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Brats Express Themselves

In Behavior on November 20, 2012 at 09:55

I do not Kids who speak and act beyond their age.

It robs them of the charm of childhood.

In some of the Reality shows in India ,some kids speak and act much beyond their age and to me  it is revolting.

I am more shocked that parents appreciate and encourage it.

Barring Geniuses, these upstarts normally end up as good for nothing!

Read a news item on this.

Upstart Kid_jpg.

Upstart Kid.


Upstart Kid

Written by a young lady to her father after he said he wanted to finish watching the football game before going out to the beach

Upstart Kid.-jpg.

This Future Mob Boss

Upstart Kid-_jpg.

Do Not Remove.This is the property of Unit 1.We pay rent for this Car Space.and shall therefore use it for whatever vehicle we want to.(crossed out scribbles)


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