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Different Colors Of Vishnu Yugas

In Hinduism on September 3, 2014 at 08:42

Lord Rama was blue-black.


Krishna was black.



The term Krishna means Black.


Both Rama and Krishna are the Avatars of Vishnu.


Then why the difference in skin tone?


I checked.


Vishnu appears as,in


Krita Yuga


White, with four arms,with hair pulled up(Jatamakuta),


Wearing Maravuri, clothes made of  barks,


with Akshamala Kamandalu and Dhanda.


Treta Yuga.




Golden hair-locks,


With Vedas as Four Arms.


Dwapara Yuga.




With Peethamabra,


Sri Vatsa,,


Chank(Conch),Chakra, Gatha.


Kali Yuga.




Bare arms and Arrows.


Source.Bhagavatha Purana Chapter 30.

Vishnu Attempts Suicide First Vamana Avatar

In Hinduism on September 2, 2014 at 23:10

Sage Kasyapa had a wife Dhanu.


They had a son named Dundhu.



Dundhu was granted the boon of  remaining Deathless by Indra, who was happy with Dundhu’s penance.


Dhundhu attacked Indra to capture Indra Loka and Indra, along with the Devas ,rushed to Brahma Loka, the Abode of Brahma.


On being advised that he needed the help of Sukracharya, the Asura Guru, Dundhu obtained Sukracharya’s help.


Sukracharya advised Dhundu to perform 100 Aswamedha Yagas.


Dhundhu started performing the Yaga.


Scared Devas, catching the whiff of the Homa Smoke, rushed to Vishnu seeking  refuge in Him.


Vishnu in took the form of  Vamana (Midget) and pretended to commit suicide near the place where the Yaga was being conducted.


The Brahmins who were conducting the Yaga,  saved the Brahmin boy Vamana  and asked him the reason for his attempted suicide.


Vamana(Vishnu) told them that he was the second son of Prabasa.


After the death of Prabasa, Vamana added that his brother Nethrabasa refused to give him  his share of the property saying that Midgets,Physically disabled and Eunuchs were not  entitled to property Rights.


So , Vamana said that he wanted to commit suicide.


The Brahmins requested Dhundu to provide help to Vamana.


Dhundu informed Vamana that he would give whatever Vamana wanted.


Vamana replied that he was not greedy and wanted only land equivalent to his three steps.


Dhundu agreed.


Vamana grew in size, measured the Earthh with one step, Heavens by the second.


Angered that he did not have a place to place his third step, he fell on Dhundu .


Unable to bear Vamana’s weight, Dhundu fell on the ground and Vishnu buried him in the sand and built a Grave.


This, Vamana Purana , declares is the First Vamana Avatara.

Shiva Temple without Shiva or Linga

In Hinduism on September 2, 2014 at 17:08

Religions which were born yesterday ridicule Hinduism and touts as USP that it does not worship Idols and worship God without Form.



Funny that these religions ended up with worshiping their messiahs, one Hs and His mother’s image and the other so devoted that they would  not allow others to even mention his name without salutation !


In terms of Time scale and antiquity, as compared to Hinduism,they were born yesterday.


Hinduism knows that Reality is Formless.


More aware that Human mind can not contemplate in a vacuum.


So they devised Idol worship .


Please read my posts under Hinduism.


There is a Shiva Temple in Tamil Nadu, which has no Idol of Shiva or Linga.


Instead in the sanctum one finds only a pedestal, to which is offered the Pooja.


It is Avudayar Kovil ,Thiruperundurai.


Lord Shiva graces in three postures in the sanctum sanctorum as formless, form-formless as the Kuruntha tree and in form as Manickavasagar.


As the Kurundha tree is praised as Lord, 108 conch Abishek (Sangabishekam) is offered on Mondays of Karthikai month – November-December.

Only a square shape Avudayar-the mount on which the Linga is placed – is in the sanctum sanctorum.

A bowl – Kuvalai in Tamil – is placed on the Avudayar personified as the body and the inner empty space as Athma-soul.

As Lord dwells in all beings being their Athma, He is praised as Lord Athmanathar.

A kind of oil prepared with 108 herbal is used for abishek during all the six time puja – Aarukala puja in Tamil.
Generally, the Arati offered to deities in temples are shown to devotees who touch it and place their hands in eyes.

But the Arati plate in Avudayarkoil Lord is not brought out of the sanctum sanctorum as Lord by Himself is a Jyoti.  Worshipping Lord or the Arati makes no difference.
There are three deepas (lamps) lit in the sanctum sanctum behind the presiding deity in white, red and green as the three eyes of Lord Shiva representing Sun (white), Agni (red) and Moon (green).


As Lord is formless, these three lamps are lit.
A Shiva form in the temple is known as Kudhirai Swami – Horse God.



For Saint Manickavasagar, Lord Shiva brought horses and delivered them to King Arimardhana Pandian.




He also rode on a horse along with other horses.


Hence he is praised as Kuthirai  Swami– Horse Swami wearing horseman dress with a whip in hand.


He is in the Panchakshara Mandap.


There are foxes too under the horses praised as Ashwa Nathar.
Every entrance in the temple has Deepas (lamps) in specific numbers.


The Thiruvasi (a metal frame in upside U shape around Lord Shiva has 27 lamps representing 27 stars, the two nearby the Jeevatma-Paramatma philosophy, 5 representing the five arts, 36 representing many philosophies, 51 letters. 11 mantras and 224 world divisions.

Those facing planetary problems offer ghee for lighting the deepas around the Thiruvasi.

There is no shrine for Navagrahas in the temple but they are in pillars.

While Rahu and Ketu (serpent planets) are in the first pillar, Shukara –Venus, Sani Bhagwan-Saturn, Jupiter-Guru and Sevvai-Mars are in the second pillar.

Sun with His consorts Pradyusha and Usha and Mercury (Budha) are in the third.

Moon is at the fourth pillar.

In the next two pillars nearby are Lord Kalatheeswar and Mother Gangadevi.

There are four Vinayakas in the four corners in the second prakara one of them with Mother Annapoorani facing north.



Steaming Boiled Rice, No salt< Greens without salt.


1000 Stone Pillar Mantap raises musical notes on tapping .


Temple Timings.

The temple is open from 6.00 a.m. to 12.00 a.m. and from 4.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.

Sri Athmanatha Swami Temple, Avudayarkoil, Pudukkottai district.

+91 4371 233301( cross check the Phone number.



Temple web site.






How To reach.



Reality Orders Trimurthis Are Not Brahman Matsya Purana

In Hinduism on September 2, 2014 at 12:29

Reality is the core of Vedas.


That the Reality is non dual is Advaita, qualified non dualism Visishtadvaita and Dualism is Dwaita.


Normally one does not find Brahman given more importance in the Puranas as each Purana extolls the virtues of the God on whose name the Purana is named.


Matsya Purana, Purana meant to extol the Virtues of Vishnu speaks of Brahman ordering and assigning jobs to the Trimurti.


What is interesting is that this chapter (Chapter 6)  does not state that a particular God, Shiva, Vishnu as the embodiment of Brahman.


Instructions by Brahman.


To Narayana.


Marry Lakshmi, destroy the wicked and protect the Righteous by taking Avatars.



To Shiva.

Marry Parvati,be present in Holy places, bless people and perform Creation, Sustenance and Destruction.


To Brahma.

Determine the fate of every one based on their Actions.


On this basis, Vishnu is present as Naranarayana in Badrinath,Madhava in Prayag,Sri Hari in Haridwar,Renganatha in Srirangam,Venkateswara in Tirupati,and as Krishna in Dwaraka.


Shiva is present as,

Somanatha in Saurashtra,Mallikarjuna in Srisailam,Mahakala in Ujjain,Rameswara in  Sethu (Rameswaram) and as in all Dwadasa Kshetras as Jyotir Linga.


Parvati blesses as Sakthi

in 18 Sakthipeetas,

and as village deity in villages.

Source.Matsya Purana

Is This All There Is

In lifestyle on September 2, 2014 at 10:12

People, after a certain age, tend to change.


Especially those who have crossed 50, more so after 60.


They make it a regimen to go for a Walk religiously every day,start diet restrictions,try to withdraw to themselves and pretend that they are not interested in things which they think belong to Youth.


Life does not happen in compartments.

It is a flow in alignment with the individual’s dispositions.

Because one turns  over in age, does not mean he is to change his likes and dislikes.

You have not been able to do the things you wanted to earlier because of your career, Family commitments.

Now you are free to do what you like and enjoy doing.

And there is no pressure.


You have the mistaken impression that decisions taken by your children , in the family, means that you are sidelined,

You feel that you have to be consulted for everything,

You have the arrogance to think you are always right’

Your decision is final.

Remember how many times have  we felt, in the past,that these pressures of running the day-to-day affairs and wished others would share the burden, especially children.

And we train the children towards that end.

Then why this confusion?

Do what you like, without affecting the Family,maintain a detached attachment.

If you feel alright, no need to follow the myth imposed on the aged-be your age,do pooja regularly,go for a walk, restrict your diet….the recommendations are endless.

Do what you like and enjoy Life.

You have only one to Live.



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