Manage Pleasures Patanjali Yoga Sutra 5

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‘Vruddhiyah panchatahyaha Klishta Aklishtaa’

We are after the objects of the senses initially;later we can not leave them and it needs a special effort to get rid of this.

It becomes a habit.

This applies to even a trivial thing(depends on one’s view) like Browsing the Internet or even the use of Fans, Mixers,ACs.

We were living with out these quite some time back.

I was without electricity some 50 years back, with out mobile phones, Internet,PC till a few years.

To day I browse and write for about 10 hours a Day and I can not be without a Fan even a  few minutes.

If the Internet connection is  off , I become restless.

Let’s extend this further.

We have been happy without these and were not inconvenienced with out them.

We were children, went to school played around ,went to college.

We were quite Happy when we compare them with the grown up Life of Adults.

Without wife children, were we,;yet we were Happy.

Now, those things are gone and the things which gave Happiness to us at a point of Time do not exist now,

And the things like Wife, Positions, and other things that gave us pleasure at a point of time to us, no longer give us the same pleasure.

In fact, they give us Pain.

They have not changed,we have rather our Perspectives.

Happiness ,Sadness do not lie in things or people.

Bhagavad Gita Quote.

Bhagavad Gita Quote.

They lie within us.

Though we want to change this, we can not.


It is because these thoughts are a part us that we can not get rid of.

Yet there are certain things we are happy through out,like being Alone.

Alone means being within oneself.

Every one knows what it is.

Again there are certain things that give us pleasure at all times, like watching Ocean,Sky,Infants, Seeing a smile on others,or helping some one who is in dire need and seeing his tears of gratitude.

And of course the instinctive feeling we are more than this flesh and bones.


Patanjali explains.

The Modifications of Chiththa are the cause.

They are of Two kinds,

Klishta,that which make us delve deep into them and be lost in them, like the objects of the senses.

Aklishta, that those which help us retrieve ourselves from them.

Desire to enjoy is like poring Ghee to Fire, the more one enjoys , more he needs them, there is no end.

But to come out of them there are two practices, as Lord Krishna explains to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita.

They are Abhyaasa,Practice and Vairaagya, clear deter determination.

Once we develop these two we can be rid of these tendencies to be happy or Unhappy.

I will deal with them when we discuss them later at a more appropriate place.




  1. Thank you for sharing! I find too that the older I get the more pronounced these desires become and it is like pulling teeth to overcome them. I at times have almost felt resigned to them…I think the only thing that can lesson their effect is intensive sadhana.

    Like this

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