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Corporate Employee, Use and Throw.

In lifestyle on September 6, 2014 at 20:27

You start with five-figure salary, in some cases, six figures.


You are provided with free lunch vouchers.



You have subsidized canteen.


You get a cab to pick you up near your residence or in some cases from your residence.


You get Bonus, stock options.


You get free parties at company’s expense.


You get medical coverage, your Phone, Mobile Charges are reimbursed/subsidized.


You get ow interest housing advance.


You are provided with recreation facilities at your work place.


Even a Creche!


You stand to go abroad.


You can work from Home.




Your working timings are not fixed.


Your lifestyle is determined by others.


You are on call  24 hours  a Day 365 days a Year.


You report to too many people.


You are an assembly line worker.


You have targets which have no rationale, which are determined only by the Profit the Project earns for the Company.


In the guise of Motivational lectures, you are not consulted about what you can and what must be done.


You agree to every thing because of only Money.


Targets are to be met, period.


You are as good as your last deadline.


You are kept in ‘bench’, in simple English the Company has no use for you for the present.


Neither the company nor you have any idea about your future.


You are rewarded, of course, when you deliver,


When you fail….


Unceremoniously kicked out.


No human sentiments even if some is dying.


No personal bonding, despite lectures and HRs.


Are you a sugarcane to be used fully and thrown out?


Are you a use and throw material?


PS. the writer was in Senior Management Positions in MNCs, knows what he is talking about.


I am pained at the sufferings of the Youngsters.


Pity is that they are no even aware they are selling their freedom.


Rate of Divorces and Suicides are high in IT.


Simple answer touted, ‘Stress’


Stressed by what?


Think and LIVE.





Infant Infections Death Balarishta Karuka Homa

In Health, Hinduism on September 1, 2014 at 11:01

Infants upto the age of five years suffer from a lot of unspecified infections, diseases,disorders and many die.


Most of the medicines prescribed for Infants are only supportive in nature and a cure.



And modern Medicine has a name if the reason for the disease is not known.




The medicine that is prescribed for Allergies are some times allergic themselves!..


When I was young I used to fall sick frequently and medicines were of no avail.


I heard from my parents that they used to perform Ayush Homa, on the day of my birth star , till my fifth year.


I have been cured of the frequent diseases, my parents used to say.


As an aside, Hindus do not celebrate Birth days,possibly because one year gone is that much nearer to death!


However Sastras say that Ayush Homa is to be performed for the child till it completes five years.


This is prevent Infant Mortality  and to ward of infections and unknown diseases.


There is also Balarishta.


Balarishta is the Sanskrit word that means infant mortality, but astrologically it actually indicates a Dosha, a misfortune more in terms of ill-health during infancy and childhood than of any other kind of adversity that can strike a person at that age. Therefore, it is an affliction in the Natal Chart or Query Chart, an ava-yoga (evil yoga), which need not necessarily indicate early death, for death occurs only if the planetary infliction is severe and there are no other yogas indicating a longer term of life counter – acting Balarishta Dosha.[2] In Astrology the most difficult task is the determination of one’s age i.e. span of life, time of death and Balarishta.


Whether one believes in Astrology or not, every one wants the Infant to be healthy and safe from Diseases.


One does not lose anything by performing certain Poojas to ward off this..


Karuka(Cyndon dactylon),அருகம்புல் Homa may be performed at Guruvayoor Krishna temple.


Visit the Link for details.


Narayana Mantra by Asvinikumaras For Fortune Health

In Hinduism on August 26, 2014 at 17:18

Asvini Devas,twins, are the sons of Sangya, Goddess of Clouds, daughter of Viswakarma,The Divine Architect and Surya, the Sun God, in His Avatar as Vivasvat.


Another version says it is Chaya,Shadow, is their mother,father is Surya.



That Sangya seems to be correct.


Asvini Devas are Divine healers and Gods of Ayurvedic Medicine.


Nakula ans Saha Deva of Mahabharata were born of Pandu’s wife Matri and Asvini Devas.


“They are also called Nasatya (dual nāsatyau “kind, helpful”) in the Rigveda; later, Nasatya is the name of one twin, while the other is called Dasra (“enlightened giving”). By popular etymology, the name nāsatya is often incorrectly analysed as na+asatya “not untrue”=”true”.

The Ashvins can be compared with the Dioscuri (the twins Castor and Pollux) of Greek and Roman mythology, and especially to the divine twins Ašvieniai of the ancient Baltic religion”..


The Ashvins are mentioned 376 times in the Rigveda, with 57 hymns specifically dedicated to them: 1.3, 1.22, 1.34, 1.46-47, 1.112, 1.116-120 (c.f. Vishpala), 1.157-158, 1.180-184, 2.20, 3.58, 4.43-45, 5.73-78, 6.62-63, 7.67-74, 8.5, 8.8-10, 8.22, 8.26, 8.35, 8.57, 8.73, 8.85-87, 10.24, 10.39-41, 10.143.(wiki)


They have Horse ‘s face and are reported to be very handsome.


They heal and prevent misfortune.


Asvini Kumaras, under instructions from Marthanda, a name for Surya, worshiped Narayana.


Lord Narayana gave Darsahn to them.


This mantra wil ward off misfortune and prvent diseases.


It is also said to cure serious ailments.


Narayna Mantra by Asvini Devas.


“Namastey Nishkriya Nishprapancha Nirashraya Nirapeksha, Niralamba Nirguna Niraloka Niradhara Nirjara Nirakara-Brahman Maha Brahman Brahmanapriya Purusha Maha Puroshottama-Deva Maha Devottam Sthano Sthitasthapaka, Bhuta Maha Bhuta Bhutadhipati Yaksha Maha Yaksha Yakshadhipatey-Griha Maha Grihatipatey Sowmya Maha Sowmya Sowmyadhipathey, Pakshi Mahapakshapathey Ditya Maha Dityadhi pathey-Rudra Maha Rudradhipathey Vishnu Maha Vishnupathey, Parameswara Narayana Prajapathaye Namah-Evam Stuthastada Thabhyama Sivabhyam sa Prajapathih, Thrutosha Paramapreetya Vakyamcheda mukhavachah-Varam Varayatham Sheeghram Daivaih Paramadurlabham, yena me varadaaney’charathastridivam Sukham’.


Asvini kumaras Varaha Purana Version.


‘Sage Mahatapa explained to Prajapal how Aswini Kumars were born. Marichi was Brahma’s son and Kashyap was the son of Marichi. Kashyap and Aditi begot Twelve ‘Adityas’ (Suns). [According to Vishnupurana the Adityas were Amsa, Aryaman, Bhaga, Dhuti, Mitra, Pusan, Sakra, Savitur, Twastha, Varuna, Vishnu/Vamana, Vaivaswat; Martand too was known as one of these, but Aditi appeared to have disowned him?] Martand wedded Viswakarma’s daughter Sangya and begot two children-Yama and Yami. Sangya was unable to bear the extreme heat of Martand, thus created her shadow counterpart with instructions to serve her husband in all ways and left for a place known as Uttarkuru. Eventually Martand came to know the truth, discovered her in the form of a mare, married her and gave birth to two Aswini Kumars! Martand instructed the sons to dedicate themselves in the worship of Narayana and after severe ‘Tapasya’by incessantly uttering ‘Narayana Mantra’ which was taught by Martand, Prajapati Narayan was finally pleased to appear Himself before them. When King Prajapal desired to learn the Mantra from the Sage Mahatapa, the latter obliged and recited it.





Mantra Cure Epilepsy Leprosy Piles Urinary Infections

In Hinduism on August 19, 2014 at 11:29

Epliepsy,Leprosy,TB,Piles,Urinary Infectiions, Renal Failure,


These are some of the diseases we do not have a Medicine to cure these illnesses.


For Epilepsy and Grand mal Seizure  Cardinal group of Medicines and for Grand mal Seizure group of Medicines belonging to Eptoin are prescribed.


The shocking part is that none of the Physicians know that why these occur(generally mal emission of electrical impulses in the Brain, none know why this happens and the treatment is only symptomatic) nor how the prescribed medicines control the disease or what the side effects of these medicines will produce.



This has been confirmed to me by a top Neurophysician of the world, who happens to be my close friend.


Piles, all of us know there is no cure despite tall claims.


TB, well, it has been controlled, eradicated, yet it occurs..!


Urine infections and Kidney failure, again a supportive treatment.




No known cure.


That’s all.


We have  a Mantra which is potent to ward off , cure these diseases.


This is from Subrahmanya Bhujanga by Adi Shankaracharya.



अपस्मारकुष्टक्षयार्शः प्रमेह_
ज्वरोन्मादगुल्मादिरोगा महान्तः
पिशाचाश्च सर्वे भवत्पत्रभूतिं
विलोक्य क्षणात्तारकारे द्रवन्ते ॥२५॥
Apasmaara-Kusstta-Kssaya-Arshah Prameha_
Jvaro[a-U]nmaada-Gulma-Adi-Rogaa Mahaantah |
Pishaacaash-Ca Sarve Bhavat-Patra-Bhuutim
Vilokya Kssannaat-Taaraka-Are Dravante



25.1: (Salutations to Sri Subramanya) Apasmara (Epilepsy), Kussttha (Leprosy), Kssaya (Consumption), Arsha (Piles),Prameha (Urinary diseases like Diabetes), …
25.2:Jwara (Fever), Unmada (Madness, Insanity), Gulma (Enlargement of Spleen or other glands in the abdomen) and other formidable Diseases, …
25.3: … as also all types of Pisachas (Evil Spirits), … (when) in Your Bibhuti (Sacred Ash) contained in a Leaf, …
25.4:sees You, Who is the Enemy of the formidable Taraka (i.e demon Tarakasura), they hasten to Run awayImmediately.



Begin in a Sukla Paksha, waxing Moon, on Chaturthi,Panchami, Shashti, Saptahmi,Dasami or Ekadasi. 4,5,6.7.10 or 11th day from the New Moon.


108 times a Day.


For 45 Days.


In the mornings.


Naivedya, whatvevr is convenient.


On the day of completion, prepare Sakkari  Pongal and offer as Naivedya.


You will see the results.

Hymn For Cancer Amrutha Sanjeevana Dhanvathri Stuthi

In Hinduism on July 21, 2014 at 08:33

Some diseases like Cancer are more worrisome.


Despite various treatments like Chemotherapy,Radiation Therapy, the concern persists.


May be what I say is unpalatable, the fact is that of the efficacy of these treatments and the cure they are likely to effect, Doctors are as much in the dark as the patients, the patients admit the fact, Doctors do not admit it openly.

In these cases, one turns to God.


I have posted The Mrutha Sanjeevani Mantra to get relief from Mental stress and tensions,


This is addressed to Lord Shiva.


Lord Dhanvantri, the First Doctor, an Avatar of Vishnu, who rose from the Ocean is the Perfect source to address these types of health issues.


The Amrutha Sanjeevana Mantra.


Lord Dhanvantri.jpg

Lord Dhanvantri.


“Translated by

(Lord Dhanvanthari Rose up from the ocean of milk when it was churned holding in his hand , a pot of nectar . He is considered as another form of Lord Vishnu and also considered as the doctor for all universe. The Sanskrit original of this stotam taken from Sudarsana Samhitha is available in
https://docs.google.com/file/d/0ByHsyol17T5XMkF3SEQ1Z0hZNzg/edit?pli=1 )

1.Namo nama viswa vibhavanaya,namo nama loka sukha pradaya,
Namo nama viswa srujeswaraya, namo nama mukthi vara pradhaya.

Salutations to him who looked after the world ,
Salutations to him who kept the people of the world in pleasant state,
Salutations to the god who maintained the world ,
Salutations to the God who gives boons of salvation.

2.Namo Namaste akhila lokapayaa, namo Namaste akhila loka dhaya,
Namo Namaste Akhila karanaya , namo Namaste Akhila loka rakshakaya

Salutations to the God who is the reason of arrival of all worlds,
Salutations to the God who gave us all the worlds,
Salutations to the God who is the cause of all,
Salutations to the God who protects all the world.

3.Namo Namaste akhila loka harthre , namo Namaste viruja prakathre,
Namo Namaste Akhila viswa dharthre, namo Namaste Akhila loka mathre

Salutations to the God who destroys all the worlds,
Salutations to the God who caused the land of cattle herds
Salutations to the God who carries all the worlds,
Salutations to him who is more powerful than all the worlds.

4.Srushtam deva characharam jagadhidham , brahma swaroopena they,
Sarva thath paripalyathje jagadhidham Vishnu swaroopena they,
Viswam saheeyathe thadeva nikhilam Rudra swaroopena they,
SAmsichya amrutha seekarair hara maharishtam chiram jeevaya.

Oh God you created the world with moving and non moving beings in the form of Brahma,
And looked after that entire world in the form of Lord Vishnu,
And destroyed all that mighty worlds in the form of Rudra,
And by sprinkling nectar all over and destroyed the great sufferings and made us live long.

5.Yo Dhanvanthari samgnayaa nighadhitha ksheerabdhitho nisrutho,
Hasthaabhyaam jana jeevanaabhya kalasam peeyusha poorna dadhat,
Ayurveda mareerachaj janarujaam naasaya sa thwam mudhaa,
Samsinchyamrutha seekarair hara maharishtam chiram jeevaya.

He rose from the ocean of milk , which was churned with the name Dhanvanthri,
Holding in his hand a pot full of lives of people and gave it to us,
And with great joy he gave the science of Ayurveda for destroying sickness of people,
And by sprinkling nectar all over he destroyed the great sufferings and made us live long.

6.Sthree roopam vara bhooshanambara daram trilokya sammohanam,
Kruthwaa paayayathi sma y asura ganaan peeyusham athyuthamam,
Chakre daithya ganaan sudhaa virahithaan sammohya sa thwam mudhaa,
Samsinchyamrutha seekarair hara maharishtam chiram jeevaya.

Feminine form, , ornamented , clad in silk , most attractive of the three worlds,
He was Making for the group of devas the very great nectar,
Indra, devas who were starved for nectar were joyfully attracted to him,’
And by sprinkling nectar all over he destroyed the great sufferings and made us live long.

7.Chakshusu oshadhi samplaava bhoovedapa jasha krutha ,
Sincha sinchathmrutha kanai chiram jeevaya jeevaya .

From his eyes medicinal herbs ebbed out and in the earth and they became the forest,
He sprinkled them with the drops of nectar , so that all would live and live long

8.Prushta mandhara nirghoona nidraksha kamataakruthe,
Sincha sinchamrutha kanai chiram jeevaya jeevaya..

When the Mandhara at his back tumbled , he saved it in the form of a tortoise,
He sprinkled it with the drops of nectar , so that all would live and live long

9.Daroddhara Hiranyaksha gathe krodakruthe prabho,
Sincha sinchamrutha kanai chiram jeevaya jeevaya..

When the Lord who went as a boar in the path taken by Hiranyaksha who stole the earth,
He sprinkled it with the drops of nectar , so that all would live and live long

10.Bhaktha thrasa vinasaathaa chandathwa nruhare Prabho,
Sincha sinchamrutha kanai chiram jeevaya jeevaya..

For destroying the sorrow of your devotee, the God came as man lion with warmth, Oh Lord .
He sprinkled it with the drops of nectar , so that all would live and live long.

11.Yaganchala bali thrasa muktha nirjara Vamana,
Sincha sinchamrutha kanai chiram jeevaya jeevaya..

The young Vamana removed the anxiety to Mahanbali in the Yaga place and gave him freedom,
He sprinkled it with the drops of nectar , so that all would live and live long.

12.Kshtriyaranya sancheda kutara kara rainuka,
Sincha sinchamrutha kanai chiram jeevaya jeevaya..

The son of Renuka armed an axe cut the forest of Kshatriyas,
He sprinkled it with the drops of nectar , so that all would live and live long.

13.Raksho raja prathapa Abdhi soshanasuga Raghava,
Sincha sinchamrutha kanai chiram jeevaya jeevaya..

The great king Raghava protected by draining out the sea and moving the army,
He sprinkled it with the drops of nectar , so that all would live and live long.

14.Bhoobarasura sandoha Kalagne Rukmanipathe,
Sincha sinchamrutha kanai chiram jeevaya jeevaya.

The consort of Rukhmani who like a forest fire destroyed the asuras who filled the world,
He sprinkled it with the drops of nectar , so that all would live and live long

15.Veda marga rathaan arha vibrahnthyai Budha roopa drik,
Sincha sinchamrutha kanai chiram jeevaya jeevaya.

As Buddha he steered away the chariot travelling in the path of Veda , from madness,
He sprinkled it with the drops of nectar , so that all would live and live long

16.Kali varnasramaa spashta dharma ddharyai Kalki roopa Baak,
Sincha sinchamrutha kanai chiram jeevaya jeevaya.

The God in the form of Kalki who made the varnasrama of kali age in to clear path of Dharma,
He sprinkled it with the drops of nectar , so that all would live and live long

17.Aasadhya kashta sadhyaa ye maharoga bhayankara,
Cchindhi thaanaasu chakrena chiram jeevaya jevaya.

As God he cut off the terrible diseases which are difficult,
And hard to cure, by his holy wheel, live, long live.

18.Alpa mruthyum chaa apamrutyum mahothpaadath upadravaan,
Bhindhi bhindhi gadhagathou , chiram jeevaya jeevaya

As god he powdered the troubles caused by epidemics causing,
Untimely deaths as well as some bad deaths by his mace , live, long live

19.Aham na jaane kimapi thwadanyath,
Samaasraye Nadha paadambujam they,
Kurushva thadhan manaseepsitham they,
Sukarmana kena samakshameeyam.

I do not know anybody except you,
In this life except your lotus like feet,
Please get done whatever you think is fit,
And by your good deeds in front of all our eyes.

20.Thwameva thatho, Janani thwameva ,
Thwameva nadhas cha thwameva bandhu,
Vidhyaa dhanagara kulam thwamaiva,
Thwameva sarvam mama deva deva.

You are my father , you are my mother,
You are my lord, You are my relative,
You are education, money and clan,
Oh God of gods, you are my everything

21.Na may aparadham pravalokaya prabho,
Aparadha sindhoscha dhayanidhisthwam, Thathena dushtopi sutha surakshayathe ,
Dhayaluthaa they avathu sarvadhaa asmaan.

Oh Lord please do not bother about my mistakes,
Among the several forest of errors committed, Oh treasure of mercy,
For , the father protects the son from bad people ,
And be merciful always on me.

22.Ahaha vismara nadha na maam sadhaa,
Karunayaa nijayaa paripooritha , Bhuvi bhavan yadi may nahi rakshaka,
Kadam aho jeevana mathra vai.

Oh Lord do not ever forget me,
And always complete me with your mercy,
In this earth if you are not the protector,
What is the way out in this life for me.

23Daha daha krupayaa vyadhi jaalam visalam,
Hara hara kara baalam cha alpa mruthyo karalam,
Nija nija paripalam thwaam bhaje bhaavayaalam,
Kuru kuru bahu kalam jeevitham may sadaalam.

Burn, burn the net of diseases which are broad,
Destroy, destroy the horrible premature death by your hands,
As you are the true protector and I sing about your greatness,
Make, make my hands strong and make life for a long time.

Kleem sreem Kleem Sreem namo Bhagawathe Janardhanaya,
Sakala durithaani nasaya nasaya , ksmoum aarogyam kuru kuru,
Hreem deergamayur dehi swahaa

Kleem sreem Kleem sreem My salutations to God Janardhana ,
Destroy destroy all sufferings, Ksmoum give , give me health
Hreem Give me long life

The result of chanting

25.Asya dharadho jaapaadh alpa mruthyu prasamyathi
Garbha raksha karam streenaam , balanam jeevanam param

If this is worn or chanted , untimely death would come to an end,
For ladies pregnancy would be protected and for boys life would be divine.

26.Sarva roga prasamyanthi , sarva badhaa prasamyathi,
Kudrishtijam bhayam nasyeth thadhaa prethadhijam bhayam

All diseases would be cured, all distresses would be avoided,
The fear of envious look and that of seeing a corpse would go away.

Ithi sri sudarsanan samhithaayaam amrutha sanjeevana dhanwanthgri stotram sampooornam

Thus ends the prayer to Dhanvantri which occus in Sudarasana Samhitha.








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