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Indian Oil Company Balance Sheet, Where Is The Loss

In India on April 13, 2014 at 19:59


Petrol and Diesel Prices keep on going  up on a regular basis, citing  the rise in International Crude prices.


For a common man like me, who does not know the intricacies book fudging,the figures of Indian Oil Company Limited tell me they are not incurring Loss.


Would like to remain corrected.




Balance Sheet 2013.


Balance Sheet of Indian Oil Corporation

——————- in Rs. Cr. ——————-
Mar ’12 Mar ’11 Mar ’10 Mar ’09 Mar ’08
12 mths 12 mths 12 mths 12 mths 12 mths
Sources Of Funds
Total Share Capital 2,427.95 2,427.95 2,427.95 1,192.37 1,192.37
Equity Share Capital 2,427.95 2,427.95 2,427.95 1,192.37 1,192.37
Share Application Money 0.00 0.00 0.00 21.60 0.00
Preference Share Capital 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
Reserves 55,448.75 52,904.37 48,124.88 42,789.29 39,893.88
Revaluation Reserves 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
Networth 57,876.70 55,332.32 50,552.83 44,003.26 41,086.25
Secured Loans 13,045.97 20,379.65 18,292.45 17,565.13 6,415.78
Unsecured Loans 57,277.96 32,354.22 26,273.80 27,406.93 29,107.39
Total Debt 70,323.93 52,733.87 44,566.25 44,972.06 35,523.17
Total Liabilities 128,200.63 108,066.19 95,119.08 88,975.32 76,609.42
Mar ’12 Mar ’11 Mar ’10 Mar ’09 Mar ’08
12 mths 12 mths 12 mths 12 mths 12 mths
Application Of Funds
Gross Block 99,455.46 92,696.69 71,780.60 62,104.64 56,731.50
Less: Accum. Depreciation 39,336.13 34,509.29 30,199.53 27,326.19 23,959.68
Net Block 60,119.33 58,187.40 41,581.07 34,778.45 32,771.82
Capital Work in Progress 13,434.77 12,620.44 21,268.63 18,186.05 9,170.22
Investments 18,678.46 19,544.76 22,370.25 32,232.13 21,535.78
Inventories 56,829.20 49,284.52 36,404.08 25,149.60 30,941.48
Sundry Debtors 15,502.87 8,869.65 5,799.28 5,937.86 6,819.23
Cash and Bank Balance 307.01 643.92 916.56 796.56 815.05
Total Current Assets 72,639.08 58,798.09 43,119.92 31,884.02 38,575.76
Loans and Advances 44,988.11 25,454.49 17,453.01 13,348.99 14,920.93
Fixed Deposits 0.00 650.50 398.55 1.46 9.38
Total CA, Loans & Advances 117,627.19 84,903.08 60,971.48 45,234.47 53,506.07
Deffered Credit 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
Current Liabilities 66,510.58 60,441.18 40,818.96 38,890.28 39,326.07
Provisions 15,148.54 6,763.46 10,271.56 2,603.46 1,172.99
Total CL & Provisions 81,659.12 67,204.64 51,090.52 41,493.74 40,499.06
Net Current Assets 35,968.07 17,698.44 9,880.96 3,740.73 13,007.01
Miscellaneous Expenses 0.00 15.15 18.17 37.96 124.59
Total Assets 128,200.63 108,066.19 95,119.08 88,975.32 76,609.42
Contingent Liabilities 28,085.59 31,505.33 25,715.07 26,317.31 25,574.96
Book Value (Rs) 238.38 227.90 208.21 368.86 344.58
Source : Dion Global Solutions Limited


Profit and Loss Account.


I am unable to form this here in the format it is provided.


Visit the Link.

IOCL P&L Account.


IOCL Balance Sheet.

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Corporate Donations Political Parties About

In Business, India on January 30, 2014 at 10:53

Veerappa Moily, Petroleum Minister went on TV stating that whenever the Government tries to effect some changes in Petroleum pricing, the Ministers are being threatened.

BJP and Donations

BJP receives Donations from Companies

By whom?

Obviously by the Companies.

Corporate Donations

Corporate donate to Political Parties

No minister can be sure of his berth in the Cabinet if he dares to challenge the Business Lobby.

More cozy,better for you.

No wonder there is high pressure lobbying by the Cabinet Post aspiration.

As a matter of fact, the Business lobbies decide who should be given tickets even!

These companies have Liaison officers like Nira Radia who fix things.

Listen to Radia tapes in my site, you will know how the fixing is done for Minister ship and for even Media fixing.

We have a Law on paer that each party must declare the information of Donations.

But what is reported is only a small negligible portion of what is collected.

“Between 2009-11 period, the Congress party earned almost Rs 750 crore out of which Rs 500 crore were from selling party coupons.  While the party got Rs 111 .73 crore from donations, it earned Rs 44.11 crore from interest. Interestingly, the party got only 12 per cent of the donations that was above Rs 20,000 and about which the party must give the details of the donors. So the party has not declared how it got approximately Rs 600 crore…

Even the BJP has not been any different. The party earned Rs 425 crore during the 2009-11 period out of which Rs 300 crore was from voluntary donations. Approximately Rs 30 crore was as lifelong contribution fund and Rs 3 crore from interest.  The party got just 22 per cent of the money from donors who gave more than Rs 20,000.

Experts say that political parties fear that they are brought under the RTI, then they will have to share details bout their earnings. Between 2010 and 2011 the Congress received only Rs 20,000 or more from only 417 donors while 502 donations made to the BJP were above the Rs 20,000 mark. AIADMK, Shiromani Akali Dal and BSP got no single donations above Rs 20,00..


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How To Apply For Building Licence BBMP Bangalore

In consumer forum on December 17, 2013 at 11:46

I am posting information from  BBMP the procedure, processes to be followed while planning to construct, modify a building.

For updates check with BBMP, Link provided below.

You may check  the other Link for Rules for construction by The BBMP.

Bangaloe rHousing authotiy

BBMP Bangalore

3.1 Licence – Every person who intends to erect or re-erect a building or make material
alterations or cause the same to be done, is required to obtain a licence from the
3.2 Application and documents to be submitted with the application – Every person
who intends to erect or re-erect or alter a building, including temporary structures for
the purpose of exhibitions, trade fair or circus or execute any of the works other than
repairs, as specified in Sections 299, 304 or 312, of the Act, shall give an application in
writing to the Authority in the Form set forth in Schedule II and such application shall be
accompanied by plans, documents and information as required hereunder.
3.2.(1) Title deed/possession certificate – A copy of the title deed or possession certificate
of the property, issued a competent authority.
3.2.(2) Property card and latest assessment book extract – A copy of the property card
along with the sketch issued by the Department of Survey and Settlement, and Land
Records (City Survey) and latest assessment book extract issued by the Corporation
indicating the measurements of the property .
3.2.(3) Upto date tax paid receipt – The receipt for having paid up to date property tax to the
Corporation shall be enclosed.
3.2.(4) Previously sanctioned plan – Attested copy of the previously sanctioned plan if the
application is for addition/ alteration/modification to the existing building. If the applicant
for any reason cannot produce the previously sanctioned plan of the existing building,
then in such cases the plan of the existing building along with site plan, etc., will have
to be submitted.
3.2.(5) Drawings – The following drawings in ammonia prints. One drawing on tracing cloth /
polyester tracing film shall be enclosed in addition to the ammonia prints.
3.2.(5.1) Key plan – A key plan drawn to a scale of not less than 1 in 10,000 showing the
boundary locations of the site with respect to neighbourhood landmarks.
3.2.(5.2) Site plan – Site plan drawn to a scale of 1:500 for sites of area upto one hectare and
1:1000 for sites of area more than one hectare. The site plan shall indicate the
following, namely:-
a) title of drawing consisting of the property number of the site name of the block,
street or road in which the site is situated, number of the site if situated in an
approved layout, and reference number of such approval with the use of the
b) the boundaries of the site and of any contiguous land belonging to the owner
c) the north direction relative to the plan of the building;
d) the name and description of the adjacent roads, street, or lanes, if any, with the
width thereof; Building Bye-Laws –

..”Khatha, Title deeds help and BBMP site.




‘I am No Robot’ Telemarketing Robot Audio

In lifestyle on December 14, 2013 at 20:23

Read and hear this.

Sales Person or Robot that denies itself?

Or both?

So, when I saw that an apparent robot telemarketer named Samantha West had randomly called a TIME editor and denied she/it/they was a robot, I wondered: where could I buy such an interactive voicebot?

This query led me down a strange rabbit hole. And along the way, I discovered that Samantha West may be something even stranger than a telemarketing robot. Samantha West may be a human sitting in a foreign call center playing recorded North American English through a soundboard.

Clearly, this is not human conversation: there are repeated laughs and weird phrases. “She failed several other [humanity] tests,” Time wrote. “When asked ‘What vegetable is found in tomato soup?’ she said she did not understand the question. When asked multiple times what day of the week it was yesterday, she complained repeatedly of a bad connection.”

It seems so open and shut.

So, Time’s story ran with the plausible headline, “Meet the Robot Telemarketer Who Denies She’s a Robot.” And many other blogs went with that explanation, too.

But if this kind of robotic telemarketing is possible, why don’t we see it more often? Every other kind of spam, if it is technically possible, becomes pervasive.

* **

The first step to acquiring a voicebot like this was to figure out what the people selling it might call it. Certainly they would not refer to their services as “robot telemarketing.”

I started looking for the right jargon to Google. As it turns out, there are two key phrases: “interactive voice response” and “outbound.” Interactive voice response refers to telephone systems that can process what you’re saying and respond appropriately (even intelligently at times). Outbound call centers make calls; the inverse, inbound, refers to systems that receive calls from customers.

So, put them together and you have, “Outbound IVR,” which Datamonitor projected should be a half billion dollar market by now.




Courier Flower Wine Delivery Scam Truth

In consumer forum on December 13, 2013 at 19:19

I received an email from my friend ona recent scam involving Courier, Wine and swiping of Credit card at Home with the delivery boy.

The people lost their money from their accounts.

I checked,this is the result.

Haox Delivery

Flower, Wine Credit Card Fraud.http://www.hoax-slayer.com/flowers-wine-credit-card-scam.shtml image from

Do not accept any packages at all, unless you know the sender, better check with them by phone.

“This email relates an incident in which a couple had $4000 stolen from their credit card account after a fraudster posing as a delivery driver tricked them into swiping their credit card on a portable card skimming device. According to the message, the scammer pretended to be a courier delivering an unexpected gift of wine and flowers. The scammer claimed that, because the gift included alcohol, the company required a small fee to be paid to prove that the gift had been delivered to an adult. He insisted that the fee be paid via card rather than cash and presented what seemed to be a legitimate mobile EFTPOS machine. However, the machine was in fact a skimming device that recorded the victim’s credit card details.

The information in the warning message is true. A spate of such crimes occurred in several suburbs in Sydney’s north-west in late 2008. A November 7 New South Wales Police Media Release noted:

Police in Sydney’s north-west have released an image of a man they believe can assist with inquiries into a fraudulent delivery scam which leaves people robbed of their savings.

A number of people across the Eastwood, Gladesville and Kuring-gai Local Area Commands have told police they believe they are the victim of a manipulative scam which has left their bank accounts wiped clean.

In all instances, police have been told a man has knocked at the door of residential homes dressed as a courier with a bunch of flowers and bottles of wine. The man has then delivered a parcel requiring a signature to confirm the goods have been received.

The man is alleged to have told recipients of the parcel that a delivery fee of $3.50 is required and must be done via EFTPOS. In all instances, those involved have swiped their credit card into a hand-held machine and been given a receipt for their payment.

Since the media release was published, a man has been apprehended and charged in relation to the incidents. A November 23 article in the Sydney Morning Herald notes:

A MAN charged with stealing more than $30,000 by posing as a delivery man bearing wine and flowers was refused bail in court yesterday.

David John Hennessey, 50, was stopped by police on the F3 freeway at Wahroonga, in northern Sydney, on Friday. He was arrested after a police search of his car allegedly found a number of card skimming devices.

Police allege that Hennessey had defrauded 10 residents of the Eastwood-Gladesville and Ku-ring-gai areas of $32,000 by posing as a delivery man bearing wine and flowers.



Email Text as received.

‘Please pass on

“Wednesday a week ago, I had a phone call from someone saying that he was

from some outfit called: “Express Couriers,”(The name could have been
anything) he asked if I was going to be home because there was a package
delivery for me that required a signature . The caller said that the
delivery would arrive at my home in roughly an hour, and sure enough, about
an hour later, a uniformed delivery man turned up with a beautiful basket of
flowers and wine. I was very surprised since it did not involve any special
occasion or holiday, and I certainly didn’t expect anything like it.
Intrigued about who had sent me such a gift, I inquired as to who the sender
was. The deliveryman’s reply was, he was only delivering the gift package,
but allegedly a card was being sent separately… (the card has never
arrived!) There was also a consignment note with the gift.He then went on to explain that because the gift contained alcohol, there
was a $3.50 “delivery/ verification charge,” providing proof that he had
actually delivered the package to an adult of legal drinking age, and not
just left it on the doorstep where it could be stolen or taken by anyone,
especially a minor.

This sounded logical and I offered to pay him cash. He then said that the
delivery company required payment to be by credit or debit card only, so
that everything is properly accounted for, and this would keep help in
keeping a legal record of the transaction. He added couriers not needing to
carry a bunch of cash, would make them less likely targets for robbery.

My husband, who by this time was standing beside me, pulled his wallet out
of his pocket with the credit/debit card, and ‘John,’ the “delivery man,”
asked my husband to swipe his card on a small mobile card machine. It had a
small screen and keypad where Frank was also asked to enter the card’s PIN
and security number. A receipt was printed out and given to us as our copy
of the transaction. He then said everything was in order, and wished us good

To our horrible surprise, between Thursday and the following Monday,
$4,000 had been charged/withdrawn from our credit/debit account at various
ATM machines.

It appeared that somehow the “mobile credit card machine,” which the
deliveryman carried now had all the info necessary to create a “dummy” card
with all our card details after my husband swiped our card and entered the
requested PIN and security number.

Upon finding out about the illegal transactions on our card, we immediately
notified the bank which issued us a new card, and our credit/debit account
was closed.

We also personally went to the Police, where it was confirmed that it is
definitely a scam because several households had been similarly hit.

WARNING: Be wary of accepting any “surprise gift or package,” which you
neither expected nor personally ordered, especially if it involves any kind
of payment as a condition of receiving the gift or package. Also, never
accept anything if you do not personally know or there is no proper
identification of who the sender is.

Above all, the only time you should give out any personal credit/debit card
information is when you yourself initiated the purchase or transaction !

Thanks Prasad.

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