Event Organizations, Pimps Times Of India

In India, lifestyle on December 10, 2013 at 18:56

I have heard about people forming associations to indulge in Sex in private parties.

Some Star Hotels also organise events to facilitate them.

I have posted how a Chennai Star Hotel organises an event for people, preferably for couples to exchange wives.

Read my detailed post on this.

Now I came across some advertisements in Newspapers including the Times of India calling for openings under Classifieds.

Some ads on 9 the December 2013 Classified Bangalore Edition.(page 6)

‘Bangalore Entnmnt Services invites Males  4 broad-minded Friendships Spot services available’

Another one reads,

‘Frame your Dreams with Hi-fi M/F in Privacy with gd relnship fun &joy broad-minded people’

Yet another,

.POJA Friendship club meet for enjoy +fun(in your cities)- caps in the ad.

What is “broad-minded”?

Can there be any thing more than this to declare open debauchery?

Telephone numbers are provided.

Do we have a Vice Squad in place?

It is sad a Newspaper like the Times of India is publishing advertisements of this nature

* I am not posting any image for this post as the images provide Links to the organisations of the nature I am writing about here.

  1. Shocking – had no idea that these things happen.

    Like this

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