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Porn Is Christmas Present Porn Hub Survey

In Sex, Surveys on December 22, 2013 at 23:19

A Porn site Porn Hub has published its survey on their site’s usage and it makes an interesting read.

Data for 2012 and 2013.

Porn as X mas Gift

Christmas Gift..Porn


Porn Survey by Porn Hub

Pon Hub Survey 2013

Porn Survey.

Time spent on Porn watch 2013

1.Most Porn Visits January ,except Brazil,Japan and Mexico.

2.Least Porn visits August.except Brazil,Spain,Japan and Mexico

The same Data Worldwide.

3.While there is very low traffic on Weekends in the rest of the world, the US takes a day off on Thursdays.

4.US spent 10 minutes, 39 seconds, on average, on the website every time they visited this past year, the Huffington Post reported.

5.Britain,  spent a minute less than Americans gets the second place.

6.Total Visits in 2012; “that over the last year, users came to Pornhub an astonishing fourteen billion, seven hundred seventy five million times, that works out to roughly 1.68 million visits per hour over the entire year.(dnaindia).com)

Curious fact is that  maximum visits are in January and least in August.

I have thought about this.

As the data represents world-wide , I am unable to see any pattern.

Somebody may find out the connection between the period of the year and Porn Searches.

Porn as Christmas Present.

Japan leads the world as the first in the gift of Porn as a Christmas Gift.




Secularism Different Views.

In Hinduism, Religion on December 2, 2013 at 09:40

Secularism means a lot of things to various people, depending on what your attitude towards Life is.

If you are a Christian, acceptance of the other sects of Christianity .

Definition of Secularism


For Islam it is the embracing of Islam.

For the Communists, it is bourgeois   culture.

For Indian Politicians the appeasement of Muslims and Christians and the baiting of the Majority Hindus.

For Christianity and the Bible ‘Heathens’

For Islam ‘Kafirs’

For Hinduism,

Sarve janas Sukino Bhavanthu’ May Everyone be Happy’

Aakasathpaththam Thoyam yatha Gachchathi Saagaram,’

All sources of water, Rivulets, rain drops,rains,Rivers ,streams.. all lead to one ocean, so all the faiths are’

Some observations from the Guardian Readers.

suspect it doesn’t mean anything particularly original to me: I simply think of it as the separation of church(es) from the ambit of the state – which is why I consider it a desideratum. The disestablishment of the Church of England would be a welcome move, as would the removal of all bishops, rabbis, mullahs et al from the upper chamber. That the state shouldn’t be in the business of funding faith schools goes without saying.

Will Self is a novelist and professor of contemporary thought at Brunel University, London.

We live in a time of faith-based everything. Economics is supposed to have no foundation in maths, or reality – we just have to believe. Political policy is based on swivel-eyed assumptions and prejudices, rather than the world, evidence, the reality of suffering, the reality of global warming. And religion – in rather too many cases – wants to be a faith-based political and economic force and to hell with all opposition.

Ours is an age of faith as a path to control on a very wide scale – something rigid, paranoid and utterly destructive. And we’ve been here before, but it would be just immensely cheering if we didn’t have to stay long, or reach this point again. It’s not OK for what you believe to hurt other people, or hurt you.

Massive disconnects between reality, behaviour and policy threaten our species in both small and apocalyptic ways and if I see secularism as anything it’s as a pathway to sanity. We probably always will believe weird shit, but it doesn’t have to harm us, or others, or the world. Our beliefs can elevate and inspire, and well-policed secularism – a version of secularism that doesn’t itself become an alternative set of rigid, aggressive beliefs – could help us to do both.

• AL Kennedy is a novelist and critic.

Secularism means the possibility of getting things wrong and being corrected as a matter of collective concern; it means not having to take orders from one particular way of thinking, but to put oneself in a position to try to understand them all. Secularism to me is a situation where reason meets empathy and compassion in the name of shared values. It means accepting that the spirit of inquiry should always be allowed to flourish and go wherever it is led, even if these are paths that continue to displace the centrality of the human or upset the usual ways of conceiving of the world.

Secularism is having the courage to question everything in such a way that no one belief system – religious or otherwise – is permitted to dominate. Secularism is tolerant, critical and open-minded. Above all, secularism means keeping open the possibility that there may not be satisfactory answers to difficult questions, be they scientific, political or existential, that humanity cannot help but ask.

• Nina Power is a senior lecturer in philosophy at Roehampton University and the author of One-Dimensional Woman.

Secularism for me is the house that is Southall Black Sisters, where black and minority women, of all cultures and religions and none, co-exist freely in an atmosphere of tolerance and respect. It is not about the absence of religion but the absence of religious power, a freedom from patriarchal straightjackets that might stifle our lives, dreams and aspirations.

It is a space which validates our right to choose our own identity, unlimited by culture, religion or nationality. To quote one of our users: “Tomorrow I celebrate Valentine’s Day. Islam says we shouldn’t dance. I used to get awards for dancing. I love celebrating Valentine’s Day. I will wear red clothes and red lipstick and get a red rose from my husband. I wear lots of make-up and perfume. I also love celebrating Diwali and Christmas and Easter. These are small pieces of happiness.”

Secularism for me is about the removal of religion, not just from the state, but also from power relations within the family and the community. That is why our struggle for feminism is linked inextricably to our struggle for a secular space.

• Pragna Patel is director of Southall Black Sisters.



Astounding Earth Infographic

In Astrophysics, Environment on January 11, 2013 at 23:05

Info-graphics  Earth

Earth Infographics


Want Stolen iPhone? Contact Amazon

In crime on December 26, 2012 at 18:54

It was recently found that an iPhone that had been stolen  was sold by Amazon!

So much for reliability!

A Customer found this whenhe tried to activate the iPhone.


Ben Dreyfuss@bendreyfuss

I bought my my Mom an iPhone for Christmas off Amazon and when she tried to activate it they told her it had been stolen.

Ben had bought the phone off Amazon, one of their refurbished warehouse deals—which are usually smart buys. (Buying refurbished Apple gear is always a good call.) This time, however, it turned out to be a raw deal. Sorry, Ben’s mom; we hope you have a merry Christmas and get issue this resolved quickly—you’ve got to load up that new phone with awesome apps!

This was probably an honest mistake—Amazon is a stand-up company. We’ve reached out for comment, but, you know, it’s Christmas Day, so we’re not holding our breath. Ben has already contacted Amazon, and they said to return the thing.


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‘Is There Still Room for God in Church?, Reply To Pope.

In Christianity on December 25, 2012 at 20:52


Pope Benedict XVI used his Christmas Mass in the Vatican to ask whether people could still find time in their hectic, technology-driven lives for children, the poor and God.

The pontiff also prayed that Israelis and Palestinians live in peace and freedom, and asked the faithful to pray for strife-torn Syria as well as Lebanon and Iraq.

The ceremony began at 10pm local time on Christmas Eve in St Peter’s Basilica with the blare of trumpets, meant to symbolise Christian joy over the news of Christ’s birth in Bethlehem.

Pope Benedict XVI

Calling for unity: Pope Benedict XVI also prayed that Israelis and Palestinians live in peace and freedom, and asked the faithful to pray for strife-torn Syria as well as Lebanon and Iraq


If one has to know about hypocrisy and double speak, do not look beyond the Church.


Let the Pope find out if the Vatican has room for God  with their pedophiles, Church keeping quiet during The Holocaust and innumerable acts of Violence on the ‘Heathen’.


Not to speak of the Homosexual Popes.


As to Technology The Pope has joined Twitter.

About Boniface, Alexander VI (r. 1492-1503),  Benedict IX and John XII (r. 955-964) the evidence is less certain.
Among the early popes who notable tolerated or protected people accused of homosexual practices, we should remember Pope Callistus, who was harshly criticized by Tertullian for his failure to condemn sex between men; Pope Leo IX, who implemented many of St Peter Damian‘ s proposals for church reform, but rejected the appeals for harsh penalties against clerical “sodomites”, and also rejected appeals to prevent the consecration as bishop of the promiscuous John (or Jean) of Orleans. Later, ,Paul III (1534 -49) is said to have protected and bestowed honours on his son, Pier Luigi Farnese, who surrounded himself with male lovers, used Roman police to track down a young man who had spurned his advances, and was accused of raping a bishop and other clerics.
A passage from the glbtq.com is fascinating for the very different picture it paints to that prevailing elsewhere, at a time when the inquisition and secular powers were burning between them thousans of men across Europe and in the New World:…
Charges against Paul II and Julius II centred around their seduction of much younger men; Cellini’s autobiography records a beautiful and talented youth, Luigi Pulci, who made a career out of service to Roman bishops.
Now, I knew about Julius II  - and for that matter, Julius III – but this was the first sexual gossip I have come across concerning Paul II, so I explored further.  This is what I found: it seems he died while being sodomized by  a page boy.
Nor was he the only cleric who enjoyed some male company.  Here’s Saslow again:

Gay Pope.

The Gay Pope,Paul II (r -1471)

The intimate living arrangements of the all-male clerical world and the opportunities that educational and religious duties afforded for privacy and empiotional intimacy, while not themselves “causes” of of homosexuality, may have contributed circumstantially to their expression.  Priests in fifteenth century Venice and Stuart Sussex were convicted of sex with young parishioners, unpublished records of church trials in Loreto, Italy, in the 1570′s detail the activities of a choirboy who slept successively with various older monks……

Sexually active after receiving Holy Orders

  • Pope Julius II (1503–1513) had at least one illegitimate daughter, Felice della Rovere (born in 1483, twenty years before his election). Some sources indicate that he had two additional illegitimate daughters, who died in their childhood.[18] Furthermore, some (possibly libellous) reports of his time accused him of sodomy. According to the schismatic Council of Pisa in 1511, he was a “sodomite covered with shameful ulcers.”[19]
  • Pope Paul III (1534–1549) held off ordination[20] in order to continue his promiscuous lifestyle, fathering four illegitimate children (three sons and one daughter) by his mistress Silvia Ruffini. He broke his relations with her ca. 1513. There is no evidence of sexual activity during his papacy.[21] He made his illegitimate son Pier Luigi Farnese the first Duke of Parma.[22][23]
  • Pope Pius IV (1559–1565) had three illegitimate children before his election to the papacy.[24]

[edit]Sexually active during their pontificate

  • Pope Sergius III (904–911) was supposedly the father of Pope John XI by Marozia, according to Liutprand of Cremona in his Antapodosis,[25] as well as the Liber Pontificalis.[26] However, this is disputed by another early source, the annalist Flodoard (c. 894-966), John XI was brother of Alberic II, the latter being the offspring of Marozia and her husband Alberic I. Hence John too may have been the son of Marozia and Alberic I. Bertrand Fauvarque underlines that the contemporary sources backing up this parenthood are dubious, Liutprand being “prone to exaggeration” while other mentions of this fatherhood appear in satires written by supporters of late Pope Formosus.[27]
  • Pope John X (914–928) had romantic affairs with both Theodora and her daughter Marozia, according to Liutprand of Cremona in his Antapodosis:[28] “The first of the popes to be created by a woman and now destroyed by her daughter”. (See also Saeculum obscurum)
  • Pope John XII (955–963) (deposed by Conclave) was said to have turned the Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano into a brothel and was accused of adulteryfornication, and incest (Source:Patrologia Latina).[29] The monk chronicler Benedict of Soracte noted in his volume XXXVII that he “liked to have a collection of women”. According to Liutprand of Cremona in hisAntapodosis,[25] “they testified about his adultery, which they did not see with their own eyes, but nonetheless knew with certainty: he had fornicated with the widow of Rainier, with Stephana his father’s concubine, with the widow Anna, and with his own niece, and he made the sacred palace into a whorehouse.” According to The Oxford Dictionary of Popes, John XII was “a Christian Caligula whose crimes were rendered particularly horrific by the office he held”.[30] He was killed by a jealous husband while in the act of committing adultery with the man’s wife.[31][32][33][34] (See also Saeculum obscurum)
  • Pope Benedict IX (1032– became pope in 1044, again in 1045 and finally 1047–1048).[35] He was accused by Bishop Benno of Piacenza of “many vile adulteries.”[36][37] Pope Victor III referred in his third book of Dialogues to “his rapes… and other unspeakable acts.”[38] His life prompted St. Peter Damian to write an extended treatise against sex in general, and homosexuality in particular. In his Liber Gomorrhianus, Damian accused Benedict IX of routine sodomy and bestiality and sponsoring orgies.[39] In May 1045, Benedict IX resigned his office to pursue marriage.[40]




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