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Dhoni Suresh Raina Fixed IPL Match

In cricket on February 24, 2014 at 21:27

The Mudgal Committee  appointed to probe into allegations of IPL 2013 Match Fixing, has transcripts revealing conversations that indicate  PL match was fixed by Indian Captain MS Dhoni and Suresh Raina.

The key man is President to be of ICC!

Video Link Naming Dhoni with Transcript.


What can come out of this Probe and the Committee Report?

“A report of details revealed during the interrogation of a bookie, known by the name of ‘Kitty’, alias Uttham Jain, was submitted to the Committee by IPS Officer G Sampath Kumar.
The report alleges that more than half of the matches played during IPL 2013 could have been fixed and Indian Cricket team players MS Dhoni and Suresh Raina knew about the wrongdoings.
The report provides incriminating evidence suggesting that the match between Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals played on May 12, 2013 was FIXED.
The report quotes phone transcripts between Gurunath Meiyappan and Vindoo Dara Singh. The two can be heard discussing bets on the match between CSK and RR on May 12, 2013…
Meiyappan tells Vindoo that CSK will score around 140 runs. Later, CSK scored 141 runs in the match.
‘During the match, Gurunath placed bets of Rs.1.4 crore against CSK and confidently told Vindoo that Royals will win. In a conversation at 21:09 on May 12, 2013, stating that he has already placed bets of Rs. 20 lakh, Gurunath asks Vindoo to place Rs. 30 lakh more on Rajasthan. He says, “RR is winning pakka”,’ the Mail Today report quoted.
Meiyappan and Aggarwal were approached by a man from RAJASTHAN at Radisson Blu Hotel, Egmor. The report published in Mail Today reveals that Meiyappan informed Kitty that a discussion is going in regarding fixing the match between CSK and RR, scheduled to take place on May 12, 2013.
A second meeting took place on April 27, 2013 and Vikram Aggarwal informed Kitty that a deal was WORKED OUT.
‘Later after dinner party Meiyappan has informed that Chennai Super Kings MS Dhoni has agreed to play as per plan and his team will score 140 runs and this was communicated to somebody ( Sanjay) in Jaipur over phone by Vikram Agarwal when Kitty was nearby,’ the Mail Today report quoted.
In a separate conversation between Aggarwal and Vindoo- ‘Vikram Agarwal told him [ Kitty] that there was negotiation for match- fixing between Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings and Meiyappan has to communicate to Chennai Super Kings captain MS Dhoni and few others for finalisation,’ the report submitted with Mudgal Committee was quoted by Mail Today.
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Saravana Bhavan Bought By SUN TV ?

In Corruption on February 19, 2014 at 17:31

I was travelling to Tiruchi recently and happened to meet some one who is a reliable source for DMK Family news.

Hotel Saravana Bhavan

Hotel Saravana Bhavan Bought by SUn Network?

Casually he remarked that the Sun Network has bought the  Chennai based Saravana Bhavan Group of Hotels,


On checking up the web I came to know that there was indeed a rumor to this effect triggered by a Tweet ans even the IT Department found it credible enough to think of a raid in the Saravana Bhavan Premises.

It seems that the rumor is untrue.

As my source is normally reliable, as has been proved in many a case before, and the fact that the information  is the latest, only 2 G Knows!


CHENNAI: It had all the makings of a viral tweet. It mentioned a “rumour” about Kalanithi Maran‘s Sun Groupbuying the home-grown restaurant chain Hotel Saravana Bhavan. That too, for a jaw-dropping sum. Yet, this Mondaytweet by Bangalore-based techie RB Suseendran received a tepid response, at best.

It would have died a natural death if journalists hadn’t seen this tweet. They did. And on Monday journalists scurried for confirmation from both parties…

This, even as journalists wondered why Maran would buy into the food business, however yummy (Saravana Bhavan has daily footfalls of some 80,000 across its 32 Indian outlets; there are 46 more overseas), when he is yet struggling with this 2010 acquisition of carrier SpiceJet.

Both parties denied it vehemently on Monday. A Sun TV spokesperson called it “hilariously funny” while another thought it was “rubbish.” A spokesperson for Saravana Bhavan denied it too.

The episode seemed to have ended then and there, without a story. But it hadn’t.

On Tuesday, the Income Tax Department got alerted. An official called up Saravana Bhavan to see this tweet indeed was true. Taxmen had raided the hotel just a few months back.

When ET contacted Suseendran over phone, he said he merely picked up the new from the Facebook page of one Anbalagan Veerappan.

The hotel, not so savvy in the ways of social media, was left wondering where it all came from.”


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Lakshmi With Six Toes, Temple

In Hinduism, Uncategorized on February 9, 2014 at 10:43

Hinduism treats God as one who is so intimate to such an extent that it has God’s Images after Man that too with deformities and there are legends for them being so.

One can not, generally imagine a God’s Image with deformities being worshiped,


There is a Temple of Goddess Mahalakshmi with six toes on her left leg..

Temple Of Mahalakshmi

Mahalakshmi ,Arasar Koil



















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Consumers Stop Hotels From Fleecing

In consumer forum on February 2, 2014 at 23:43

There are quite a few things I have not understood.

One such the experience of Dining in a Hotel or Restaurant.

Amma Canteen

Good economical food

We use both the terms .

My son in Law and daughter are always under tension  when I go out dining with the family, my son and daughter are used to my behavior.

The reason?

I vehemently oppose leaving tips in any Hotel, as  matter of principle, probably the one I am able to follow!

You pay for your food in a restaurant at a price fixed by them, not you.

You do not haggle the prices.

Why pay tips?

Polished people tell me as if they are informing an idiot that Tips is to insure prompt Service, so the term TIPS(acronym)

The proprietor or the Company even if it is Multinational Chain of Hotels have inbuilt the cost of labor while fixing the price.

So, why should I pay?

Again if my service can be ensured only by my paying tips, it conveys to me that the waiter will not offer me proper service if I do not pay tips.

This implies that the restaurant is deficient in its service as I am paying their fixed Price.

The other reason touted is that leaving a tip is a Status symbol and in abroad you can not leave out without paying.

I had been abroad and I never paid a tip.

The worst I got was a nasty look.

That’s nothing new as when any one my Home asks me how the food is , if it is good, i would say so, I get the same looks.

(Why do people ask for Your opinion only to confirm what they think?)

No this leas to another aspect of eating out.

The prices.

In Tamil Nadu the State Government has opened up  Restaurants selling good tasty food at  affordable Prices.

The low-cost canteens in Chennai, serving breakfast and lunch at rock-bottom rates, are an instant hit. And the welldressed office-going crowd does not seem to mind sharing space with the slum-dweller for that tasty rice-sambar sold at Rs.5 and curd-rice sold at Rs.3.

Other hotels charge anything between Rs 18 per plate of two Idlis and Curd Rice around Rs 20.

You do not get a Masala Dosa for anything less than Rs 70!


People think it is beneath their dignity to question this extortion.

Imagine people with a salary for Rs 4000 to 5000 per month ,are staying alone and have to take food in restaurants.

Is this not fleecing?

Why The Consumer groups are silent on this issue?

I saw a Talk show in Vijay TV Neeya Naana where the Hoteliers met  with the customers for  a discussion.

And they offer you what they  think you like, never an authentic Tamil Nadu Cuisine except Idli Vada Ponga and Poori (which has become South Indian now( and a few other items)

Whys no specific Tamil specialties?

I can name quite a few.

Think about it,


Piping hot Pongal is the latest item for breakfast at Amma Canteens in Tamil Nadu. A plate of this popular cuisine costs just Rs. 5. Three months ago Chief Minister Jayalalithaa launched these canteens in Chennai to help the poor get quality nutritious food at subsidised prices. Fluffy idlis cost just Re 1 each; sambar rice Rs. 5 and curd rice Rs. 3. Following good public response, these restaurants were set up at all 200 wards in the city. Now the state government has taken these canteens to nine other cities: Coimbatore, Madurai, Trichy, Tirunelvelli, Tuticorin, Salem, Erode, Vellore and Tirupur.

A customer told NDTV, “Pongal is a very good addition. It is easily digested. Idli too is easily digested. Anybody can have pongal, even patients like to have idli or pongal. It is a good move.”

In Chennai’s Santhome area, Amalraj and his wife Daisy say they’ve stopped preparing breakfast at home over the last three months. He is a Security Guard with a private agency and their house is just a few hundred metres away from the canteen. Amalraj says “for Rs. 20 we both finish our breakfast, we just walk here every morning. It’s cheaper than home food.”

There’s more to choose for lunch. Lemon rice and curry leaf rice have made a debut at an extremely affordable price of Rs. 5 a plate. The introductory sambar and curd rice would continue too. The menu draws people from all classes. Labourers to corporate executives simply walk in. Mr Raman, a first timer, says “the quality is very good for the price. Outside even tea sells at Rs. 7 now.”

Ashwin, an executive who stops at the canteen often, adds “without this poor people will not eat and may skip meals. They can’t go to hotels too; they would just remain hungry.”

Amma Canteens are run by women from self-help groups. Each is paid Rs. 300 a day. Officials claim their focus is on hygiene and quality. A sanitary inspector from the Chennai Corporation explains “customers are served purified drinking water. Come September machine made chapatis would be served.”

Hotliers openly admit that their profit is from 40 percent to 100 %!

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EVR Fake Political Anti Brahminism

In Hinduism, India on January 27, 2014 at 11:55

‘If you find a Snake and a Brahmin, kill the Brahmin First”-EVR


“Recalling his earlier Erode days my media friend said EVR used to address public meetings at Erode’s Karaivaikkal maidan. Power connection for loudspeakers came from an electricity line drawn from an Iyer lawyer’s place close to the maidan. At one such meeting the Dravidian Kazhagam supremo, in an anti-Brahmin rant, called on his followers to go for Brahmins with scissors and have their sacred-thread snapped. As lawyer Dhandapani Iyer heard EVR holding forth on cutting off Brahmins’ sacred thread he cut off power to the public maidan, leaving the mike system dead .

Realising his tactical mistake EVR swiftly made amends by raising his voice, loudly enough for him to be heard by the advocate Iyer, that his followers must ensure sure that nice Brahmins such as Dhandapani Iyer were spared. Power connection got restored and EVR carried on his speech, avoiding references that could hurt the man who powered his public address system.”

This actually happened.

An unruly crowd went around in Srirangam, cutting the tufts of Brahmins, Their Sacred Thread.

They went around chanting,

‘Paapan Ozhiga”

Down with Brahmins’ the term used to denote was derogatory, Paapan, in their opinion.

These jokers did not even know Tamil.

The term Paarpan was the term first used by Thirumoolar in his Thirumandiram, a Yoga Sastra Book in Tamil.

The term means ‘one who Has Realized, who has seen the Real Self’

EVR called Brahmins as interlopers into Tamil Nadu, conveniently forgetting the fact he is a Kanndiga.

He administered a  Ganapati Temple, which was in his Family control.

He justified it by saying that he was just doing his family duty!

If you believe in some thing honestly, you should be at least honest about it.

His ilk later justified this act as a sign of his magnanimity.

I had attended some of his meetings.

In one meeting in Chennai he said, to the crowd, when there was a commotion,

‘I do not want intelligent people here.

I want only fools

Sudras, you are the illegal children of Brahmins,

Go and l…,

If you have any self-respect go a Brahmin woman”

These abuses continued unabated.

Suddenly he changed tracks.

‘I am not against Brahmins but Brahminism

What is this?

Till date no one has explained what the difference is between Brahmins and Brahminism.

This is just like ‘Annaism’ by MGR, which neither he nor others could understand.

Periyar on 13/10/1919

‘We are apprehensive because we think aff All Brahmins”….

“Not all Brahmins  are bad.

There are honest, dedicated and patriotic Brahmins.

We should remember they are influential’!

Note he gives away why he changed track in the last sentence.

‘We should not oppose Brahmins’-Navasakthi 28/2/1925

It is a mistake to imagine that only Brahimns are arrogant and are obsessed by Caste.

It is with the other communities-Kudi Arasu 2/8/1925.

The man who publicly spewed venom against the Brahmins had a news item published in his newspaper meant to attack Brahmins thus.

“EVR performed the last rites  according to Vaishnava Rites,of  his elder brother E.V.Krishnaswamy’s  wife Nagammal  by non Brahmins’

Kusi Arasu 10/2/1927.

Brahmins were attacked because their cultural and religious roots,but you perform the same rites through the others.

What a Joker!

The quotes are from the Book by Sri.Suppu ‘Dravida Mayayai’ Dravdianism .an Illusion


Periyar’s self-respect movement was founded on a principle of intense anti-Brahmanist racism, while nominally claiming to be a movement espousing “rationalism” and “athieism”.Tamil Brahmins (Iyers and Iyengars) were frequently held responsible by followers of Periyar for direct or indirect oppression of lower-caste people on the canard of “Brahmin oppression” and resulted in innumerable hate attacks on Brahmins and which amoung other reasons started a wave of forced mass-migration of the Brahmin population. Periyar is alleged to have called for “Brahmin killing”s and burning down Brahmin homes. Later, in regards to a DK member’s attempt to assassinate Rajagopalachari, he “expressed his abhorrence of violence as a means of settling political differences”. The canard of “Brahmin oppression” rationalized conspiracy theories and pointed to Brahmins as enemies against whom the radical movements pitted themselves. The legacy of the anti-Brahmanism of the self-respect movement was taken over by the later Dravidan parties. Growing anti-Brahmanism in Chennai provided a rationale for polarization of the lower castes in the DMK movement. Eventually, the virulent anti-Brahmanism subsided somewhat with the replacement of the DMK party by the AIADMK. EVR’s followers have broken temple icons, cut sacred threads and tufts from Brahmin priests, and have often portrayed Brahmins in the most derogatory manner in their meetings and magazines.

This mellowed down write up and find out how facts are doctored and presented as if EVR had no connection with virulent anti Brahminism



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