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On Robert Vadra, Allegations Verified

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There are lots of information on Robert Vadra and I have posted an article on Robert Vadra’s 2.3 Billions, Pakistani origin, Full Story.


There is a reply by Robert Vadra, of course, denying all.


What exactly is the position?

This is an alleged list of Robert Vadra's Comapanies

AllegedList of Robert Vadra’s Companies

Robert Vadra's Dubious deals,

Questions for Robt Vadra


Hoax Slayer analyses.


Allegations and analysis.


Robert Vadra, along with his mother Maureen Vadra, owns a company called Sky Light Hospitality Pvt Ltd, which is a partner in a partnership firm that owns business hotel Hilton Garden Inn in South Delhi, along with DLF Hotel Holdings and others. This happened in March, 2011 as Robert Vadra made a low-key entry into Real estate business with the association of DLF.

Vadra told Economic Times, “The Hilton Garden Inn Hotel in Saket is a small business hotel. I have interest in hospitality and am happy to be part of the hotel. I have known the DLF people for a long time and they are friends of mine. I had wanted to invest in real estate and one thing led to another. Right now, I can only be part of a small hotel. If I were taking favours from people I would be doing far bigger things. But I am doing this on my own. I can’t expand immediately but I hope to expand a few years down the line.”

There have been allegations from Indian politicians that Robert Vadra has links to Commonwealth games scam, because DLF was a major contractor of the Commonwealth games that were held in India in 2010. This is not yet proved. Recently, Arvind Kejriwal of India against corruption claimed that DLF gave generous loans up to 65 crores to Vadra companies, some without collateral. Arvind Kejriwal and the opposition party BJP demanded the government to probe into these corrupt property deals and the possible benefits Robert Vadra may have received. You can read the complete list of their accusations against Robert Vadra here.

Following these accusations, Robert Vadra responded saying:

“I am a private law abiding citizen who has been engaged in business over the last 21 years. The allegations levelled against me by Shri Kejriwal and Shri Bhushan are utterly false, entirely baseless and defamatory. My business transactions are fully reflected in financial statements filed before appropriate government authorities in compliance with the law. They are available in the public domain to anyone interested in knowing the truth. I am saddened by the attempt of Shri Kejriwal and Shri Bhushan to deliberately misrepresent numbers contained in my financial statements, manufacture lies and malign my family in order to gain cheap publicity for them and for the launch of their political party.”

DLF explained:

“At no stage was a interest free loan ever given to the Skylight group. There were two sets of Business Advances against purchase of property, one of which amounting to Rs. 50 crores resulted in a satisfactory conclusion of purchase of commercial land and the second advance of Rs. 15 crores was fully refunded.”

You can read their complete explanation here.

The government ruled out their appeal to probe into business dealings between Robert Vadra and the realty giant DLF, while IAC claim to fight further and BJP Party is keen to raise the issue in Parliament.

The allegations linking Robert Vadra with IPL, DLF and Kolkata Knight Riders started after a press release of Dr.Subramanian Swamy, President of the Janata Party of India, in 2010, linking the controversy in IPL bidding to Congress MP Mr. Rajiv Shukla, who is also the Chairman of BCCI’s Finance Committee. You can read it here. This is not yet proved.

Subramanian Swamy has also charged Union home minister P Chidambaram and Robert Vadra with involvement in the multi-crore 2G Spectrum scam. Below is his quote:

“Vadra has 20% stake in Unitech, one of the telecom operators which benefited through the allocation of second generation mobile telephony spectrum by former union minister A Raja. He is the beneficiary of illegal payments generated through the spectrum scam and Commonwealth Games contracts.”

But this is not yet proved.

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra along with her husband Robert Vadra was a director in less known charter services provider called Blue Breeze Trading. IAC team alleges that this company received corporate favours in the form of inter-corporate loans. Also, the financial transactions of this company are reportedly not transparent. You can read all about it here.

Ottavio Quattrocchi is an Italian businessman who was criminally charged for bribes in Bofors scandal until early 2009 in India. You can read all about him and the controvertial dealing of bofors scandal here. There were speculations that Ottavio Quattrocchi came close to Rajiv Gandhi through his wife Sonia Gandhi, and Ottavio Quattrocchi’s financier son, Massimo Quattrocchi, is believed to be a childhood friend of Sonia Gandhi’s children Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi. It is believed that Robert Vadra met Priyanka Gandhi through his alleged expatriate friend Ottavio Quattrocchi. The links between Quattrocchi and Sonia and Rajiv Gandhi were also brought into light by one of the press releases of Dr. Subramanian Swamy, claiming to show related proofs as well. You can read it here - press release dated 15, April 2011, point numbers 15, 20, 21, 22. But these links are not yet proved.

It is a fact that Robert Vadra has special privilege of not to be frisked at civil airports along with president of India and other VVIPs. In the image section, you can see a picture of the order of Indian Bureau of Civil Aviation Security showing Robert Vadra’s name at last. When a group called RTI Anonymous filed an RTI questioning this special privilege given to Robert Vadra, the ministry of RTI replied saying that this exemption is because he is a “special case”.

Citation .

Robert Vadra Allegations analysis, HoazxSlayer



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Molecular Biology Cancer Treatment In Hinduism Vedas

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“In the great teaching of the Vedas,
there is no touch of sectarianism.
It is of all ages, climes and nationalities
and is the royal road for the attainment of the Great Knowledge. “

- Thoreau,
American Thinker


Vedic Chemistry

Chemistry in Vedic Times


Vedas, the authority for Hinduism  speaks of Science as Apara Vidya, Transitory Knowledge, which deals with this world of Name and Forms.


It speaks of Mathematics, Physics,Chemistry,Biology.Astronomy, Social Sciences ,Architecture, Medical Sciences including Surgery.


It also speaks of Nano Technology,Psychology,Space Travel,Ship Building.



Of Metallurgy,Mining,Manufacturing of Textiles,Cosmetics.


Of preserving Food.


Of detailed Chemical analysis and the way to treat many diseases, including Cancer.


The Siddhas are another school of Thought which throws excellent insight into Chemistry and Medicine,


Some Texts of Chemistry.


  • Rasahrdayatantra
     by Govind Bhagwatpad
  • Srasaratnakara by Siddha Nityanatha
  • Rasarnava by an unknown author
  • Srasendracudamani by Somadeva
  • Rasaratnasamuccaya by Vagbhatta
  • Rasaprakasasudhakara by Yasodhara
  • Rasarajalaksmi by Ramesvara Bhatta
  • Rasendracintamani by Dhundukanatha
  • Rasendracintamani by Ramacandra Guha
  • Rasasara by Govind Acarya
  • Rasakaumudi by Sarvajnacandra
  • Rasabhesajakalpa by Surya Pandita
  • Rasasamketakalika by Camunda
  • Lohapaddhati by Suresvara
  • Kankaligrantha by Nasirshah
  • Rasamuktavalina by Devanatha

Cancer was identified and methods of Healing included total eliination of cancer, Management .handling weight loss associated with Cancer and the side effects of Cancer.


Twenty Five plants have been identified, their chemical and therapeutic  properties analysed and were used in treating Cancer.


Forms of cancer Granti and Arbuda were discussed.








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Nehru Provoked Sino- Indian War 1962

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It is always easy and rewarding to accept statements of our leaders and be complimented as Patriotic and if you question the words or the lives of these people, you had it,


I published an article stating that there are numerous references , documents and articles on the Nehru Family.


On Nehru being born in a Brothel,his father Motilal Nehru running it,


On Sonia Gandhi‘s Profile,Her Educational Qualifications. her reported involvement in the theft of Antiques from India,Her father having been a Nazi,


Her close association with Quattarochi , Bofors  Deal,KGB paid Sonia and Rahul Gandhi.


On Rahiul Gandhi’s educational qualification.


I had received a lot of compliments for providing information with authentic sources, I also received criticisms.


Some of them abusive.


Of the mildest criticism I received this one I choose as the best.


‘One who comments on Sri Chakra should not comment on others like this”


This is from a reader in Facebook.


I understand.


Much as I would like to avoid writing about these voluntary characters, and willful propagation of falsehood as Truth, including in School text Books,


I feel I should not shy away from the Facts backed by documents.


This is the purpose of my posts on these subjects.

Mao met nehru before Sino Indian War

Mao Tse Tung and Nehru
image credit.Dccan Chronicle Archives.


If contrary views are presented I am willing to post them.


All in the purpose of making people aware.


We have been taught in History ,in Schools, that China attacked India, while chanting Indi Chini Bhai Bhai, after attending a Conference , thus stabbing Nehru and India in the back.


Curious in India is the fact that the nation is equated to a  Politician!


This  tradition continues even today.


What are the facts of Chinese Aggression?


1.The disputed territory, if one were to go by the earliest ownership(reasonably , about 250 years earlier,if one were to extend this beyond this point there is no India!), was owned by the Chinese.


2.After the conquest by  the Sikh Confederacy of Ladakh in 1842 the territory became a disputed one with the Chinese as it was owned by The Chinese and

when the British conquered the Sikhs, the territory became territory which was guaranteed by the Kashmir,which was defeated by the Sikhs , who were

finally taken over by the British.


So British control in a guarantee of Fourth Order,,British to Sikhs, Sikhs to Kashmir, Kashmir to Ladakh!


This is the ownership of the territory for which China attacked India.


Was China’s attack unprovoked?




Nehru  provoked it.


At the beginning of 1961, Nehru appointed General B. M. Kaul as army Chief of General Staff,[32] but he refused to increase military spending and prepare for a possible war.[32]According to James Barnard Calvin of the U.S. Navy, in 1959, India started sending Indian troops and border patrols into disputed areas. This program created both skirmishes and deteriorating relations between India and China.[8] The aim of this policy was to create outposts behind advancing Chinese troops to interdict their supplies, forcing them north of the disputed line.[8][26][30][33] There were eventually 60 such outposts, including 43 north of the McMahon Line, to which India claimed sovereignty.[8][13] China viewed this as further confirmation of Indian expansionist plans directed towards Tibet. According to the Indian official history, implementation of the Forward Policy was intended to provide evidence of Indian occupation in the previously unoccupied region through which Chinese troops had been advancing. Kaul was confident, through contact with Indian Intelligence and CIA information, that China would not react with force.[19] Indeed, at first the PLA simply withdrew, but eventually Chinese forces began to counter-encircle the Indian positions which clearly encroached into the north of McMahon Line. This led to a tit-for-tat Indian reaction, with each force attempting to outmanoeuver the other. However, despite the escalating nature of the dispute, the two forces withheld from engaging each other directly.[2]

Chinese attention was diverted for a time by the military activity of the Nationalists on Taiwan, but on 23 June the U.S. assured China that a Nationalist invasion would not be permitted.[34] China’s heavy artillery facing Taiwan could then be moved to Tibet.[35] It took China six to eight months to gather the resources needed for the war, according to Anil Athale, author of the official Indian history.[35] The Chinese sent a large quantity of non-military supplies to Tibet through the Indian port of Calcutta.[35]

Early incidents

Various border conflicts and “military incidents” between India and China flared up throughout the summer and autumn of 1962. In May, the Indian Air Force was told not to plan for close air support, although it was assessed as being a feasible way to counter the unfavourable ratio of Chinese to Indian troops.[36] In June, a skirmish caused the deaths of dozens of Chinese troops. The Indian Intelligence Bureau received information about a Chinese buildup along the border which could be a precursor to war.[36]

During June–July 1962, Indian military planners began advocating “probing actions” against the Chinese, and accordingly, moved mountain troops forward to cut off Chinese supply lines. According to Patterson, the Indian motives were threefold:

  1. Test Chinese resolve and intentions regarding India.
  2. Test whether India would enjoy Soviet backing in the event of a Sino-Indian war.
  3. Create sympathy for India within the U.S., with whom relations had deteriorated after the Indian annexation of Goa.[20]:279

On 10 July 1962, 350 Chinese troops surrounded an Indian occupied post in Chushul (north of the McMahon Line) but withdrew after a heated argument via loudspeaker.[9] On 22 July, the Forward Policy was extended to allow Indian troops to push back Chinese troops already established in disputed territory.[26] Whereas Indian troops were previously ordered to fire only in self-defence, all post commanders were now given discretion to open fire upon Chinese forces if threatened.[26] In August, the Chinese military improved its combat readiness along the McMahon Line and began stockpiling ammunition, weapons and gasoline.[8]

Given his foreknowledge of the coming Cuban Missile CrisisMao Zedong was able to persuade Nikita Khrushchev to reverse the Russian policy of backing India, at least temporarily.[37] In mid-October, the Communist organ Pravda encouraged peace between India and China.[37] When the Cuban Missile Crisis ended and Mao’s rhetoric changed, however, Russia reversed course.[37]

Confrontation at Thag La.

In June 1962, Indian forces established an outpost at Dhola, on the southern slopes of the Thag La Ridge.[8] Dhola lay north of the McMahon Line but south of the ridges along which India interpreted the McMahon Line to run”

Chinese Attempt at Mediation.

He struck a match, and held the paper to the flames… He said it would take more than a quarter of a century to return to any substantive negotiation, provided the Chinese refrained from another attack on India.’

On October 24, Premier Zhou received PKB; the atmosphere was ‘definitely chilly’.

PKB writes, ‘He then said that the conflict had to stop, it had to end! He had therefore written a letter to Mr Nehru with three proposals: 1. The two countries should immediately agree to respect ‘the line of actual control’, and their armed forces should disengage and withdraw 20 km from this line; 2. The Chinese troops in the eastern sector would withdraw north of the line of actual control; 3. The prime ministers of the two countries should meet to seek a friendly and peaceful settlement.’

In reply PKB presented the Indian viewpoint, adding, ‘China had agreed in 1960, when Zhou had visited New Delhi, to maintain the status quo in the North East Frontier Agency area. At this point he interrupted me sharply by saying that it was not true; he had never given such an assurance.’

On November 19 and 20, PKB had two more meetings with Zhou.

In December 1962, PKB was instructed to come to Delhi for the Sri Lankan prime minister’s visit; the six non-aligned mediator ‘Colombo Powers’ — Myanmar, Cambodia, Egypt, Ghana, Indonesia and Sri Lanka — had advanced proposals to ease India-China tensions.

This was PKB’s first visit to Delhi during the assignment. Little wonder PKB felt he did not understand New Delhi’s thinking.

On January 7, 1963, PKB was summoned, told that he should come alone.

PKB writes, ‘He (Zhou)’ was in a pensive mood and somewhat tired, and said… he would like me to carry his very personal and verbal message only for Mr Nehru’s ears. He continued that war never solved any problems, but only created new ones… positive steps were urgently required besides public declarations and political statements. Mr Nehru, a man of high philosophy and great vision, and he had known each other personally over a period of many years. He understood Mr Nehru’s current political predicaments, but Mr Nehru should try and understand his (Zhou en-Lai’s) position as well. Mr Nehru should help Mr Zhou en-Lai’s hand, and a hand extended in friendship and cooperation…’

’1. For the next three months, Mr Nehru and he would stop making negative statements about each other’s country although this may not stop others from making statements of counter-productive nature. 2. Mr Nehru and he should meet as soon as possible with only a small entourage, away from the press and publicity, in an agreed place, in order to exchange ideas for an agreed and joint action to defuse the current situation. This meeting in total privacy should last no longer than two days. 3. After this meeting, which would further ensure in every way the strengthening of the cease-fire line, the two governments would draw up a programme where they could jointly cooperate in areas like trade, science, culture and technology…’

‘When the climate for mutual trust had been created, then the border disputes would be discussed, on a sector to sector basis, by the two countries… He requested me again to give this strictly private and personal message directly to Mr Nehru.’

PKB decided to tell no one in Delhi about the content of Zhou’s message, not even Foreign Secretary M J Desai. He met Nehru several times, ‘(Nehru) wanted me to go with him to his office in South Block. In the car he… was mumbling to himself, “What went wrong, where did I go wrong?” During my stay in New Delhi, I was with Mr Nehru a number of times, and used to hear this type of monologue…’

‘(Some days later, at the prime minister’s residence) He asked me about the message sent by Zhou en-Lai… immediately after the meeting with Chou, I had myself typed out so that no point might be missed… I gave him the one-page typed message which I carried constantly with me inside my wallet. He started reading it… going over it a few times. He then put down the paper on the table near him and seemed lost in thought…’

‘He returned from his thoughts, looked at me and said that it was not possible since matters had gone too far. He added that during my stay I had met members of the government and the Opposition, press people, as well as ordinary citizens, and surely I must have reached the same conclusion that no one in India would stand anymore Chinese bluff and all nonsense.’

‘He briefly recalled his efforts to help China with goodwill and friendship, and his close association with Zhou en-Lai, whose betrayal had led to fraudulent territorial claims by China and the invasion of India. He gave descriptions of meetings and details of discussions and negotiations with Zhou en-Lai. It was a melancholy monologue…’


Nehru’s No to China for mediation

Sino Indian War 1962 Wiki


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Jawaharlal Nehru Was Born In A Brothel?

In India on April 14, 2014 at 13:25


Jawaharlal Nehru was born in a brothel,Motilal Nehru ran one.


Nehru’s memorial is not where he was born , because it was a brothel.


Jawaharlal Nehru had two step bothers.

nehru had an affair with Edwina Mountbatten

Nehru with Edwina Mount batten


“MOTILAL had also two bastard sons out of Muslim women by name SHEIKABDULLA &SYUD HUSSAIN “


These are some of the information doing the rounds in the Internet.


But what is curious is that none of the Nehru Family have deigned it important enough to contradict this any where  or any forum.


The same attitude by Sonia gandhi, Rahul Gandhi on the various charges, which seem to be credible and backed by document,

KGB paid Money to Sonia, Rahul.


Sonia’s Father was a Nazi,


Rahul was arrested in US by The FBI and was released by the intervention of Vajpayee.


Bofors, 2G,ISRO,CWG …….


Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi lied about their Educational Qualifications


Is it because they think they are beyond the Morality of India?


Or an arrogance of power and wealth?


A denial would be welcome as this would rest these kinds of Information.



Date: 4/25/2001
Brothel thrives were Nehru was born 
By Sharad Gupta, Lucknow, India 

The featured article below has been taken from the Daily Indian Express of New Delhi of August 29, 1997. It was written by Sharad Gupta of Lucknow. A copy was received from a friend in New Delhi only a short while ago. The Sword of Truth online magazine had presented several articles in the recent past on the Nehrus in its columns. They were based on material gleaned piecemeal from various sources and then put together. We would request our readers to specially go through the two articles named herewith: (1) A Tale of Two Lals, and (2) The Story of Gangadhar, Father of Motilal. They can be obtained in our Archives Section. 
There are other Nehru-related articles too in the Archives columns which shed more light on the Nehrus and their shameless brood. For the first time, the Sword of Truth had publicly stated that Jawaharlal had died of syphilis. This was vehemently opposed by the reigning MHMs (Mentally Handicapped Morons) but the truth did come out soon enough, as is always the case with truth everywhere. It was clear that most medical students studying in Delhi at the time, were fully informed of the real cause of Nehru's death while the wider Hindu public remained (or were left to remain) unaware of the fact. Also, fully aware of this shameful fact, at the time, were all foreign embassies and news reporters of New Delhi. Such suppression of important news from compatriots, has always been a way with the Nehrus, constantly motivated to keep the country ignorant. Ignorance is weakness and self-inflicted ignorance is suicide, what learned people say. The idea was always to keep the public in the dark and so there was not a single voice raised against the compulsory nephew/niece-ship of the entire populace to the sick Prime Minister! Some morons had even tried to blame Sikh-owned road-side 'Dhabas' saying that Jawahar had contracted the disease from a glass of water that he had taken in a 'dhaba' on a hot summer day. But then, no one believed this cock and bull story. After all, syphilis is syphilis; and it usually affects people frequenting unhealthy company and not 'dhabas'. 
We send our heartfelt thanks to the Delhi friend for the copy of the original article by Sharad Gupta, reproduced verbatim in the following pages. 
(The verbatim reproduction of the Article from the Indian Express of Aug. 29, 1997, Delhi)


Jawahalal Nehru, Illicit Son


Nehru was born in a brothel


From Bharata to India,The Rape of Chrysee by By M. K. Agarwal





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Indian Oil Company Balance Sheet, Where Is The Loss

In India on April 13, 2014 at 19:59


Petrol and Diesel Prices keep on going  up on a regular basis, citing  the rise in International Crude prices.


For a common man like me, who does not know the intricacies book fudging,the figures of Indian Oil Company Limited tell me they are not incurring Loss.


Would like to remain corrected.




Balance Sheet 2013.


Balance Sheet of Indian Oil Corporation

——————- in Rs. Cr. ——————-
Mar ’12 Mar ’11 Mar ’10 Mar ’09 Mar ’08
12 mths 12 mths 12 mths 12 mths 12 mths
Sources Of Funds
Total Share Capital 2,427.95 2,427.95 2,427.95 1,192.37 1,192.37
Equity Share Capital 2,427.95 2,427.95 2,427.95 1,192.37 1,192.37
Share Application Money 0.00 0.00 0.00 21.60 0.00
Preference Share Capital 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
Reserves 55,448.75 52,904.37 48,124.88 42,789.29 39,893.88
Revaluation Reserves 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
Networth 57,876.70 55,332.32 50,552.83 44,003.26 41,086.25
Secured Loans 13,045.97 20,379.65 18,292.45 17,565.13 6,415.78
Unsecured Loans 57,277.96 32,354.22 26,273.80 27,406.93 29,107.39
Total Debt 70,323.93 52,733.87 44,566.25 44,972.06 35,523.17
Total Liabilities 128,200.63 108,066.19 95,119.08 88,975.32 76,609.42
Mar ’12 Mar ’11 Mar ’10 Mar ’09 Mar ’08
12 mths 12 mths 12 mths 12 mths 12 mths
Application Of Funds
Gross Block 99,455.46 92,696.69 71,780.60 62,104.64 56,731.50
Less: Accum. Depreciation 39,336.13 34,509.29 30,199.53 27,326.19 23,959.68
Net Block 60,119.33 58,187.40 41,581.07 34,778.45 32,771.82
Capital Work in Progress 13,434.77 12,620.44 21,268.63 18,186.05 9,170.22
Investments 18,678.46 19,544.76 22,370.25 32,232.13 21,535.78
Inventories 56,829.20 49,284.52 36,404.08 25,149.60 30,941.48
Sundry Debtors 15,502.87 8,869.65 5,799.28 5,937.86 6,819.23
Cash and Bank Balance 307.01 643.92 916.56 796.56 815.05
Total Current Assets 72,639.08 58,798.09 43,119.92 31,884.02 38,575.76
Loans and Advances 44,988.11 25,454.49 17,453.01 13,348.99 14,920.93
Fixed Deposits 0.00 650.50 398.55 1.46 9.38
Total CA, Loans & Advances 117,627.19 84,903.08 60,971.48 45,234.47 53,506.07
Deffered Credit 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
Current Liabilities 66,510.58 60,441.18 40,818.96 38,890.28 39,326.07
Provisions 15,148.54 6,763.46 10,271.56 2,603.46 1,172.99
Total CL & Provisions 81,659.12 67,204.64 51,090.52 41,493.74 40,499.06
Net Current Assets 35,968.07 17,698.44 9,880.96 3,740.73 13,007.01
Miscellaneous Expenses 0.00 15.15 18.17 37.96 124.59
Total Assets 128,200.63 108,066.19 95,119.08 88,975.32 76,609.42
Contingent Liabilities 28,085.59 31,505.33 25,715.07 26,317.31 25,574.96
Book Value (Rs) 238.38 227.90 208.21 368.86 344.58
Source : Dion Global Solutions Limited


Profit and Loss Account.


I am unable to form this here in the format it is provided.


Visit the Link.

IOCL P&L Account.


IOCL Balance Sheet.

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