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Consumers Help Line Akosha A Fraud?

In consumer forum on March 28, 2014 at 18:02

I accidentally bumped into a site http://www.akosha.com.


It states that it would help you resolve your complaints against Companies and  the site’s Home Page says thus,


Akosha: Helping Consumers

Akosha, an online platform for filling & getting your complaint resolved. We are driven to ensure that the complaint/voice of the customer is heard by the brands.

  • Total Number of Complaints Filed: 4,65,212
  • Brands That Akosha Works With: 550
  • Money Saved For Consumers: 8,32,72,000
  • Updates By Akosha: 10,13,030


We help consumer in getting resolution to their complaints from brands across India. 

Will The Complaint Be Resolved?


What happens of the complaint is not resolved?


If after all our efforts your complaint remains unresolved then we would provide you documents with which you can file complaint in consumer court.


FILE COMPLAINT ON PHONE: CALL US @ 91-91-9266603254″


It also provides an Online Complaint form.

But curiously it does not talk about any charges.”

In Life, there is nothing that is called Free Lunch.

I investigated..

AKOSHA is a Fraud ..

I have given the complaint related to Country vacations to AKOSHA ..These people are similar to those people with false promises.

Initially i was reluctant to pay AKOSHA ..but one month these people are calling me to pay the fee to them so that they will resolve within one month ..but now its been more than a month ..now THEY HAVE GIVEN UP and not even REFUNDING My money ..as they display in their website.
Complete LOSS of my money ..one to country vacation and then to AKOSHA.

GUYS ..DONT BELIEVE THIS MEDIATORS .. DO FIGHT YOURSELF by complaining or in consumer court.



After wasting my time with AKOSHA ..now i need to get up and fight for Country vacations and AKOSHA to get my money back”


Akosha is just a fraud site. They have tie ups with companies so that they will never resolve issue and you end up paying it to Akosha service. Which utlimately is no use. They never pickup ur calls and never help you
On Akosha,
Singla looked around for help and all he found was people with similar experiences who had nowhere to go. Singla, then 27, quickly sensed a business opportunity and launched Akosha in January 2011.

Akosha’s basic services are free, but it charges between Rs 299 and Rs 1,499 from customers who wish to further escalate their complaints and seek legal assistance. The customer is charged according to the nature of his or her complaint and the size of the disputed amount.


“Most customers approach us after having tried their hand with the company’s customer care executives,” says Singla. “We take up these complaints directly with the marketing departments and higher-ups in the brands.”



For paid customers, if the issue is still unresolved, Akosha goes one step further. Its employees launch a social media campaign against the target company. Akosha’s Twitter handle tweets complainant’ sproblems on the social media, an area where leading brands and service providers try their best to avoid negative publicity.



Often, brands’ social media teams are different from their marketing and the customer care departments. One department exhorts the other to settle the complaint. For companies, retaining customers is as important as avoiding negative word of mouth.



This is where Singla and his small firm are able to pressure companies to address the problem. Akosha’s Twitter handle has around 3,000 followers.



“When we launch a social media campaign, we do it on behalf of the customer. We don’t proclaim that a company or a brand is a fraud. We impartially narrate the complaint on the brands’ social media page. Akosha does not do anything that may hurt the interests of the company,” Singla says, explaining how they avoid defamation suit.



But before accepting a complaint, Singla says his team first authenticates the complaint through internal checks.



Feedback welcome both for and against.
I recommend fling your complaints by yourself .
For procedure check under Consumer Forum.




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Baby Care Mother Care Online

In consumer forum on March 13, 2014 at 11:17

I remember running from pillar to post to buy a Breast Pump when my daughter delivered a Baby.

I had to run around a couple of Stores before getting Confused.

Finally I got the contact from Just Dial to complete the purchase.

Baby are and Mother Online products.

For Baby and the Mother Products Online

In Online purchasing I did not have one Central point where I could get offers and make a comparison.

Starting from Pregnancy, now a days, when people go in for  Health Care products, they are at a loss.

I do not remember any product being bought by parents as a Child, let alone while I was a Baby.

For my children, my purchase was restricted to buying Amulspray Milk Powder, that’s all.

I never knew what a Diaper was till my Grand son came along.

Now as my Grand daughter is One year old, I seem to be finding a lot of things I never heard of.

Babyswipes, Changing mats,Grooming products,Bathing accessories.

For mothers, Pregnancy products,Breast feeding,Pregnancy Clothes,Books on Pregnancy, Baby Care

Then you have Nursery accessories for the Child, Books, Drawing Books, Stationary ..

One needs a lot of time to understand these products , at least for me!

To search for these?

Sometimes I wonder how I have grown without all these and I remain healthy even now.

However, this plethora of products have become necessary in world of competition and consumerism.

People are engaged in full-time occupations, both Husband and wife,for economic security.

They do not have the time and patience to sit through the Baby care.

One touch solution is needed.

So when Human presence in the form of elders are missing, for some reason or another, it is natural one goes for Consumerism, to ease the style of Living.

So one can not fault people going in for these products, though appear to be unnecessary are in fact essential, given the circumstances.

We do have Online sites for buying these products and there are some which offer you a comparison of products and offers.

One such site Online is babyoye.com

Here I found a complete range of Products relating to Pregnancy, pre-delivery and Post delivery.

Babyswipes, Diapers, Disposable,

Books for mothers, Children products, Toys,

Everything one needs for the Mother and the Baby.

You just log in the site and order.

There are no hidden charges, every thing included in the quoted Price.

How does one pay?

One can pay through Credit, Debit Cards,Online Credit,Gift Cards, Internet Banking or Pay Cash On Delivery.

Products are shipped through Popular Couriers .

If it is an Incorrect product, replacement is effected.

There are exceptions .

The order can also be Canceled .

Top Brands are available.

And one gets offers , Sale as well.

Online shopping reliable, swift and seems to be trustworthy.

You may try this.


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Service Portal For Seniors.

In consumer forum on February 28, 2014 at 10:30

The Joint Family system having broken up, thanks to Western Culture, the Seniors are now considered as mere appendages.

Gone are the days when looking after the elderly was the duty of Children.

No longer.

If you imagine this is because of economic reasons, you are mistaken.

A good percentage of these people in the Senior Citizen’s Home are the parents of children settled abroad.

Children send in  money and ask the parents to take care of themselves.

I had posted the elders , taking into consideration of the changing value systems, one has to accept reality, without being morose about these issues.

The elders were here before these children were born and were taking care of themselves.

No point in mourning on this issue.

One can be self-reliant if one is confident.

What it needs is the unnecessary clinging to some one else even if it be Children.

One should be happy that they have at least the Financial security.

Imagine people with out even this and being discarded and neglected

One is required to be more updated on the information side and the minimum skill to operate modern gadgets,

If one has a basic knowledge of Computers and Internet, most of your problems are solved.

My brother’s wife, 74, is a Diabetes patient and my Brother is 82 years.

She needs Insulin injections daily and she can not nor my brother can Use a Syringe.

The Nurse who comes is not regular and my brother has to keep on hunting for a Nurse for injections.

Locating the nurses is a problem as the information from service providers  is generally confusing and really not focused on the issue at hand.

This is not the only issue the elderly have.

Elders, whose children are abroad, find it extremely difficult to handle daily issues like buying things, Emergency help,Health Care,Daily Living Aids ,Services.

one wishes that there is a nodal information resource that can offer these services Online to help the Senior Citizens.

One needs to log in and have the information.service they need is at hand.

I recently come across a  site  that offers this service.

Senior servcie site

Help for the Seniors.

The services are under different heads.

Daily Living Aids where one can order food, Diet Food,

Pharmacy from where the Drugs can be bought.

Diabetes Management,

Supplement Nutrition,

Wheel chairs if needed,


Bed Pullers,

Folding Tray.

One has the choice of choosing the Budget range and at discounts as well.

Payment may be made through major Credit cards like VISA, and Bank Debit/Credit Cards.

If one is interested in travel arrangements, Standard service provider are available at the site, India Pilgrim tours,Yatra.com,make my trip for Local travel

For international travel one has a choice among Europe tours,Kesari,Veena world,Orbit, VRS.

One can use this site to identify new properties or choose a Senior Citizen Home

The site has Customer care services.

Customer Care : Phone: + 91 9819529534 ( 10 am – 6 pm) Skype id: Seniorshelf ( till 12 midnight IST)

email : genie@seniorshelf.com

The following site is worth giving a look in.


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Do Not Drink Frooti Has AIDS Virus Hoax.

In consumer forum on February 15, 2014 at 07:14

There was an email from a Group ,of which I am a member, this morning that the Delhi Police

is contaminated with HIV Virus and is not to be consumed.

It also stated that NDTV telecast a show on this.

Frooti Hoax

Frooti Spreads Contaminated , Causes AIDS

I checked this with Hoaxslayer.com

The information given out is wrong.

Here is the analysis.

The story supposed to be an important message from Delhi police states that a worker from Frooti company has added his blood, contaminated with HIV (AIDS), and so, you should not drink any product of Frooti for the next few weeks. The story also claims that this public warning was shown on NDTV. However, all this is complete hoax.

Firstly, Delhi police did not issue any such warning, and neither did NDTV show this message. HIV can NOT spread through food contamination. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) clearly states that a person would not become infected with HIV even if he consumed food containing HIV infected blood.

“HIV does not live long outside the body. Even if small amounts of HIV-infected blood or semen was consumed, exposure to the air, heat from cooking, and stomach acid would destroy the virus. Therefore, there is no risk of contracting HIV from eating food.”

Therefore, it is quite clear that this message of Frooti containing HIV is yet another hoax to scare people in the name of health. This is in fact another version of an old hoax talking about HIV in Pepsi. The message need not be shared”



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Pepsi Kills Girl Stock Seized

In consumer forum, Health on February 13, 2014 at 07:40

My children buy Coca coal and Pepsi in large containers being sold by the Companies and keep them in the Fridge, despite my informing them these products are harmful for health even when their shelf life is in tact and is  poisonous when used after their expiry date.

Soft drink Pepsi Kills

Pepsi Kills a Girl

Regarding Expiry date on Packs of Food Products.

People take the Expiry date printed on the Pack to be a Gospel Truth.

Fact is that they are changed after they are returned by the Retailer to the Manufacturer by the Retailer.

New Expiry/Manufacturing Date Labels  are fixed and sent to the market afresh to other Regions.

Though sounds outrageous. is True.

I should know having been in the FMCG and Food Products Comanches as a Senior Management Professional in them.

I have written quite a few posts on Coca Cola’s hazards and how it has killed people.

Now comes the news that Pepsi has killed a Child in Tamil Nadu.

Asa follow-up action, Pepsi stock  has been seized in Chennai and the investigation is on whether these products are spurious.


yes! pepsi do kill the organs of the human body because of the acids which are in it. Those acid do not effect suddenly by drinking pepsi but they effect slowly. You can’t see the effects but though you can feel the effects. You will feel pain in your backbone, knees, chest etc. Pepsi do effect the bones of our body and by drinking regularly your bones will become weaker day by day. You will realize this thing after 6 months regular drink.”

Abhirami, consumed the drink along with her three siblings Lalithaa (10), Kausalya (6) and Paramasivan (3).  However, shortly after taking the drink, the children developed nausea, stomach pain and vomiting, Times of India reported.

The panic-stricken parents acted quickly and took their little ones to a nearby primary health centre and later to a government general hospital in Cuddalore. However, doctors couldn’t save Abhirami’s life and she died at the hospital.  On doctors’ recommendation, the other three were later shifted to Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (Jipmer) in Puducherry.  According to reports, Lalithaa is still in a critical condition, while the other two chidlren Kausalya and Paramasivan are stable.

Police have arrested the owner of the shop Nagarathinam, for investigation.  Meanwhile, authorities have closed down the shop and collected samples of the soft drink for testing.  Officials said they are waiting to get the lab results to confirm reasons behind the incident.




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