothing about Narayanastra.


Narada told him,


Krishna tells you, do it’


Astra has to have a Target,


Either it is your life or the Emerald in Your Head. (This emerald is precious and ensures success)


Aswathama assigns the Emerald as the target.


Arjuna takes it.


Then Vyasa and Narada cursed Aswathama,


You shall remain a Chiranjeevi, Immortal through out the Time Cycle.


You shall remain till the end of Prakrutha Pralaya.


And you shall wander the forests, friendless.


A lesson in both how killing children is the greatest t sin and how half baked  knowledge is dangerous.


Hoe Rajapakshe heard this story before killing children in Lanka.





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