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Lunar Eclipse/Grahan December 2011.Live and details.

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The Nakshatras(Stars) affected by the Eclipse/Grahan are .

Rohini,Krthigai,Mrigasira,Hastha and Sravana(Thiruvonam).

Following mantras may be recited during the Grahan.

Bankajavaasini baabavimochani kruththikaathevi sahaayakrube|

Mokshprathaayinee manjulabaashini rohinithevi sahaayakrube|

Manthra nivaasini chanthrapaththini mrukaseershathevi sahaayakrube|
Hana hara sakaaya aanantha poojithaaya hasthathevi sahaayakrube|
Manimaya poojitha saantha soroopini thiruvonathevi sahaayakrube|


People may take their meals by not later than 2 pm and may cook the food after 9.45 pm for Dinner.

Drop Dharpai pices in Drinking water and food already at home 15 minutes before Grahan and you may remove these after the completion of the Grahan.

Karthigai Deepam may be lit between 5.45 and 5.14 pm.(  Sarvalaya Deepam.

(Source .Paampu Panchangam)

Normally people are advised to use a Palm Leaf written with mantras are to be used on the head while bathing for nakshatras affected by the Eclipse..

However it is recommended that all may chant

‘Dathi Sanka Thusharapam sheerodhaarnava sambavam

Namami Sasinam somam sambor Muguda Bhushanam’.

Total Lunar Eclipse

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Any Mantra/Sloka recited during the Grahan period will yield benefits 1000 fold.

Three baths are mandated.Beginning,when the Grahan is at its peak and conclusion

Evening Sandhya vandana has to be performed after bath at the beginning of the Grahan.

Brahma Yagnam should also be performed.

Pitru Tharpana is recommended.

Details of the eclipse:-

  • Eclipse begins –                   18.15 HRS (IST)
  • Maximum of eclipse-         20.02 HRS (IST)
  • Eclipse ends-                        21.48 HRS (IST)

On the basis of astrology, eclipse’s affected planets don’t give positivity. Otherwise, the effect is neutralized.

Over all, the ‘Nakshatra’ under which eclipse take place, it’s not considered to be good for marriages, house warming ceremony, construction work or similar fortunate functions.

Effect of Eclipse on various Zodiacs:-

Aries:  It’s favorable time for you. Avoid un-necessary expenditures.  Your financial portfolio can be affected during this period. There can be tension without a reason.

Taurus: It’s unfavorable time for you. Kindly perform remedy for it. Health related complications can be a major issue for you. Stay away from cheaters, people may try to extract benefits from you.

Gemini: It’s going to be a combination of good as well as bad time for you. Minor losses are possible.

Un-necessary expenditure and travel may take up your pocket.

Cancer: Fortunate time for Cancerians. Accomplishment of an important task may be done in this time period. Small efforts will prove to be profitable.

Leo: It’s good for Leo based individuals. At your work place, be alert. You may be a victim of forgery or cheating and dishonesty.

Virgo: it’s not fortunate for you. Mental depression and decrease in fame is seen. So you must be alert all the time, in every action of yours. Be very specific with your financial decisions.

Libra: This is not good time for you. Be sure of caring for your health. Also take care of safety during using transport vehicle.

Scorpio: A mixture of result is seen. Relation with life-partners may get affected. You may suffer from financial losses.

Sagittarius:  Time is good. Life will be at normal pace.

Capricorn: It’s fortunate time for you. Maintain mental balance. Stay away from undesirable tension.

Aquarius: Fortunate time for you. Good time is waiting for you to excel.


Lunar Total Eclipse

December 10, 2011
7:36 am PST
24 degrees 09 minutes Taurus
Mrigashira Nakshatra

‘Mrigashira’s shakti is the power of fulfillment. Its deity is soma (the Moon). The period for 3 days on either side of the eclipse is a good time to avoid starting important new projects in general.  It is also specifically not good for the purchase of new clothing.  This eclipse may also have a generally negative effect on travel since it is related to roads and paths.

As always, eclipses are great periods for extra meditation and reflection.’

Chandra Grahan, a total lunar eclipse, will be visible in Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu from evening to night on December 10, 2011. The time in Chennai is from 6:16 PM on December 10 to 9:48 PM on December 10, 2011 – as per Indian standard time. The Chandra Grahanam will be visible in Coimbatore, Erode, Salem, Kannyakumari, Rameshwaram, Pondicherry Srirangam, Dindugal, Pollachi, and other towns. Hindu Panchangams have marked this grahan and therefore those observing certain rituals have to follow them.
Lunar Eclipse December 10, 2011 Time in Chennai
Grahanam or Eclipse begins at 6:16 PM on December 10
Total Lunar Eclipse begins at 7:36 PM on December 10
Total Lunar Eclipse begins at 8:27 PM on December 10
Grahanam or eclipse ends at 9:48 PM on December 10
For other cities click the Link below.



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