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God Will Never Die.

In God on December 31, 2013 at 19:46

In Human History discoveries have been made in all walks of life.

Theories are floated.

They are revised in the light of new evidence, old theories are discarded.

The Earth was assumed to be Center of the Universe.

Moon was considered to be Divine, stars beyond human reach.

We can go on adding to the list where old theories were revised and the  old theories are dead once and for all.

The same applies to all Arts and Sciences.

Except One.

The Theory on God.

While enlightenment(?) has induced man to accept new theories,discarding old thoughts, the concept of God and the debate does not seem to die.

If as Atheists were to be believed, God does not exist.

For some atheists the Universe is an accident.

For some it is Universal Law and it has nothing to do with God.

Some say it is Nature.

I do not know what they mean by Nature.

Is it Tree, Mountains,Forests?

If . as the Atheists proclaim, the concept of God  is incorrect and wrong, then the concept of God should have died a natural death.

This is not the case.

We have arguments for and against God is still going on.

We do not cling to the Theory that earth is the center of the universe any longer.

But we do not, at least most, do not, disavow the Theory of God.

Keeping my skepticism about Science aside for a moment on its infallibility,I am accepting Science for the present post.

If as certain as it is in Science, God concept should have been buried long back

Why did it not?

Earlier human beings, were in fear of everything, right from water, fire. lightening,darkness et al.

A he gained knowledge his apprehensions disappeared when he could explain these things.

Once explained, he is not concerned for to his comfort he has found a reason.

But one forgets mere explaining can not make things go away.

But Modern Man, under his arrogance of knowledge thinks he has over come all these fears.

Fact is He can not.

Watch Human reactions in times of  Natural Disaster and unexplained personal  loss  or calamity.

When things go well in life, every thing is under his control

Come disaster, he gets shaky.

One reason is  the fear of the unexpected , unknown and the inevitable and Death.

Another reason is that Man, by Nature seeks something , even when he thinks he has every thing material.

But the urge to know persists.

So long as these attributes of Man remain,God will Not Die.

Atheism In Ramayana Rama Jabali Discussion

In Hinduism, Indian Philosophy on July 26, 2013 at 08:36

Three is a thinking that Atheism and the so-called ‘Rational Thinking’ is the prerogative of the Modern Man and the early Hindu scriptures did not have these thoughts.

Hanuman.Who is the best to refute Atheism.

Far from Truth.

The Ramayana ‘one of the early Epics of the Hindus ,The Ramayana contains , seemingly more irrefutable arguments than the Modern  Thinkers(?).

Other Philosophical systems like the Nyaya,Sankhya,Charvaka, do have Atheistic thoughts and they are respected and included systems of Philosophy.

Buddhism and Jainism also fall under this category.

That those who decried the concept of God and the worship of idols have their Statues erected and worshiped as ‘Gods‘ is another story!

When Lord Rama decided to  honor his father Dasaratha‘s words and leave for the forest, Jabali, a Brahmin priest tries to dissuade Rama from going to the forest by questioning the authority of the Vedas, the existence of God,Truth, Theory of Rebirth,Sins.

The arguments advanced by Jabali are very logical, though seemingly.

That Lord Rama refutes them point by point is another matter.

Excerpts of Jabali’s arguments and Lord Rama’s Reply

“Rama, you are too much of a simpleton. Let not your understanding get deluded like an ordinary man’s. A man takes birth alone and alone he perishes. Therefore, he who wallows in affection for parents is insane. Discarding the kingdom at your father’s request and taking shelter in inaccessible and dangerous forests is not your duty. Return to prosperous Ayodhya this instant. That city, like an abandoned wife in a single-braid, awaits you. There pass the days enjoying the kingdom and live in supreme happiness like Indra in the world of the gods. Dasharath is no one to you. He is a distinct being and so are you. Child, you are being ruined because of your own flawed intelligence. I am extremely worried about those who, discarding concrete goals, live only for religion. For, after suffering various tortures in this world they are utterly destroyed. People perform funeral obsequies offering food to departed ancestors. Now, this is unnecessary waste of food; for who has ever heard that dead persons can eat? Those scriptures that contain prescriptions for worshipping gods, sacrifices, donations, ascesis and other rituals, have been prepared by wise men only to keep people subjugated. Therefore, Rama, comprehend that there is nothing whatsoever as dharma for the after-life. Act on what is before you and engage yourself for what is to come. Bharat is requesting you. Following the unanimous advice, accept the responsibility of the kingdom.”2

Hearing Jabali’s words, Ramachandra, basing himself on knowledge of dharma, said:

“Rich-in-ascesis Sir, what you have said desiring my welfare is actually improper but seems to be duty. Your advice is anti-Vedic and you are an atheist fallen from dharma. Properly I condemn my father’s appointment of you as priest. As a Buddhist deserves the same punishment as a robber, so too should an atheist be punished. Therefore, discriminating people do not even speak to those atheists who are to be avoided as driven beyond the Vedic pale.”

Jabali meekly replied, “Rama, I am not atheist; nor am I voicing atheistic views. And it is not that there is nothing such as an after-life. Expediently, as the situation demands, I turn an atheist and after an interval become a believer. The time when it is necessary to become an atheist has come. For turning you back from the forest now I spoke thus and now, again, it is for pleasing you that I am withdrawing what I said.”

After hearing Jabali’s words, Rama the best among virtuous and upright men spoke with a great devotion and with an undisturbed mind of his own (as follows);

“That which, in your desire to please me, you have counselled, is impossible though it appears to be possible. It is like a forbidden food, appearing to be an agreeable one. He who is unruly, fully invested with ill-conduct, having a bad reputation and seeing differences in everything, does not gain respect from honest men. One’s conduct itself explains whether one belongs to a good family or a bad family, valiant or arrogant and chaste or unchaste. What sensible man, able to discern what is just and what is unjust, in this world, would respect me, if I am ignoble resembling as noble, bereft of honesty, impure, having no good qualities but appearing like the one having good qualities, ill-behaved but appearing as well-behaved abandoning righteousness and getting hold of unrighteousness in the guise of piety, creating confusion in the world and disregarding rules of conduct.”

“If I behave in this manner faithlessly, to whom can I advise a prescribed conduct? How would I attain heaven? This entire world would follow its own whims, for, whatever the conduct of the kings may be, such will be the conduct of their subjects.”

“The eternal royal governance is indeed an assemble of truth and not cruel. Hence, the kingship has the Truth as its essence. The world is established in Truth. Even sages and divine being have respected truthfulness alone. The one who speaks truth obtains the highest position in this world.”

“People fear of a person, who speaks untruth, as one fears a snake. Truth is the highest virtue and is stated to be the origin of heaven. Truth is god and all virtues follow truth. All are rooted in truth there is nothing higher than truth.”

“Gift sacrifice, oblation, austerities performed and the scriptural texts have the foundation in Truth. Hence, one should thoroughly surrender to truth. One rules over the world. One develops a race. One sinks into hell . One rises high to heaven (according to one’s degree of truthfulness practiced). I am true to my promise. Why should I not fulfill the command of my father, who was a devotee of truth?”

“Neither covetousness nor forgetfulness nor pride would cause me to destroy the bond of morality. I shall honour the vow made to my father. Neither gods nor the manes will accept the offerings of those who are wanting in truth, unsteady and unstable in their minds. This is what is taught to us.”

“I perceive this virtue i the form of truthfulness as a universal permeation of spirit. That is why, this burden, observed as a vow, has been honoured by good men. I renounce the so-called duty of a warrior, it is injustice under the name of justice, it is practised by petty cruel and covetous men of evil deeds.”

“Sin is committed by the body after it has been conceived by the mind and falsehood is spoken with the tongue. Thus, the degrading act is of three types (with body, mind and tongue) The earth, fame, prosperity and fortune indeed woo a man of truth. They constantly oblige the truth: truth should therefore be strictly observed!”

“The logical words, you have made it out to be good, saying ‘Do this good thing’ as uttered to me, are really unworthy. Having promised before my father about my exile to the forest, how can I fulfill Bharata’s words now, abandoning the father’s words?”

“A firm promise has been made by me in the presence of my father, when Queen Kaikeyi too became rejoiced. I will proceed with life-journey in this manner, by accepting this dwelling in the forest, by remaining pure in body and mind, having controlled my diet, by feasting the Gods and Ancestors with pure roots, flowers and fruits, with all my five senses fully sated, without any deceit, fully devout and discriminative of what ought to be done and what ought not to be done.”




Atheists Theists All The Same. Study

In Religion on July 13, 2013 at 19:15

A recent Study has found some interesting Facts on Atheists.

There seems to be some common factors between the theists and Atheists..

The ten Commandments.

The ten Commandments.

Both believe in some principles,the Atheist in the Principle That God does not exist or at least the principle that the Theists have to be resisted.

2.Theist Religions propagate, believe in Conversions-Hinduism is an exception.

Atheist also do.

3.Christianity believes in mass meetings, Atheists do.

4.Islam, Christianity assert, that other than those who believe in Islam and Christianity are fools.

Atheists do.

5.Theists,religions have Symbols.

Atheists have been working under different symbols.

Now they have unveiled a new symbol.

‘Atheists unveiled the nation’s first public monument to secularism outside a county courthouse in Florida last week — a 1,500-pound gray granite bench engraved with quotations extolling the separation of church and state.”

6.Religions have sects, different schools of Thought.

Atheist Monument.

Atheist Monument.,A monument erected by an atheists’ group drew Gael Murphy and a crowd of onlookers to a site near a Ten Commandments monument in Starke, Fla.

Atheists also have, as a new study reveals.

1. Intellectual Atheist/Agnostic. By far, the most common kind of non-believer, at nearly 38 percent. This group enjoys intellectual discourse, and while they’re often very certain about their beliefs, they’re not belligerent about it..

2. This group also gets commonly accused of being dogmatic, but like the intellectual atheist, while they’re firm in their beliefs, they’re intellectually flexible and don’t prioritize attacking believers..

3. Seeker-Agnostic. This group, which makes up 7.6 percent of non-believers, are unlikely to be as critical of religion as most other groups…

4.Anti-TheistThis group tends to get conflated with all atheists by believers, but they only constitute 15 percent of non-believers. Like the Intellectual Atheists, they like to argue about religion, but they are much more aggressive about it and actively seek out religious people in an effort to disabuse them of their beliefs…

5.Non-Theist. They don’t believe in any gods, but don’t think about those who do very often. In such a religious society, simply opting out of caring much about religion one way or another is nearly impossible, which is why this group is only 4.4 percent of non-believers. “A Non-Theist simply does not concern him or herself with religion,” researchers explain…

6.Ritual Atheist/Agnostic. While you might think the anti-theist is the non-believer type that scares Christians the most, it turns out that it may very well be the Ritual Atheist/Agnostic. This group, making up 12.5 percent of atheists, doesn’t really believe in the supernatural, but they do believe in the community aspects of their religious tradition enough to continue participating. “

In general The Atheists have the same essential ingredients that make up a Religion, but under a different tag.

It may be of interest to note that Hinduism accepts Atheism as a Form of Worship, knowing pretty well that Human beings need something to cling onto.,call it whatever you like, be it No God!




Skeptic Speaks After Death

In Interesting and funny on May 20, 2013 at 20:42

There is a story about Robert Ingersoll, the Atheist.

When Ingersoll was in his death-bed, he asked for a Priest.

A Priest was brought in.

Ingersoll asked him,

‘Father, I have been denying God in my Life,

Will God punish me?’

The priest replied ,

‘Son, God is not Ingersoll’

I was reminded of this when I read a news item that the skeptic, Forrest J Ackerman, who is dead is reported communicating with people after he was dead!

The Life after Death.

‘The Life After Death Project’ Cover Artwork for the documentary “The Life After Death Project” about the search for evidence that the spirit of Sci-Fi legend Forrest J Ackerman is still “alive and well.”

Skeptics, Agnostics, Atheists are all pious and Devout in private.

here the man seems to go one step higher, after he is dead!


Ackerman, who passed away in 2008, is a legend in the sci-fi community, for, among other things, coining the phrase “sci-fi.” Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Peter Jackson were among the avid readers of his influential Famous Monsters Of Filmland magazine. He was also co-creator of the popular comic book superheroine Vampirella.

Ackerman was a skeptic in the supernatural. But now, some of his followers believe this dead man is trying to make contact with them.

It all started shortly after his death, when an odd ink blot mysteriously appeared on a sheet of paper at the home of his friend, filmmaker Paul Davids.

Ackerman speaks from the Dead.

Scientists and forensic experts cannot determine how the unusual ink blot appeared over these words, leading some to consider the spirit of Forrest J Ackerman was responsible for it.

Davids had printed out the paper that included a list of business meetings. The ink on the paper was completely dry as he left the room. When he returned, he discovered a black ink blot had somehow covered a group of words, “Spoke to Joe Amodei.”

“I had no idea why these particular words were blacked out,” Davids told The Huffington Post. “It made no sense to me until later, when I was researching Forry’s editorial style and I found lots of examples of where he blacked out words so completely. I have found 15 examples of where Forry found a name within a name or a word within a word as being a hidden word to make a pun or a point out of it.”

Davids believes this was the first in a series of unexplained instances where Ackerman was trying to communicate with him. He eventually involved several university scientists to try to explain these phenomena explored in “The Life After Death Project,” a documentary that premiered this week on the Syfy channel.

Some might claim Davids’ work is more akin to the Syfy channel’s fantasy-based programming, perhaps during hour 72 of a “Twilight Zone” marathon. But Davids is dead serious.

“I first met Forry in 1964 and we were friends for more than 40 years,” said Davids, producer-director of “The Life After Death Project.”



Planning To Leave Islam,Be Prepared To Be Killed

In Islam on March 19, 2013 at 12:36

Islam they say preaches Peace and in fact they utter ‘Peace Be? on Allah’ very other sentence.

What exactly does the Koran say on those who leave Islam?


Apostasy from Islam; the leaving by a Muslim from his/her religion.
Sharia, Muslim law, deems Ridda an illegal act, thus not permitted. Whether ridda is punishable is a question of debate and definition.

Leaving Islam Helpline.

Leaving Islam Helpline.


The performer of ridda is denoted murtadd (m) and murtadda (f).
It is generally assumed that the Koran only mention severe punishments for a murtadd in theafterlife. But there are passages that may well be interpreted to impose death penalty in this life, as is the case with sura 9. These aya clearly deal first with non-Muslims, but in the sense of breaking oaths, they can be said to point at murtadds as well.

Koransura 9
12 But if they break faith with you after their treaty, and taunt your religion, then fight the leaders of misbelief; verily, they have no faith, haply they may desist.
13 Will ye not fight a people who broke their oaths, and intended to expel the Apostle? They began with you at first, are ye afraid of them? God is more deserving that ye should fear Him! If ye be believers, 14 Kill them!
Koransura 8
57 Verily, the worst of beasts in God’s eyes are those who misbelieve and will not believe;

In the hadiths, on the other hand, there are numerous refereces both to severe punishment in this life, as well as references to executions or other severe reactions to murtadds in the times of the early Muslims.
Muhammad is said to have ordered the killing of anyone leaving IslamAli is reported to have burned murtadds, and A’isha is said to have commanded the slaying, crucifixion or banishment of murtadds.

Bukhari, Volume 9, Book 83
17God’s Apostle said, The blood of a Muslim [...] cannot be shed except [...] the one who reverts from Islam and leaves the Muslims…Bukhari, vol. 9, book 84
58… He was a Jew and became a Muslim and then reverted back to Judaism.” [...] Mu’adh said, “I will not sit down till he has been killed. This is the judgment of God and His Apostle and repeated it three times. Then Abu Musa ordered that the man be killed, and he was killed …

With all schools of Sharia, the regulations declare that a male murtadd must be killed, while a woman is to be imprisoned until she returns to the faith. While this regulation is rarely carried out in most modern Muslim communities, that does not mean it is an abandoned regulation. With some exceptions, it would be indicative of the reason why few Muslims risk their lives going public with their new non-Muslim conviction.
The concept of ridda has in modern times been expanded to include disloyalty or blasphemous acts, meaning that a Muslim can both remain Muslim and still be defined as a murtadd. Depending on the seriousness of this disloyalty or blashemy, it may be punished as severely as regular ridda.
Arabic has no specific term for Atheism, but when distinguishing between a Muslim apostate and an Atheist of non-Muslim background, the term “ilhad” is used. But “ilhad” is actually synonymous with “heresy” or “apostasy.” Not distinguishing Atheism from the rejection of an original Muslim faith, but rather defining an Atheist as one who specifically has rejected God, Sharia employs ridda regulations against Atheism. This also relates to the Koran 8:57, in which the people who refuse to believe are deemed “the worst of beasts”, who, according to the Koran 9:13-14, may suffer the hardest of punishments.
‘Ridda’ is also used for the wars fought in Arabia between the Muslims of Mecca and tribes around the peninsula.



Helpline for those who want to leave Islam:

The UK’s Forced Marriage Unit can also help people from Commonwealth countries

Forced marriage is an abuse of human rights and a form of domestic violence; sometimes it can also be child abuse. If you are being forced into marriage, or fear it might happen, there are friends who will help you make a master plan to retain or regain your freedom and then work with you to make it happen.

If you are thinking of leaving Islam, be wary, be careful.

Do not tell your Muslim friends or family. The Qur’an commands your death for leaving Islam (4:89 calls for the murder of renegades from the faith), and Muhammad is explicit in a hadith: “If anyone changes his religion, kill him” (Bukhari). Many, many ‘honour killings’ have been committed for “crimes” that are in Islamic law considered far less serious than leaving Islam.


The helpline from UK Government.




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