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Intriguing Facts Multi Verses Parallel Verses Hinduism

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Time travel illustration with parallel univers...

Time travel illustration with parallel universe hypothesis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is a fine distinction between the Parallel and Multi Verses.


Here it is,


At first blush it seems crazy — or at least that was my own initial reaction. When cosmologists talk about “the multiverse,” it’s a slightly poetic term. We really just mean different regions of spacetime, far away so that we can’t observe them, but nevertheless still part of what one might reasonably want to call “the universe.” In inflationary cosmology, however, these different regions can be relatively self-contained — “pocket universes,” as Alan Guth calls them. When you combine this with string theory, the emergent local laws of physics in the different pocket universes can be very different; they can have different particles, different forces, even different numbers of dimensions. So there is a good reason to think about them as separate universes, even if they’re all part of the same underlying spacetime.

The situation in quantum mechanics is superficially entirely different. Think of Schrödinger’s Cat. Quantum mechanics describes reality in terms of wave functions, which assign numbers (amplitudes) to all the various possibilities of what we can see when we make an observation. The cat is neither alive nor dead; it is in a superposition of alive + dead. At least, until we observe it. In the simplistic Copenhagen interpretation, at the moment of observation the wave function “collapses” onto one actual possibility. We see either an alive cat or a dead cat; the other possibility has simply ceased to exist. In the Many Worlds or Everett interpretation, both possibilities continue to exist, but “we” (the macroscopic observers) are split into two, one that observes a live cat and one that observes a dead one. There are now two of us, both equally real, never to come back into contact.

These two ideas sound utterly different. In the cosmological multiverse, the other universes are simply far away; in quantum mechanics, they’re right here, but in different possibility spaces (i.e. different parts of Hilbert space,”


That is to say that there are many Universes operating simultaneously with our Space Time but operating under its own Laws, including Physical Laws.


In the Parallel Universe there are number of possibilities with regard to what we perceive, as what we see is what we would like to see, that is the Reality or the real thing is altered by our Perception or even the very attempt changes the nature of the thing we would like to perceive.

Please read my post(In Astrophysics) on this where I have provided information and Video how what we see is affected by our attempt to perceive it.


This is the essential difference  according to latest thoughts on the subject.


What does Hinduism say on this?


1.That there is only one Reality, Brahman, and there are many Parallel Universes for our Perception.


Ekam Sath , Vipra Bahutha Vadanthi’


Reality is One, but It is Perceived as Many by the Discerning.


Discerning is he near equivalent word for the Sanskrit term for Vipra, though it is translated as the Learned by many.


The Context in which the sentence is formed lends support to my view.


The Many are Illusory in Nature depending on the level of Ignorance one has of the Reality.


The same world, event appears different to different people, depending on one’s Disposition, Swabhava.


This applies our level as well as to others.


As much as the Reality appears different to different people in our level, there are also other levels, Multi verse where the same Reality is perceived as many by many depending on their dispositions, Swabhava.


We, at our plane of Existence ,are aware of only our Swabhava, Dispoitions not the others’ at other levels of existence.


So according to Hinduism,there are Multi verses that operate under different levels on par or at the same time(for our reference I am mentioning this).


Hence Multi verses co-exist with ours.


2.In this sense Parallel verse and the Multi verses exist simultaneously.


In the former, at our level of existence we have many possible worlds depending on our intent to perceive.


Also the Multi verse do have their Parallel verses depending on the ability of those who inhabit them to perceive.


So there are many Multiverses in each of the possible , including ours.


3.This raises some interesting possibilities.


a) If one were to go back in Time and sees himself in the past, what does it belong to?


Parallel or Multiverse?


b) Again, according to Hinduism Rebirth is certain.


Let us look some example.


I am 64 now.


I should have died at least sixty four years ago.


My children int he past birth must have cremated, buried my body and religious ceremonies should have been performed( It might nor have been performed as well).


Hinduism states that the effect of these ceremonies , like Sraddha reach the deceased.


And they should have reached me.


How does it affect my present Life?


Post follows.




What is Karana In Panchanga ?

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You may notice we recite in Apara Karma,


‘Yogascha karananchaiva Sarvam Vishnu Mayam Jagat’


Everything ,including the Yoga and Karana is filled with Vishnu /is Vishnu.


Karanas of the Day.(Thithi)

Karanas of the Day.
Half of Thithi.


Karanas are a part of Hindu Almanac, and is half the Thithi,like Prathamai,Astami…



The first 7 of these Karanas are movable (Chara) i.e. it cannot be predetermined as to on which dates, these are going to occur, but the last 4 Karanas are fixed (Sthira), and hence can be predetermined.


VISHTIKARANA is also called ‘Bhadra’ and commencing any work during this time is prohibited. Bhadra is marked very clearly in every panchanga..


. A karana is the time required for the angular distance between the sun and the moon to increase in steps of 6° starting from 0°. There are eleven karanas in total. Of the eleven karanas, four are fixed and occurs only once in a cycle. The remaining 7 karanas repeat eight times to cover the remaining 56 steps.

Click the following Link to calculate the Karana for any day.




* I shall be posting on how the five components of the day influence one’s life

Parallel Multi Universe In Hinduism Astronomy

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Hinduism is the first religion o have formed  a Cyclic Theroy of Time, that is Time runs in cycles,


The Four Yugas, Aeons, Krutha, Tretha,Dwapara and Kali repeat themselves without end.


One approach to establishing the Multi verses is from the angle of the Atomic structure.

Vishnu with Multi Verse.jpg

Vishnu with Multi Verse.


Please refer my posts under Multiverses.


The other is to find it at the Macro level.


The description of the Universe in the Hindu Puranas are quite detailed and they explain that there are many worlds with beings, that they intermingled, fought with each other.


Please refer my post Aliens in Ramayana, Mahabharata,Hinduism.


The description of the Constellations and their shifting movements  as explained in the Hindu system is validated by modern Astronomy.


Our Pole Star shifts and so all the other stars with respect to our Sun.


The Universe contains billions of Stars and they their Planetary Systems.


Just as our Stars shift position in relation to our Sun, the billion Stars of the Universe shift.


The term Adhitya refers to Sun in Hinduism.


There are twelve Adhityas and Vishnu one among them.


He , as I explained in my post ‘Vishnu once in 6480 years, Astronomy Precession  Equinox,’ emerges once in 6480 years with the changing Great Year, Yuga.


The Devi Mahatmiya describes that the Devi takes the Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra around the Universe and shows them numerous Brahmas, Visnus and Shivas at work, before reaching Chintamani Gruha of the Devi.


Please read my post on Chintamani Gruha.


Now these countless Suns, having their own planets follow their own Laws, some  physical laws are the same as ours,


People existing there travel among them, including the Earth.


As the Physical laws there are different so is the definition of Life.


The composition of Life there may be different from ours, they mayor need not have the basis Hydrogen,helium or Carbon as the building block of Life.


May be they might not need Amino Acids.


I am providing an excerpt.


The idea of a physical multiverse came later to physics than it did to religion and philosophy. The Hindu religion has ancient concepts that are similar. The term itself was, apparently, first applied by a psychologist, rather than a physicist.

Concepts of a multiverse are evident in the cyclical infinite worlds of ancient Hindu cosmology. In this viewpoint, our world is one of an infinite number of distinct worlds, each governed by its own gods on their own cycles of creation and destruction.

The word multiverse was originated by American psychologist William James in 1895 (the word “moral” is excluded from some citations of this passage):

“Visible nature is all plasticity and indifference, a [moral] multiverse, as one might call it, and not a [moral] universe.”

The phrase rose in prominence throughout the 20th century, when it was used regularly in science fiction and fantasy, notably in the work of author Michael Moorcock (though some sources attribute the word to the earlier work of author and philosopher John Cowper Powys in the 1950s). It is now a common phrase within these genres.

According to MIT cosmologist Max Tegmark, there are four levels of parallel universes:

  • Level 1: An infinite universe that, by the laws of probability, must contain another copy of Earth somewhere

  • Level 2: Other distant regions of space with different physical parameters, but the same basic laws

  • Level 3: Other universes where each possibility that can exist does exist, as described by the many worlds interpretation (MWI) of quantum physics

  • Level 4: Entirely distinct universes that may not even be connected to ours in any meaningful way and very likely have entirely different fundamental physical laws

Tegmark’s approach is one of the few attempts to comprehensively categorize the concepts of parallel universes in a scientific (or, as some see it, pseudoscientific) context. The full text of Tegmark’s 2003 paper on this topic is available at his MIT website, for those who don’t believe that these concepts are scientific. (They may not be scientific, but at least they’re unscientific musings by a scientist.)





Vishnu Once in 6480 Years Astronomy Precession Equinoxes

In Astrophysics, Hinduism on November 18, 2014 at 09:25

Hinduism and Indian Philosophy have Scared Texts and legends.


The texts are both allegorical and facts.


For instance, the description of Patala refers to the physical location of a place inside/underneath the earth, it also denotes a stage of mental degradation.

Pole Star ,Dhruva Nakshatra.Precssion of Equinoxes.jpg

Pole Star ,Dhruva Nakshatra.Precssion of Equinoxes.


Similarly the Saptha Rishi Mandal, or the Great Bear Constellation is a fact and it also refers to the Rishis of yore.


The Pole Star is Dhruva. the Loka granted by Vishnu to the Child Dhruva.


The astronomical events are cloaked in legends and Puranas.

Sishumara of the Sun with the positions of the Stars that change.jpg.

Sishumara of the Sun with the positions of the Stars that change.


What is unique is that they are real and also allegorical in describing celestial events.


Let us look into some of these.


The Post of Indra, the chief of Devas and Dhruva is ex officio.


Indra changes in every Yuga, that is the Post of Indra is constant while the person who occupies the place changes.


It is said that who does certain Yagas like the Aswamedha Yagas successfully becomes an Indra, dethroning the present incumbent.


Severe penance also warrants these results.


So Indra disturbs those who engage in these activities.


Now coming to Astronomy.


Time takes a toll on everything in the Universe.


If affects people and non living things.


People age so  also the Rocks etc.


There are two aspects of Time, one is so minute that you do not notice it and the changes effected by it, like Micro seconds, nano seconds and seconds,minutes.


Even changes that occur hourly can be known only with the help of special instruments.


The other aspect of Time is it is so huge to be comprehended, like a light year or AU, Astronomical Unit that is equal to the distance traveled by Light in a Year.


One can not see this as this is a huge number and one may not be alive to see the change by oneself.


Such huge numbers are involved in the Universe in respect of formation of Stars,Galaxies .


Now all of us know the Earth has two movements, one spinning on its own Axis and another moving around the Sun.


The movement around the Sun’s signs by the earth is so slow that it is not noticeable.


Also because of the movement of the Earth and the Stars and other Celestial objects these objects change their  relative places.


To put it simply, Stars change positions as also the Earth, taking the Sun as a reference point.


That the Sun also moves and there are many Suns is a different issue and I shall be posting on the implications.


This movement of the Earth in the Zodiacal Signs of the Sun is called the Precession of the Equinoxes.


Put it simply the Stars change places over a period of Time(long time)


The Pole Star, the Dhruva Nakshatra is taken as a reference in Hinduism and it changes its place once in approximately 26000 years.


This corresponds to one basic Yuga, the Kali Yuga.


According to Vishnu Purana Dhruva changes  every Yuga like Indra, Saptha Rishis(Great Bear Constellation), along with the others in the Universe .


And the ten Avatars of Vishnu represent these Celestial changes.


“THE PRECESSION OF THE EQUINOXES is what determines the movement of the Ages backwards through the constellations. It can be understood through the analogy of the Earth spinning like a top, with the Sun and Moon pulling on its equatorial bulge. This gravitational influence creates a wobble, resulting in the precession or the shifting of the equinoctial points with respect to the stars. The north celestial pole describes a small circle with a radius of 23.5 degrees around the north ecliptic pole, with a consequent westward drift of the equinoxes – the two points where the celestial equator crosses the ecliptic. This is not to be confused with the movement of the Earth respective to the ecliptic of the Sun that occurs every year around March 21st, a movement that ever recurs on that date. What is here spoken of is the greater circle upon which the “ayanamsha” or ‘ascendant of the Earth’ is traced, and which coincides with the annual equinoctial point every 25,920 years. Set against the backdrop of the Zodiac, it takes the Earth 25, 920 years to make a “Complete Round” of the 12 astrological signs and 2,160 years to complete one astrological Age….


The Precessional Cycle was described by the Greek astronomer Hipparchus, in the Second century BC. but it seems to have been known in the ancient Vedic culture as well. In past millennia, astrologer priests known as Rishis developed precise formulas for calculating the cosmic cycles, and wove their celestial equations into the fabric of their myths and legends. Principal among these cosmological parables was the “Line of Ten Avatars”. According to tradition, Vishnu, one of the principle deities of the Hindu trinity takes birth at particular points in the cosmic cycle which correspond to the earth’s passage through the ‘Fixed’ zodiacal ages. Vishnu appears every 6,480 years at the commencement of the signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. He appears at the behest of a suffering world and comes to destroy evil and injustice and reestablish the eternal truths of the Sanatana Dharma. The Bhagavad Gita, one of India’s most sacred scriptures, reveals something of this cosmic process in Krishna’s dialogue with Arjuna. Krishna tells his disciple:

‘Whenever the world declineth in virtue and righteousness; and vice and injustice mount the throne, then cometh I, the Lord and revisit my world in visible form, and mingleth as a man with men, and by my influence and teachings do I destroy the evil and injustice and reestablish virtue and righteousness. Many times have I thus appeared, and many times hereafter shall I come again.’…



http://decodehindumythology.blogspot.in/search/label/Black%20Holes%20and%20Bhagavatam ( Image Credit)

Earth Is Hollow Science Hinduism ?

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The Puranas of the Hindus, they are eighteen in number, might differ among themselves in the narration some events recorded.


But all the Puaranas are uniform in asserting that the Earth, called Jambudweepa is elliptical, egg shaped.

Cosmos in Hinduism,.jpg

Cosmos in Hinduism,


While explaining the evolution of the Universe the Puranas describe the Universe as being a shell within a shell.


They also describe the Seven Lokas, places of existence.


Our Earth is in the middle and we have tree above  and two below us.


Those that are below are the dwelling places of  Rakshasas and others.


The place called Patala and two more are reported to be extremely hot.


Please read my post on the Seven Lokas Hinduism .


Scroll down for Video.


Consider the following facts from Hinduism, some of which have been archaeologically verified, while some are being checked up.


1.The Universe is more than two billion years old.

2.There have been Giants and Pygmies.

3.There were super continents, like Lemuria, Atlantis.

4.There have been three recorded Tsunamis on the Earth.

5.Lord Rama’s ancestor Vaivaswatha Manu migrated from the South to North.

6.Recorded in the Ramayana are the adventures of Rakshasas in the Patala Loka.

“There are certain narrations in Mahabharata, that defies any rational explanations. Some examples are explanations about flying vehicles (Vimanas), Arjuna’s travels in a flying chariot across the Himalayas, his visit of the Deva territories (ancient alien base-camp in Tibet?), his battle with the Nivata Kavachas (men in space-suits?), Salwa’s attack of the city of Dwaraka in a flying city named Saubha, the triple space-cities of Asuras that revolved around Earth in three circular orbits that was destroyed by Siva using a single projectile weapon, the flying craft of Uparichara Vasu, the Puspaka-Vimana used by Kuvera, Ravana, Vibhishana and Rama,”

(ancient voice.wikidot)

7.Arjuna fought with Beings from the Patala Loka near the North Pole(Mahabharata)

8.The Rig Veda was composed in the North Pole.

9.Mount Meru is in te North Pole.

10.People traveled through the North Pole and interacted with people who lived down in the Patala Loka.


I can add more, but This would suffice.


You may read my posts on all these in this site under Hinduism.


Now let us see what evidence and science have to say on this fact that the Earth Is hollow.


n February 1947 Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd was in charge of a massive operation in the Arctic that was called Operation High jump and he was a man who was given the Medal of Honor that is the highest military decoration awarded by the United States government. In that period Admiral Richard E. Byrd together with Admiral Forrestal, who was a member of the Majestic Twelve those had a great Alien related knowledge, had the opportunity to fly unexpectedly to the land beyond the North pole and for the first and last time to visit the Hollow Earth. Admiral Forrestal was appointed in 1947 by President Harry S. Truman as  the first United States Secretary of Defense.


Photos that today in the year of 2011 are showing us through satellites some of the entrances into the Hollow Earth in Antarctica (South Pole ) and some unexplained  and mysterious hidden locations in the in North Pole, probably including among them the entrance that Admiral Byrd had entered the Hollow Earth in 1947 to the land beyond the North pole where he wrote his log-book that has been kept secret and away from publication and from the entire world by the USA or other governments.”

You mat read more at http://www.phfawcettsweb.org/hollowlearth.htm

The Hollow Earth Theory states that the earth is not a solid sphere with a central, hot magma which is yet to cool, but a hollow sphere that has a thick crust of landmass only around the circumference, with openings at the north and south poles. There is an ‘inner sun’ at the centre of the earth. The ring of land crust is supposed to be between 600 and 800 miles in thickness and the polar openings between 100 and 1400 miles in diameter. This leaves a space of over 7000 miles at the centre, which is hollow.

In direct contravention to the proportion of land and water mass being of the ratio 1:4 on the surface, the inner crust has this proportion in the ration 4:1, that is, four-fifths of land and only one-fifth of water. The reason for this reversal is that the floors of the surface oceans are actually landmass on the inner side!

A unique feature of this theory is that it logically confronts the currently accepted solid earth theory, with facts that orthodox science has overlooked. The adherents of this theory point to its origins in the religious myths throughout the world, the science fiction works of the 17th and 18th centuries, and the ‘anomalies’ found during the Arctic expeditions undertaken over the last two centuries.

Some of these adherents subscribe to the thinking that a whole civilization
of prosperous, peaceful and technologically more advanced humans live in a world of highly evolved vegetable and animal life sustained by the ‘inner sun’ of the hollow earth, on the vast continents of land mass that form the inner side of the surface world we are living.

There are also people who think that the stories of dark entities such as the werevolves, vampires, ghosts and other ghastly creatures that are said to occupy the caverns under the earth might have some element of truth in them.

Hollow Earth and the Puranas

There are Puranic evidences that are said to point to a civilization inside the hollow earth. Some of them include:

1. Sons of Sagara and the Patala Ganga (Brahmanda Purana)

Indra had stolen the sacrificial horse of King Sagara which he had kept for the ashvamedha yajna (sacrifice ritual using a horse). In their search for the horse, the sons of Sagara came to a Northern ocean, which they crossed, and entered the interior of the earth. There they found the horse in the hermitage of Kapila Rishi. They mistook that it was the Rishi who stole the horse and disturbed his tapas (meditation). The angered Rishi burnt all the 60,000 of them to ashes with a curse. The horse was later found by the grandson of King Sagara and the asvamedha yajna was completed. Finally, it was Bhagiratha, a descendant of the late King Sagara who performed intense tapas and brought the Ganga River to the world and then to the Palata Loka where she washed the sins of the sons and liberated them.

2. Kalki Avatar of Lord Vishnu

Srimad Bhagavtam states in Canto 12, chapter 2, Text 18:

brahmanasya mahatmanah
bhavane visnuyasasah
kalkih pradurbhavisyati

According to this verse, Lord Vishnu will take the Kalki Avatar at the Sambhala village at the end of Kali Yuga to establish the oncoming Satya Yuga. Padma Purana (6.242.8-12) also mentions that the name of the village is Sambhala. This village is supposed not to exist today, but to be be born in due time, from the inner earth. The Tibetan lore speaks of a city named Shamballa which they consider to be in the interior of the earth on the Himalayas. Thus the Satya Yuga with its truly Vedic civilization will be established on the surface of the earth from its interior.

3. Parasurama’s Connection

Srimad Bhagavatam states in Canto 9, Chapter 16, Text 21 that Sri Parasurama, after wiping out the kshatriya clan off the face of the earth, performed a yajna (sacrifice) to bring his father back to life.

“After completing the sacrifice, Lord Parasurama gave the eastern
direction to the hota as a gift, the south to the brahma, the west to the
adhvaryu, the north to the udgata, and the four corners–northeast,
southeast, northwest and southwest–to the other priests. He gave the
middle to Kasyapa and the place known as Aryavarta to the upadrasta.
Whatever remained he distributed among the sadasyas, the associate

Hollow Earth theory adherents say that the term ‘madhyatah’ in the above verse might mean the central or innter portion of the earth (that Sri Parasurama gave to Kasyapa Rishi), but this seems to be a far-fetched idea, as the verse is clear as to what parts of the earth he gave as gifts to the rishis.

However, the Hindi TV serial on Vishnu Puranam showed Sri Parasurama springing up from the interior of the earth to kill a kshatriya king.

4. Abduction of Duryodhana

Vana-parva of Mahabharata describes a battle waged by Karna and Duryodhana with the Gandharvas in a forest. Duryodhana was defeated and captured by the Gandharvas until he was rescued by Arjuna, his archenemy. Humilated, Duryodhana decided to give up his life doing tapas and fasting unto death. The Danavas found this out, created a powerful woman named Kritya, using whom they brought Duryodhana to their nether world (bila-svarga). They explained to Duryodhana that he was born out of a yajna (sacrifice) to please Lord Shiva, that his friend Karna was Narkasura in his earlier birth who was hostile to Vishnu and that their purpose was to defeate the Pandavas. The Danavas also assured that great warriors like Drona and Bhishma would be influenced by them to fight the war remaining on his side. The whole episodes seemed like a dream to Duryodhana.

Strangely, the Hollow Earth theorists attribute this episode to be typical of a UFO encounter! This is because they think that the origin of the UFOs is from the interior earth through the polar openings. They point out the similarities thus (Ref: http://www.holloworbs.com/abduction_of_duryodhana.htm):

1. A strange being takes Duryodhana bodily to another location, where he has a meeting with other strange beings.
2. Mystical or higher-dimensional transport is used.
3. The strange beings have human form, but look ‘gruesome’. Certainly they are ‘aliens’.
4. These beings have been guiding Duryodhana’s life from the very beginning.
5. They designed his body so that he would be impervious to weapons. Thus they apparently engaged in genetic manipulations, or something similar.
6. The aliens were planning to manipulate human beings through mind control.
7. After his interview, Duryodhana returned to the spot where he was taken, and after settling him down, his captor disappeared.
8. After the experience, it seemed to be a dream.
9. There are accounts in the UFO literature which parallel the story of Duryodhana.

5. Arctic Home of the Vedas
(Ref: http://www.holloworbs.com/Arctic_Home_Vedas.htm)

Bala Gangadhar Tilak (1856-1920), a key participant in India’s freedom struggle was a vedic scholar and researches. He published his findings in a book titled The Arctic Home of The Vedas in 1903. In this book he quotes the authority of Vedas and states that the original Arctic home of humanity was destroyed around 10,000 – 8,000 BCE by the last Ice Age, and that from 8,000 – 3000 BCE, was the ‘Age of Wandering’, before they Vedic people finally settled in India between 5,000 – 3000 BCE.

In chapter four, page 57 of the book, Tilak writes:



We shall therefore, next quote the Mahabharat, which gives such a clear description of Mount Meru, the lord of the mountains, as to leave no doubt its being the North Pole, or possessing the Polar characteristics. In chapters 163 and 164 of Vanaparvan, Arjuna’s visit to the mount is described in detail and we are therein told, ‘at Meru the Sun and the Moon go round from left to right ( Pradadakshinam ) every day and so do all the stars.’ From the normal, inhabited longitudes on the surface of the earth, the Sun and Moon don’t rise and travel left and right, only above one’s head. According to how one turns, the rising could be left or right, frontal or from the back. Only from the Arctic could the rising of the Sun be from left to right, and it can ONLY be from left to right. So what region is being referred to in this description of Meru’s placement?”

The Ramayana one of the most famous texts of India, tells the story of the great avatar, Rama. It describes Rama as “an emissary from *Agartha” who arrived on a Vimana. In India there is an ancient belief, still held by some, in a subterranean race of serpent people who dwell in the cities Patala and Bhogavati. According to the legend, they wage war on the kingdom of Agharta. “The Nagas,” according to “The Deep Dwellers,” “are described as a very advanced race or species, with a highly-developed technology. They also harbor a disdain for human beings, whom they are said to abduct, torture, interbreed with and even to eat.”

The Entrances. While the entrance to Bhogavati is somewhere in the Himalayas, believers assert that Patala can be entered through the Well of Sheshna in Benares, India. Says William Michael Mott in “The Deep Dwellers”: “According to herpetologist and author Sherman A. Minton, as stated in his book Venomous Reptiles, this entrance is very real, with forty steps which descend into a circular depression, to terminate at a closed stone door which is covered in bas-relief cobras.

*I am yet to find ‘Agartha’ in Sanskrit version.


If the core of the Earth is too hot and it is increases  dramatically during Solar Flares to such an extent  that it could have destroyed the Earth.

It has not happened.

There is no satisfactory explanation for the Google Maps anomaly  in the North Pole( I shall be posting on this).

Science , at best, in my view,  is a working Hypothesis.That’s all consider the volte face science has done in all the fields.

Legends and Puranas may also be accorded the same consideration while formulating theories and await further evidence to surface.

They may be taken as pointers to facts and may be kept in mind for referral while formulating a Theory instead of condemning them.







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