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Jesus Married Mary Papyrus Authenticated

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I was intrigued when I read the Book The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown where he mentions that Jesus Christ was married to Mary Magdalene , they had a

child and the heir to Jesus , a girl, was living in France.


Papyrus sys Jesus was married and it is auhentic

An ancient papyrus, pictured, suggesting Jesus married Mary Magdalene, is genuine


And that Jesus appointed Mary to carry on with his Ministry.


I cheeked the facts and Dan Brown was correct.


I have posted articles on this.



Before proceeding further in this story we need to remember that The Bible was compiled some 300 years after the death of  Jesus Christ by Constantine in a conclave of cardinals in an effort to retain his Roman Empire.


Over 300 legends about Jesus were collected and the conclave chose those that met with the approval of Constantine.


This is the Bible.


Recent emergence of a text indicated that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene.


The document was called a modern Forgery.


Now by carbon dating the document indicating that Jesus was married to marry Magdalene is  not a forgery and is genuine.




The studies, published Thursday in the Harvard Theological Review, represent the latest chapter in the years-long saga surrounding what Harvard theologian Karen King has dubbed the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife. King brought the text into the global spotlight in September 2012, at a symposium in Rome, but the publication of her analysis was held up for more than a year when questions were raised about the text’s authenticity.


…The fragmentary text, written in an Egyptian Coptic language, is controversial not only because Jesus appears to refer to his wife, but also because it discusses the worthiness of a woman named Mary for what might have been a leadership role. Here are a couple of other intriguing phrases: “she will be able to be my disciple” … “I am with her,” as in “I dwell with her.”…..


The papyrus fragment was purportedly acquired by an East German collector in the 1960s, sold to its current owner in 1999, and made available to King for study in 2011. The owner has remained anonymous, adding to the mystery surrounding the scrap’s origins.

Skeptics, including Vatican officials, insisted that the text was a modern-day forgery because the phrases were ungrammatical and appeared to be inexpertly cribbed from other apocryphal scriptures in circulation.

To settle the argument, researchers subjected the business-card-sized scrap of papyrus to radiocarbon tests and micro-Raman spectroscopy. One of the carbon-dating tests indicated that the papyrus went back somewhere between the year 659 and 869, with the most likely date around 741. Other tests showed that the chemical makeup of the ink was consistent with inks that were used between the first and the eighth century.

Citation. NBC News.

Jesus was Married.



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Jesus In Kashmir His Tomb Attempt At Conversion

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There is this story going around fro some years now that Jesus visited India,learnt the Buddhist/Hindu Doctrines during his ‘missing years’!



There are also suggestions that there is a Tomb of Christ In Kashmir.


Tomb o Jesus in Kashmir

Jesus Tomb in Kashmir? Image Credit.BBC


Well, according to an eclectic combination of New Age Christians, unorthodox Muslims and fans of the Da Vinci Code, the grave contains the mortal remains of a candidate for the most important visitor of all time to India.

‘Crazy professor’

Officially, the tomb is the burial site of Youza Asaph, a medieval Muslim preacher – but a growing number of people believe that it is in fact the tomb of Jesus of Nazareth.


They believe that Jesus survived the crucifixion almost 2,000 Easters ago, and went to live out his days in Kashmir.

“What else could they do? They had to close it,” Riaz told me.

His family home almost overlooks the shrine, and he is witheringly dismissive of the notion that Jesus was buried there.

“It’s a story spread by local shopkeepers, just because some crazy professor said it was Jesus’s tomb. They thought it would be good for business. Tourists would come, after all these years of violence.

“And then it got into the Lonely Planet, and too many people started coming.

“And one foreigner…” he gave me an apologetic look, “broke off a bit from the tomb to take home with him. So that’s why it’s closed now.”


There are gaps in Jesus Story,


There are unaccounted years in Jesus’s Life.


This is being used to propagate all sorts of theories.


Consider these facts.


1.Name of Jesus is not known even today.

2.The Bible was compiled by Constantine 300 years after the death of Christ in a Conclave of Cardinals.


3.The reference to this story of Jesus visiting India is not found in the Old Testament.


4.The idea for this story started of by a writer of fiction.


5.Even here it is mentioned that Jesus visited India.


6.See the Video touting New Evidence of Jesus Tomb in Jerusalem.


Just how many Tombs one would have?



7.There are other sources(!?) on this story which could make one laugh aloud,


Hence the canard that Jesus visited India, learnt from Hinduism and was buried in Kashmir is false

and mischievous.


This is yet another attempt at Religious conversion of Hindus by trying to legitimize Jesus as presenting Hinduism in another format much like other stories being spread that the Monotheism of Islam is nothing but Vedic Monotheism


These pseudo scientific studies must be nipped in the bud.

…generally refers to the period between Jesus‘s childhood and the beginning of his ministry, a period not described in the New Testament.[1][2]


The phrases “lost years of Jesus” is usually encountered in esoteric literature (where it at times also refers to his possible post-crucifixion activities), but is not commonly used in scholarly literature since it is assumed that Jesus was probably working as a carpenter in Galilee from the age of twelve till thirty, so the years were not “lost years”, and that he died in Calvary.[2][3][4]

In the late medieval period, Arthurian legendsappeared that the young Jesus had been inBritain.[5]


In the 19th and 20th centuries theories began to emerge that between the ages of 12 and 30 Jesus had visited India, or had studied with the Essenes in the Judea desert.[4][6]


Modern mainstream Christian scholarship has generally rejected these theories and holds that nothing is known about this time period in the life of Jesus.



Following the accounts of Jesus’ young life, there is a gap of about 18 years in his story in the New Testament.[4][7][13]Other than the generic statement that after he was 12 years old (Luke 2:42) Jesus “advanced in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men” (Luke 2:52), the New Testament has no other details regarding the gap.[4] While Christian tradition suggests that Jesus simply lived in Galilee during that period,[14] modern scholarship holds that there is little historical information to determine what happened during those years.[4]


The story of Jesus visiting Britain as a boy is a late medieval development based on legends connected with Joseph of Arimathea.[5] During the late 12th century, Joseph of Arimatheabecame connected with the Arthurian cycle, appearing in them as the first keeper of the Holy Grail.[5] This idea first appears in Robert de Boron‘s Joseph d’Arimathie, in which Joseph receives the Grail from an apparition of Jesus and sends it with his followers to Britain. This theme is elaborated upon in Boron’s sequels and in subsequent Arthurian works penned by others.[5]


The idea of Indian influences on Jesus (and Christianity) has been suggested in Louis Jacolliot‘s book La Bible dans l’Inde, Vie de Iezeus Christna (1869)[28] (The Bible in India, or the Life of Jezeus Christna), although Jacolliot does not claim travels by Jesus to India.[29]

Jacolliot compared the accounts of the life of Bhagavan Krishna with that of Jesus Christ in the gospels and concluded that it could not have been a coincidence that the two stories have so many similarities in many of the finer details. He concluded that the account in the gospels is a myth based on the mythology of ancient India. However, Jacolliot was comparing two different periods of history (or mythology) and did not claim that Jesus was in India. Jacolliot used the spelling “Christna” instead of “Krishna” and claimed that Krishna’s disciples gave him the name “Jezeus,” a name supposed to mean “pure essence” in Sanskrit.[29] However, according to Max Müller that is not a Sanskrit term at all and “it was simply invented” by Jacoillot”








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‘Charities in Disguise’ Christianity’s Conversion Drive

In Christianity on March 10, 2014 at 17:24

Many of the Charities proclaiming to be dedicated for the welfare of the Children and the downtrodden are ,in fact, Christian Organizations with the sole purpose  of converting Hindus and non Christians into Christianity.

Conversion Drive through Charity

Advertisement for Charity?

Ad for World Vision

World Vision Advertisement


The methods adopted by the Church are:


 By far the most common means of conversion is by buying the poor. In one tribal village, Missionaries promised the head of each household pair of nylon pants if he converted to Christianity and a motorbike if he converted his whole family. In a matter of a few months, the Missionaries had “spread the gospel” along with pants and motorbikes to the entire village.

2.Adoption & Child SponsorshipMany innocent looking child sponsorship programs, such as Christian Children’s Fund and World Vision, that often advertise on U.S. television are guilty of forced conversions. Many often say, “For 50 cents a day, you’ll make a real impact on the life of a child and their community!”

3. Jobs - In 1999, the Indian Church of Christ in Assam was caught red-handed for forcibly converting at least 14 Hindus. Over a period of six months the missionaries belonging to this Church offered money, jobs and other economic benefits to these extremely poor Hindus if they adopted Christianity.

4. Loans – When conversions by force not being possible, the methods that are applied are inducements and fraud. Inducements are called “social service” or “charitable” activities.

Yet another trick where you pay for Conversion to Christianity by unwittingly donating to Organizations posing as  Social  outfits.

Child Fund International


This organization was formerly known as Christian Children’s Fund. They are a Christian organization with the goal of converting Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists and people of other religion in India into Christians. It is a form of crusade (Christian war) with the single goal of converting India into a Christian nation. The “charity” part is just a front for their heinous intentions in the background.


The fact that they changed their name to remove the Christian part is proof that they are trying to deceive the public, and using common person’s money to destroy their valuable culture, traditions and faith.

Do they actually support the poor and the under-privileged Children?…..

Sridevi – the well-known Indian movie actress –  has been recruited   to raise funds for this organization. This is likely to boost the fundraising and hence increase the pressure on non-Christians to convert. It is pathetic that a leading public figure is helping anti-social and anti-national organizations. Does Sridevi not know about the intentions of this organization, or has she sold her soul in return of money? These are questions that only Sridevi can answer…

This is another charity-in-disguise that has launched a crusade against India and its heritage by converting everyone into Christians. The snapshot of their webpage (at the time of writing this article) is shown here and speaks of itself. Their goal is to collect money from the same people who they intend to harm.

Note how a Hindu child is depicted in the picture, which gives the impression to the unsuspecting public that the money is going towards the general population, when the real intention is to convert the poor into Christians





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Extortion Terrorism By Chruch In North East

In Christianity, India on February 25, 2014 at 08:04

I have been posting articles on the North East, pointing out the dangers of not paying attention to the area and our refusal to assimilate them in the main stream India.

North east territory of India

India,North East

Our continued indifference to the North East will result in the  creation of a Moro area, Philippines,which is a hot bed of International Islamic terrorism.

The opportunity is being used by the Church to extort people in the North east, fuel Terrorism and incite people into demanding separate Statehood.

Check these reports.

These are not by Hindu zealots, some of them not even Hindus!


Agence France-Presse, Guwahati, December 31


        Tribal Hindu villagers in Tripura on Tuesday pledged to fight alleged extortion demands by a Christian separatist group, community leaders said. Militants of the outlawed National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT) have served extortion notices to hundreds of Hindu tribals and threatened them with death if they do not pay up.

        “The demand notes were served only to tribal Hindu villagers with warnings of capital punishment to those who violated their diktat,” Aswathama Jamatia, head priest of the Jamatia Hoda, an influential tribal Hindu group, told AFP by telephone. 

        Police have confirmed the extortion demands by the NLFT, which is a predominantly Christian group fighting for an independent tribal homeland. Community leaders say the NLFT has demanded three per cent of the annual earnings of all government employees as tax, besides charging anything between Rs 2,000 to Rs 5,000 from farmers and businessmen.

        Villagers in remote areas have formed vigilante groups to foil the NLFT’s drive. “People armed with sticks and other crude weapons, including bows and arrows, patrol vulnerable villages to scare away militants who come for extorting money,” Rampada Jamatia, secretary of the Jamatia Hoda, said. “At no cost are we going to pay the militants.”

        Tribal Hindus account for about 22 per cent of Tripura’s 3.2 million people. Christians are just about eight per cent of the state’s population. Tribal Hindus also accuse the NLFT of converting people to Christianity at gunpoint. Insurgency in the state took root after a massive influx of Bengali-speaking refugees when East Pakistan, now Bangladesh, was created during India’s partition in 1947…


There is clear evidence which confirms that some international Christian organizations are backing terrorism and separatist movements in India’s North-east. These church backed organizations are providing funds, arms and ammunitions with the aim of creating a separate Christian state.



The National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT) was founded in December 1989. Since its inception the NLFT has been engaged in an armed struggle to carve out a separate Christian nation – Tripura. The backing of the Baptist church right from the beginning has enabled this organization to spread its base. Due to its terrorist activities, the organization was banned by the government in 1997 but it continued its operations from across the Bangladesh border.


The priests of the Baptist church supply arms and ammunitions to these terrorist rebels. Nagmanlal Halam, the secretary of the Noapara Baptist Church in Tripura was arrested by CRPF in April 2000 on charges of aiding insurgents and possessing a large quantity of explosives including 60 gelatin sticks, 5kg of potassium, 2kg of sulphur and other ingredients for making powerful bombs. Two junior members of the same church, who had been arrested earlier tipped the police off about the explosives which were meant for terrorist organizations like the NLFT. Mr. Halam confessed to buying and supplying explosives to the NLFT. Another church official, Jatna Koloi, who was also arrested, admitted that he received training in guerrilla warfare at an NLFT base.


It is now apparent that the pattern of forced conversions at gunpoint are irrefutably linked to the Baptist Church in Tripura. The NLFT is accused of forcing Tripura’s indigenous tribes to become Christians and give up Hindu forms of worship in areas under their control. For decades Tripura’s

indigenous tribal population has been dragged out of their homes and forced to convert to Christianity under threat of violence. Whenever any of the tribals organize Hindu festivals or rituals, the terrorist groups attack to desecrate and kill the participants. There have been incidents of issuing a ban on the Hindu festivals of Durga Puja and Saraswati Puja. The NLFT manifesto says that they want to expand what they describe as the kingdom of God and Christ in Tripura. The hill tribe ‘Jamatiya’ worship their traditional god ‘Gadiya’, who is supposed to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva, in the month of March. The terrorists have issued an order that the ‘Gadiya’ be prayed on the Christmas day instead.


The Baptist Church in Tripura was set up by missionaries from New Zealand 60 years ago. It won only a few thousand converts until 1980 when a mass scale ethnic riot was engineered by the Church in which systematic ethnic cleansing of Hindu and Buddhist tribals was initiated. Thousands of women were raped and kidnapped and forced to convert to Christianity. The terrorists receive military aid from extremist Christian groups in Australia and New Zealand. They also have ongoing exchanges with Islamic terrorist and ISI who push in arms from the Bangladeshi border.

When the RSS and other Hindu organizations decided to help the Hindus under attack in Tripura by aiding them in reconversion, hundreds of the RSS volunteers were attacked, threatened and blackmailed. Several of them were murdered and a number of them were kidnapped and held hostage by the Christian terrorists. In August 2000, Swami Shantikali Maharaj, the famous Hindu sage known for his social services was killed by the terrorists. In December 2000, Lavkumar Jamatiya, the priest of the ‘Jamatiya’ tribe was killed, two Hindu temples and one Buddhist temple were destroyed and order was issued to end all non-Christian methods of praying. In the year 2001, there were 826 terrorist attacks in Tripura in which 405 persons were killed and 481 cases of kidnapping by the rebels.




The National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN), a separatist organization has two main factions. Both the factions are headed by Christians and get financial support from World Council of Churches, a missionary organization. China provides arms and ammunitions to both the factions.


The NSCN has its offices in New York, Geneva and Hague which display boards with legend ‘Peoples Republic of Nagaland’. It has twice raised its demand for an independent nation in the United Nations. The NSCN has its own government which collects money from the local people. One third of the salaries of the government servants is taken away as Nagaland Tax before disbursement. Most of the banks in Nagaland have closed down because of the huge sums extracted by this outfit. The letterheads and stamps of this unofficial government read ‘Nagaland for Christ’.


There is evidence of NSCN having ties with the ISI. The NSCN general secretary in an interview with the English daily ‘Hindu’ accepted that they were trying to create pressure on the Indian army in the north-east so that there was less pressure from the army in Kashmir.




The proselytizing activities of the Christian missionaries during the 150 years of patronage from the British rule have resulted in the conversion of two-thirds of the people of the state to Christianity. After independence in 1947, many of the locals started reverting to their original tribal religion and lifestyle. The natives of the Khasi hills started to once again get associated with their roots. They formed an organization called ‘Sengkhasi’. Shri Rejoy Singh Khongsha, an important official of this organization, at first got threats and later was abducted by North-east Red Army, a separatist and terrorist outfit known to have direct links with the church. The church has been threatening the leaders of ‘Sengkhasi’ for their connection with the Hindu organisations.


The Church in the north-east is also known to be associated with smuggling across the borders and circulation of fake currency notes. In December 1998, Bedang Tamjen, a Jemi-Naga missionary was arrested for making fake currency notes.


The most shocking fact is that the Indian media has not even mentioned these facts in their coverage. Whereas even unconfirmed rumors about any attack on Christians are immediately touted as “an assault on minorities”, not a word is spared to enlighten the Indian citizenry about the religious terrorism that is taking place in the north-east…

The recent terrorist strikes in the USA on September 11, 2001, in which the World Trade Centre and Pentagon were “crash-bombed” by large airplanes, have brought a new resolve in the global community to root out terrorism from all parts of the world. The Americans are playing a leading role in building a world coalition against terrorism. This is the best time to remind the Americans that Baptist Christian terrorists are active in India’s North-East and they derive their financial support from the southern parts of the USA where the Baptist Church has a strong following. Funds are collected in the form of donations in various church establishments in the name of evangelical work. Some of this money is spent in true philanthropic work of spreading education and healthcare. However, it has been suspected for a long time that a part of this fund gets diverted for buying arms for the Baptist terrorists of the North-East. Our ex-Chief Election Commissioner, T.N. Seshan, gave voice to this suspicion in a television panel discussion on Doordarshan as early as in 1993. Our Army is baffled by the seemingly unending supply of sophisticated and expensive supply of arms and equipment flooding into our North-East. All terrorists of various hues, the so-called Darjeeling Gorkha, the so-called Kamtapuri, Bodo, Ulfa, Naga, Manipuri, Tripuri, etc, are flush with automatic rifles, land mines, remote control devices and so on. Money generated by the local extortion of businessmen and citizens account for only a small fraction. Therefore the greater part must be coming from abroad. It is suspected that the funds come from Islamic sources such as the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan, the Gulf states etc. and Christian sources such as the Baptist Church in southern USA and the Presbyterian Church of the UK.





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Case Against Lord Krishna For Loose Morals By A Nun

In Christianity, India on February 24, 2014 at 17:51

I had a reader in Quora asking me whether there is any basis for my articles on Christians Converting Hindus.

Most of us are concerned about Islam and their tactics in converting Hindus by marrying Hindu Girls and the force deployed by the Moghuls in India.

As I remarked in one of my posts earlier Christian Missionaries are more insidious and dangerous in  terms of Religious conversions.

While you are aware one is attempting to convert you into Islam, in the of Muslims you never know!

They disguise themselves as Social activist, educationists and in some case , as I have posted, as Brahmins to convert Hindus.

As the present generation is unaware of these insidious activities and are in awe of Christian run institutions, I will be posting some information how the Christians.Missionaries systematically eroded Hinduism starting from Caldwell, Veerama Munivar Macaulay,,to the Sadhus  of Television of today.

Let me first recall an instance when a Nun in Poland filed case against Lord Krishna for loose morals!

Lord Krishna case.

Nun Files case against Lord krishna


With the spreading of Hinduism worldwide, a nun in Warsaw, Poland, filed a case against ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness)

With the spreading of Hinduism worldwide, a nun in Warsaw, Poland, filed a case against ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness). The case came up in court.

The nun remarked that ISKCON was spreading its activities and gaining followers in Poland. She wanted ISKCON banned because its followers were glorifying a character called ‘Krishna’ “who had loose morals,” having married 16,000 women called Gopis.

The ISKCON defendant requested the Judge: “Please ask the nun to repeat the oath she took when she was ordained as a nun.”

The Judge asked the nun to recite the oath loudly. She would not. The ISKCON man asked permission if he could read out the oath for the nun.

“Go ahead,” said the judge. The oath said in effect that the nun is married to Jesus Christ.

The ISKCON man said, “Your Lordship! Lord Krishna is alleged to have ’married’ 16,000 women only. There are more than a million nuns who assert that they are married to Jesus Christ. Between the two, Krishna and Jesus Christ, who has a loose character? And what about the nuns?””



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