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Introduction To Quantum No Jargons

In Astrophysics on April 10, 2014 at 11:42

I was a Speaker in a Function marking the occasion of the release of a Research Book “Downloading Nature‘s Secrets,From Akasa to Quantum Vacuum

Field by Sri.Lakshminarayananan Gopalan in Chennai on the Fifth of April 2014.


The book deals with the inadequacy of the present day Science, how the Vedas have anticipated these issues and how the Gayatri Mantra  unlocks these secrets.







Quantum explained with Light

Are these beams of light over Sydney, Australia made of particles or waves? The true physical nature of light had been debated for years. Planck and others showed that not only light but all matter exhibited properties of both a particle and a wave.(Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)



Chart of Quantum Theory

Quantum Theory in Chart

I shall be posting on this shortly.


Science, as we know , rests on certain Laws, which are assumed to be true,called Axioms.


These laws under strict laboratory identical conditions will operate and the same Cause will produce the same result.


The problem is you produce the conditions obtaining in Nature and you repeat them to produce the result, which obviously has to produce the same result.


In other words, Science tells you How and never Why.


But it assumes that it is final.


When you can not describe or define Why , your word is not final.


This applies to Science .


Let us take the Laws of Newton.


I shall not be discussing the exact definitions as it would be beyond the scope of this essay.


I shall deal with it later.


An object remains Inert until it is impelled by an External Force.


From where does this external force come ?


No answer.


If it is assumed that it is in the Nature of things, as Axioms, then you are not solving the issue, but are ducking it and you are offering the Mechanics of Motion, that’s all.


In my view this does not matter, as it does not tell me any thing new in terms of my inquiry content.



For the average person, whether we know how a Thing moves does not matter so long it moves.


Things were falling to the ground even before Newton discovered Gravity.


Even if we are blissfully unaware of it , still Gravity would function.



However these theories have their uses in that these help in developing technologies that help(?) Man.


The second law that the rate of Momentum being directly proportionate to the force applied is also thrown out of this discussion as the first law on which this is derived from is not answering the question.


The same to the Third Law of Motion.


Science also harbors under the strain of Space and Time.


Unless we understand Space and Time we may not be able to understand the Laws of Nature and These terms Space and Time remain undefined till date.


At best, there are only descriptions and that too are being contradicted more or less on a daily basis.


As Emmanuel Kant put it,”Space and Time are the Two goggles through which Man perceives” Remove these,you can not conceive of anything , let alone perceive!


Coming back to the Theory of Motion, we now have research going on in CERN, Geneva, to find the God Particle.


As we all know the Atom consists of Electrons, Protons and Neutron.


Electrons and protons move around the Neutron. Now, when an object moves it creates energy.


So where do the Energies from these electrons and protons go?


Again, the movement of these seem to be directed.


Scientist want to find it as they have theoretically found that there must be some particle or force that directs these electrons and protons .


So the search goes on. Now apply this to the Movement of galaxies that spins and move, The same Laws apply.


And there is is this Theory of Expanding Universe which states that the Universe is expanding with each object in the Universe hurling away from each other and this has been proved by the Infrared shift of the Spectrum.


If these things keep on moving away from each other, where is does it end?


Where is the Edge of the Universe? Einstein tried to solve this through he general Theory of Relativity.


Appropriate at this point,  is that the Space and Time  become One Universe at one point  and that Time can travel both forwards and backwards.


And it can recoil on it self and there are Time Worms.


Then we have the Black-holes, which are assumed not to let even light rays to escape from it.


And Time runs backwards there and, theoretically if one were to enter a Black-hole, he might enter the Past travel through the Future and emerge in the Present!


And this gives rise, along with the effort to find the God particle leads us to Quantum Theory and Multi verses.

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Natarja Statue In God Particle Lab LHC CERN

In Astrophysics, Hinduism on March 31, 2014 at 19:21

When you go into Higher Physics, you would often wonder if they are talking about Physics or Indian Philosophy.


The Fundamental Particle of Physics till recently has been Atoms.


Now there are Sub-atomic particles.


There is the movement of the constituents of he Atoms, Electrons.


They move around the Nucleus.


Movement involves a set rhythm.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is called Laya in Indian Thought, both in Yoga, Tantra Sasta and can be found in the explanation of the Mahavakyas of the Upanishads.


Laya is the Rhythmic motion.


This represents the uniformity of Nature, both in the realm of the Known physical laws applicable to the known Universe and the Unknown.


for those who may not be aware now scientists accept the theory that there may be Universes or bodies or both which may not conform to our known

Laws of Physics, but they do exist.


This motion, which or who set it?


An inert object can not move, unless impelled by an external force or the potential force within it.


Under what conditions does this potential source becomes Kinetic or the moving force?


Again, movement creates Energy.


Where does it go?


This is the question that is attempted to be answered at CERN, Geneva where LHC(Large Hadron Colider), apart from trying ti find the God particle.


Please read more on this and Multi verses in  my posts  filed under Astrophysics.


This laya, or Rhythmic Motion is the attribute of Lord Shiva in his Thandavam.


Laya and Sabda , Sound are the primordial forces of the Universe.


I will be posting on these subjects along with Particle theory, Light waves Theory and Scalar Field.


And on the Geometry of Shiv Linga and its relevance in unlocking the fundamental Energy fields.


Probably accepting the thoughts behind Shiva, CERN in Geneva has Lord Nataraja’s idol in the Hall of the Laboratory and there is no other Religious images there.


In 2004, a 2m statue of the dancing Shiva was unveiled at CERN, the European Center for Research in Particle Physics in Geneva. The statue, symbolizing Shiva’s cosmic dance of creation and destruction, was given to CERN by the Indian government to celebrate the research center’s long association with India. A special plaque next to the Shiva statue explains the significance of the metaphor of Shiva’s cosmic dance with quotations from Fritjof Capra: “


A special plaque next to the Shiva statue at CERN explains the significance of the metaphor of Shiva’s cosmic dance with several quotations from The Tao of Physics. Here is the text of the plaque:

Ananda K. Coomaraswamy, seeing beyond the unsurpassed rhythm, beauty, power and grace of the Nataraja, once wrote of it “It is the clearest image of the activity of God which any art or religion can boast of.”

More recently, Fritjof Capra explained that “Modern physics has shown that the rhythm of creation and destruction is not only manifest in the turn of the seasons and in the birth and death of all living creatures, but is also the very essence of inorganic matter,” and that “For the modern physicists, then, Shiva’s dance is the dance of subatomic matter.”

It is indeed as Capra concluded: “Hundreds of years ago, Indian artists created visual images of dancing Shivas in a beautiful series of bronzes. In our time, physicists have used the most advanced technology to portray the patterns of the cosmic dance. The metaphor of the cosmic dance thus unifies ancient mythology, religious art and modern physics.”












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Actual Sounds Of Unvierse NASA Voyager

In Astrophysics on March 29, 2014 at 16:45

Listen to these sounds recorded by NASA’s Voyager in Deep Space.


The Second one is by an Amateur capturing the Sounds of the Space .


Listen carefully the third sequence of Sound in this Video.


And listen to the last one, closing your eyes.


Video 1.



Video 2


Om chant (on kaleidoscope)



Video 3



Thanks to the Fermi Large Area (LAT) telescope, we can now ‘see’ gamma rays (high frequency electromagnetic waves) in the universe. Gamma rays are comprised of photons (elementary particles), each of which have their own energy and frequency.


The higher the energy, the higher the frequency. By measuring their frequency, we can convert rays into musical notes.


Gamma ray bursts are some of the most powerful explosions in the universe


. A particularly explosive number back in 2008, the GRB 080916C, was captured by the LAT and is the basis for the musical track. During the brightest part of the explosion, the LAT detected 100s of gamma rays from the extremely-distant explosion. NASA converted the data to music and slowed the rates down by a factor of 5x to hear the individual gamma rays better


. Each was then represented by a different instrument (harp, piano etc) and along with the accompanying animation, illustrate the explosions journey.




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Rig Veda Speed Of Light Precise Than Modern Science

In Astrophysics, Hinduism on March 29, 2014 at 06:21


I have my son’s friend, who is also my friend, is in Australia(most of my son’s friends are my friends too< despite two decades difference in Ages).


On Reading one of my posts on the predictions of Hinduism especially n regard to Technology, he remarked,


“We have a habit of saying, after a New Thought in Modern Science has been brought forth, we say that it is already there in Hinduism and never say


that before the discovery of new theories and if we are serious about our heritage, we should say what all have been said in our texts much before the


present day findings.


I replied that  agree and the reason people do nt know about our findings s that we do no read our texts and some of our thoughts look outrageous ,


especially on Astrophysics, Time, we tend to call them as Fantasies!



Also that one of the purposes of Ramanis’ blog is to post as much information as I know on these subjects.



There is also another accusation about Hinduism that People interpolate facts in the ancient texts and say that the modern findings are found in our





Untrue; wherever possible I have been provoking texts to prove that there is no interpolation.


I am posting now on the Speed of Light as found in the Rig Veda.


This s also doubted that there is an interpolation.


I shall disprove this.


“Sayana ,Sāyaṇācārya  1315- 1387) was an important commentator on the Vedas. He flourished under King Bukka I and his successor Harihara II,


in the Vijayanagar Empire of South India.


He was the son of Māyaṇa, and the pupil of Vishnu Sarvajna and of Samkarananda.


More than a hundred works are attributed to him, among which are commentaries on nearly all parts of the Veda; some were carried out by his pupils, and some were written in conjunction with his brother Mādhava or Vidyāraṇya-svāmin


Hs works were edited by Max Mueller.


Whale commenting on The Rig Veda, Sayana explains about the Speed/Velocity of Light’


Regarding Speed of Light:

There are 2 quotes. I will try to reproduce as given in the book:


taraNirvishvadarshato jyotiShk^Ridasi sUrya | vishvamAbhAsi rochanam |


Oh Sun! (You) overwhelm all in speed, visible to all, source of light. (You) shine pervading the Universe.


tathA cha smaryata yojanAnAM sahasram dve dve shate dve cha yojane | ekena nimiShArdhena kramamANa namo&stu te ||



It is remembered (that) Salutations to Thee (sun), the traveller of 2.202 yojanas in half a nimiSha.


Rg-veda-samhitA, maNDalam 1, sUktam 50, mantraH 4 (6000 DCE) sAyanAchArya’s commentary (14th century AD)


“tatha ca smaryate yojananam. sahasre dve dve sate dve ca yojane ekena nimishardhena kramaman”
तथा च स्मर्यते योजनानां सहस्त्रं द्वे द्वे शते द्वे च योजने एकेन निमिषार्धेन क्रममाण नमोऽस्तुते॥
“[O Sun,] bow to you, you who traverse 2,202 yojanas in half a nimesha.”.
Explaining this,
Vartak in his Scientific Knowledge in the Vedas (1995, p. 95).[3]

  • 1 yojana is said to comprise either 4 or 8 krosha (a cry or shout, or the range of the voice in calling); and 1 krosha (or goruta ~ as far as a cow’s lowing may be heard, or a bull’s roar) may represent either 1000 or 2000 daNDa (a rod or staff), and 1 danda represents 1 pauruSa (a man’s length) which equals 1 dhanvantara (bow-string) or dhanu (bow). 1 yojana measures either 4,000 or (more likely) 8,000 dhanus. Assuming that 1 paurusha is 6 ft long, then 1 yojana must represent a distance of about 14.6 km (or about 9 miles, as suggested by Monier-Williams).
  • nimesa means shutting the eye or winking, and as a measure of time it is a wink of the eye or a moment. The Arthashastra (c. 300 BC) defines 1 nimesa as 1/360,000th of a day and night, i.e. 0.24 seconds.
  • Given that 1 yojana is between 14.6 and 16.4 km, 2,202 yojanas must represent between 32,149 and 36,113 km. Half a nimesha is 0.12 seconds. Sayana thus gives the “speed of the Sun” as between 267,910 and 300,940 km/sec, i.e. the same order of magnitude as the speed of light at 299,792 km/sec.”(wiki)


. The units are well-known.


For example, the Indian epic “Mahabharata”, conservatively dated to 400 BC – 400 AD, defines 1 nimesha to be equal to 16/75.3 seconds; 1 yojana is about 9 miles.


This is the same as Modern Science on the Speed of Light: in fact more precise !


There s objection to this that Sayana says this about the movement of the Sun and not Light.


My point is that Hinduism speaks in allegories.


If they were speaking directly then with so much of calculations they would not be saying that the Sun has Seven Horses, which are the colors of



The Sun is an allegory for Light Energy( At the same time a Personal God,  shall be posting later on this)


So Sayana was referring to Light.


What are the chances of Interpolations/Fraud?


Substituting in Sayana’s statement we get 186,536 miles per second. Unbelievable, you’d say! It cannot be the speed of light.


Maybe it refers to the speed of the sun in its supposed orbit around the earth.


But that places the orbit of the sun at a distance of over 2,550 million miles.


The correct value is only 93 million miles and until the time of Roemer the distance to the sun used to be taken to be less than 4 million miles. This interpretation takes us nowhere.

What about the possibility of fraud? Sayana’s statement was printed in 1890 in the famous edition of Rigveda edited by Max Muller, the German Sanskritist.


He claimed to have used several three or four hundred year old manuscripts of Sayana’s commentary, written much before the time of Roemer.


Is it possible that Muller was duped by an Indian correspondent who slipped in the line about the speed? Unlikely, because Sayana’s commentary is so well known that an interpolation would have been long discovered.


And soon after Muller’s “Rigveda” was published, someone would have claimed that it contained this particular “secret” knowledge.


The fact that the speed in the text corresponds to the speed of light was pointed out only recently by S.S. De and P.V. Vartak.


Also a copy of Sayana’s manuscript, dated 1395 AD, is available.


Further support for the genuineness of the figure in the ancient book comes from another old book, the Vayu Purana.


This is one of the earliest Puranas, considered to be at least 1,500 years old. (The same reference is to be found in the other Puranas as well.)

In Chapter 50 of this book, there is the statement that the sun moves 3.15 million yojanas in 48 minutes.


This corresponds to about 10,000 miles per second if considered as speed of light, and 135 million miles for the distance to the sun,


if considered as the speed of the sun. Sayana’s speed of light is exactly 18 times greater than this speed of the sun! Mere numerology?


For the rationalists these numbers are a coincidence.


Given the significance of these numbers, they’d look very carefully at the old manuscripts of Sayana’s commentary.






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Skyscrapers Private Aircrafts Robots In Vedic India

In Astrophysics, Hinduism on March 25, 2014 at 19:18

The Study of Vedas and the Purans never ceases to amaze me for their depth of Knowledge of Things, Empirical(leave the Spiritual as every one knows about them)

Rama being welcomed back to Ayodhya, also show...

Rama being welcomed back to Ayodhya, also shown him flying in the Pushpaka Vimana, which here is depicted as a boat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Those who claim the Vedic Hindus had always their eyes on the sky, not bothering about the ground under their feet.




Whatever we claim to have invented(?) to-day has been done by them already and they had the means of Technology, including Nano Technology..


They had creature comforts, one look at the description of Sundara Kanda o Valmikif Ramayan, describing Ravana‘s Palace will do or the description of Indraprastha in Mahabharata of Vyas.


Ancient Hindus had UFOs at their disposal.


See my posts on thsi subject , on Vaimanika Shastra  and the evidence that Ravana’s Pushpaka Vimana ‘s Axle having been found in Sri Lanak.


Description of Atomic blasts in the Mahabharata reflects what Erch Von Danike has stated in his Chariot of Gods on Hiroshima Atomic Blast.




They also had Neutron Bombs at their disposal!


On the Psychological front, they could communicate through the Mind with others, .


Telepathy, Hypnosis,Levitation, Kinetasis, you name it they had it.


Clairvoyance, Clair-audience, yes they had.


They also built Highrise apartments for Living.



The term.Harmya prathishthe occurs in Bahagavatha Puran- 3.22.17 on Visvavasu


“Harmya means in ‘in very high places”


The Gandharva  fell from his Plane after seeing the beautiful woman playing on the roof of a Skyscraper.




An example is the story in the Buddhistic Bhttp://ramanan50.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.phphaisajya-vastu, in which a painter went to the Yavana country and visited the home of a yantracarya, or teacher of mechanical engineering. There he met a machine-girl who washed his feet and seemed human, until he found that she could not speak.”( http://www.iskcondesiretree.net)


Yantras are devices that control the action of elements according to some plan.


According to the Samarangana-Sutradhara, the primary elements that form yantras are called the bijas, or seeds, of the devices’



Vastu-Shastra: Hindu Science of Architecture, by D. N Shukla explains this in detail.


These elements are earth, water, fire, air, and ether. In each yantra, a particular bija element is dominant. For example, we might say that the modern internal combustion engine is a yantra in which earth (in the form of metal) is the bija. The metal is arranged so as to generate energy from fire and air, and the energy is used to propel a vehicle.


The yantras described in the Samarangana-Sutradhara were apparently quite complex. Some of them were made of metal. Some of them are described as svayam vahaka, or self-propelled, with the propulsion mechanism hidden from view.


Yantra characteristics .


Yantras are “well knit construction,” “smoothness and fineness of appearance,” and “functional efficiency.”


Among the robotlike yantras described in the text were “men machines serving as servants,” and “soldier machines.”


Shukla (p. 591) “Each part of their figures is made and fitted separately, with holes and pins, so that the thighs, eyes, neck, hands, wrists, forearms and fingers can act according to the need.”(Shukla (p. 591)


Vastu-Shastra: Hindu Science of Architecture, by D. N Shukla


Citation and More at:

Atlantis Rising Magazine



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