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Is This All There Is

In lifestyle on September 2, 2014 at 10:12

People, after a certain age, tend to change.


Especially those who have crossed 50, more so after 60.


They make it a regimen to go for a Walk religiously every day,start diet restrictions,try to withdraw to themselves and pretend that they are not interested in things which they think belong to Youth.


Life does not happen in compartments.

It is a flow in alignment with the individual’s dispositions.

Because one turns  over in age, does not mean he is to change his likes and dislikes.

You have not been able to do the things you wanted to earlier because of your career, Family commitments.

Now you are free to do what you like and enjoy doing.

And there is no pressure.


You have the mistaken impression that decisions taken by your children , in the family, means that you are sidelined,

You feel that you have to be consulted for everything,

You have the arrogance to think you are always right’

Your decision is final.

Remember how many times have  we felt, in the past,that these pressures of running the day-to-day affairs and wished others would share the burden, especially children.

And we train the children towards that end.

Then why this confusion?

Do what you like, without affecting the Family,maintain a detached attachment.

If you feel alright, no need to follow the myth imposed on the aged-be your age,do pooja regularly,go for a walk, restrict your diet….the recommendations are endless.

Do what you like and enjoy Life.

You have only one to Live.


LGBT Issues In Hindu Forward Communities

In Hinduism, lifestyle on June 22, 2014 at 08:46

Sometime back I posted an article on the views of Hinduism on LGBT.


The post received good response and many with this issue have written to me saying that  th post helped them mentally.


Yet members of some communities i Facebook of which I am a member, felt that these issues are in bad taste and some communities have even removed the post.


Hinduism is a way of Life.


India Corporate Policy for LGBT.Image.jpg.

India Corporate Policy for LGBT.


It does not feel shy of addressing real issues of Life.


It understands the nature of Humans including their frailties and try to offer solutions.


By adopting an Ostrich like attitude, one faces on certain issues,  much more serious issues later that would arise because of this.


Problems are to be addressed to and not wished away, thinking that if we do not think about them , it would disappear.


There is this attitude of taking no decision, a modern western concept of course,justifying that the problem would solve itself.


True, but the solution need not be to our liking and at times may even harmful.


I have not taken the trouble of finding statistics of LGBT in India, ,especially Community wise.


It is likely to be incorrect as this is a sensitive and too personal an issue to be divulged.


Strength in numbers does not diminish the gravity of the problem.


About a year back two issues of m friends were referred to me, regarding their family problem, so sensitive the could not discuss with their relatives.


Well, you do not discuss sensitive issues with relatives, only with friends who  have no stakes.


My friend’s son((34)got married to a girl from an orthodox family.


The boy is well settled and the girl was very nice, working in a MNC.


The girl was a Lesbian.


This, she disclosed to her husband, after a couple of days of marriage to her husband.


This she told him that she was had been scared to inform her  parents and she had a girl friend from US.


The boy wrestled with this problem and he informed me.


Many among the younger generation , boys and girls,open up with me about intimate problems, though , b age , I am like their Father.


I took up the issue very gingerly with the girl first and later with the Boy’s parents.


It took some time for m friend to come back to normalcy.


I informed him, he was very orthodox, that this an accident of Nature and one should ensure that two lives are not ruined.


Our Religious texts inform us these problems and suggest we take appropriate action to ensure that no one is affected.


He came around.


After discussing the issue with the girl’s parents,a Divorce b mutual consent was organised( the reason as disclosed in Camera in the Family Court).


The girl went to US to be with her Girl friend in the US.


The Boy is  married again, after disclosing the details to  the would be bride and her parents.


The Boy’s first wife came from US and corroborated the facts to the would be bride and her parents.


The boy is happily married and has a son.


A similar case was in respect of Gay.


Here the marriage was stopped.


Elders should not wish away the problem.


It is tricky in Hindu communities, notwithstanding the elopement in many a case.


Children still are respectful for their parents and are shy of discussing their intimate problems.


It would be prudent , before arranging marriage, boys and girls, talk to them and wherever necessary , get to know their friends and get information very discreetly.


This would help a lot of problems that might arise later.


This applies to issues concerning Transvestites as well .



At And After Death Timeline

In lifestyle on April 12, 2014 at 00:45


What happens to us just at Death and after Death?


This is a Timeline of our Death.

Death and afterWhat happens after Death.

Life after Death


Hour 1.

Muscles in the body relax, a state called primary flaccidity.


Eyelids lose their tension,


the pupils dilate, the jaw might fall open,


the skin will sag,


prominent joints and bones become pronounced.


Pallor mortis causes the usually pinkish tone of the Heart becomes pale.


Algor mortis, the decrease in body temperature follows, (Two degrees Celsius in the first hour; One degree each hour thereafter.)


Hours 2 to 6.


Livor mortis. If the body remains undisturbed long , the parts of the body nearest the ground can develop a reddish-purple discoloration.


Rigor mortis, the first muscles affected include the eyelids, jaw and neck.


Over the next several hours, rigor mortis spreads up into the face and down through the chest, abdomen, arms and legs until it reaches the fingers and toes.


Hours 7 to 12.

The knees and elbows will be slightly flexed, and fingers or toes can appear unusually crooked.


After 12 hours.


Rigor mortis dissipates in the reverse order in which it occurred, i.e., from the fingers and toes, through the arms and legs, and then up through the chest to the neck and face.


Eventually, all of the muscles will again relax, reaching a state known as secondary flaccidity.


Some Functions that remain for some time immediately after Death.


Nails and hairs Grow.


Brain remains active for some time.


Skin Cells grow.


Urination and passing of Motion.


Digestion takes place for some time.


Erection and Ejaculation take place.


Moans and Murmurs will be heard because of breaking Gas in the body.


In rare cases child is delivered.


Watch this in the Link.


What happens to Body after Death



About .com




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Find Area Cuisine Specific Food

In lifestyle on February 13, 2014 at 17:14

My children often find a Restaurant after we finalize to eat out.

Then arguments ensue in choosing the Type of Food,Area,and the deals offered by them.

My habit has been to know by word of mouth the best restaurant by taste, and check which one is nearby.

That’s all.

Now  a lot of deliberation goes on this issue and most of the time, the Lunch or Dinner time is past.

They check the web or some application to locate a Restaurant.

They also use Google Maps.

On Google Maps, Me and my Daughter, though she is Computer savvy in all things. resort to finding the address or location by the best Media Known to Man,

Asking people around in every corner.

To locate a Hotel or a Restaurant of your  choice one has many options, check for general terms in Google, Type of Cuisine, or Area.

I chanced upon a site which lists City wise, Cuisine wise.Area specific listing .

It also contains information on the Deals being offered Restaurant specific.

Seems to be an easy method of locating a restaurant.

I am aware that there are many other sources on the web and application for the Mobiles.

Tome this seems to be easy.

Choose a Restaurant

Food Panda

Android applications are also available.



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Have I Grown Up

In lifestyle on February 5, 2014 at 11:04

I have been a risk taker, no calculated risks even.

I do not understand the term calculated risk.

A risk remains one so long it remains.

One Oncologist told me that as far as he is concerned in treating cancer patients, he does not care about the risks,stating that even a miniscule .1% is 100 5 risk for patient!

So is risk taking.

I would simply take any action which appealed me, especially jobs,may be it might offer more benefits or the Job content I liked.

I was very out going, though not easy-going.

These remain the same even this day.

I do things as I used to do, but with slight trepidation, but it will be in my mind, which was not the case earlier,but I do things any way.

As to with people I remain the same.

My close friend of 43 Years tells me I am not easy to approach though I am easy to move with and an extrovert

I do not know.

I used to eat a lot of Chocolates, Ice cream and Sweets.

I still do.

My grand children love me for this as we raid the Fridge together after others sleep.

I used to be irreverent towards every thing, including Religion.

I still do.

I was an Agnostic, bordering on Atheism.

But now am an Advaitin and believe in Hinduism.

I used to be blunt and rude.

I am so even now.

But with a difference.

I think before I speak to family members other than my son and daughter.

I try to use slightly polite language.

I was interested in Books, Music.

Still do.

I used to drink and smoke.

Now I don’t.

I like good things in Life and at the same time can be very comfortable in a simpler surrounding.

Never show my emotions, then and now.


Barring a few minor garnishing I remain the same.

Have I grown up?

I do not know.

But I have not changed.

How about you?

* I am 63.


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