BSNL Bangalore,Landline Broadband Complaints Bills -Details

In consumer forum on October 18, 2012 at 11:57

For Broadband Complaints in Bangalore :




SMS  BBF 080 followed by your telephone number.


For Land Line faults.


SMS 52295 LLF 080 followed by your landline number.


Fault Bookings by Telephone.


Dial XXXX2198, wheere XXXX is  the first four Digits of your telephone Number.


Or Call 2845 1898/2845 1999.


For Duplicate of Telephone, Broadband Bills -contact the Customer care nearest to you and ask for it.


You may also visit www.selfcare.sdc.bsnl.co.in  and create an account.


You may need your Broadband user ID.


You can get it from the telephone exchange.(preferably your telephone exchange)


After you create an account , you will be able to get Duplicate of  your Bills and ot details of your account.


General Help lines.


Landline 1500: Broadband 1504.


Fault Repair Service 198.


Additional sites for Booking,Plan Conversion,Bill Payment.










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  1. Hi
    a few days back a telephone pole was removed from opposite my house and the an alternative dpe was fixed, since then i am having problems with my phone almost everyday, i have met with the Je and spoken but that issue was just for a few hours the problem was solved and again back to square one.my phone is dead at the moment my no is 080-25493768 bangalore east division pls advise as to what next should be done.i have given a complaint regards the faulty telephone but dont remember the complaint no

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  2. i require the details outgoing numbers for my land line no 08023345180 fir september and october 2013

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  3. Heights, I believe BSNL Customer Service is Sleeping always, no body pick up the Bl***y Call i have been waiting for almost an hour.
    BSNL Sucks….

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  4. My land line is destarv,
    my no, 07552660720

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  5. Karnataka – 2G/3G Prepaid Special Tariff Vouchers/Rate Cutters (Updated on 16-06-2013)

    164 Unlimited on-net Local/STD 6 days VOICE164
    574 Unlimited on-net for 27 Days VOICE574
    1,494 81 days VOICE1494
    344 Unlimited on-net Local 27 Days VOICE344
    894 81 days VOICE894
    699 Unlimited Local on-net & Local 1600 Mins off-net Free 30 Days VOICE699

    This is right or Wrong.??????
    i got this information on
    http://www.bsnlteleservices.com/2012/08/bsnl-karnataka-prepaid-special-tariff.html link.

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  6. my telephone no.080-22870942 is completely dead so plz. look into the matter

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  7. Please sir meri complaint he bsnl to bsnl pack unlimited 574 rs std and lock 30day wala apne kyu band kara diya please ise chalu kar di jiye please se pack sirf bsnl par hi he apka hi fayada hoga please meri complaint xsep kijiye

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  8. Plz sir bsnl to bsnl 30 day 574 rs ka unlimited pack kyu band kar diya plz plz chalu kar di jiye ye seva bsnl ki hi achi sev he apne ise band nhi karna tha ab 6 day 164 unlimited bsnl to bsnl std locl he apse nivedn he plz day bada di jiye plz 30 day wala pack vapas chlu kara di jiye lage to rs bada di jiye par ye seva bsnl ke siva or koi sim par nhi he apka hi fayad he is me sare log apki sim hi chalayege plz aap smjo pyar karne wale kese bt karege plz nhi to apka hi nuksan hoga kyu ki apki sim jada koi or nhi chalata jo chalata tha vo bhi bnd kar dega anjali 15/6/2013

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  9. Sir,
    My BSNL landline is dead for past one month and my complaint no is 18561050712. I tried to contact respective DE/JTO , however failed to connect either their number is busy/unanswered. so I escalated the problem to PGM(BGTD) . I have sent email to PGM office on 29.05.13 and 06.06.13 but till date the preblem remains the same . Kindly help in this regard

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    • Please contact the JT/?JE at your exchange in person. and this can be resolved by them.
      Also refer some of my replies on this subject in the comments.

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  10. Hi sir, my LL and broadband is not working from 15 days i had given complaint regarding this(18692660422) but there is no response from 10 days.I called area DE and he told to contact area JTO when called him he said “cable problem what we can do”.Its regular problem every 2 or 3 months phone will be not functional.My grand mother stays at home she cant use mobile phones.Please advice me how to approach this issue.Even if its not functional regular rent i have to pay.

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    • 1.keep track of all your efforts to get problem solved, Send a letter with ack due , to Commercial Officer of Your Circle.. Depending on the action taken, File a Case.in Consumer Court Please refer under consumer information on how to file case.. As a last try meet the officers concerned, in person if you have not done so. Regds,

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      • Finally they have fixed issue today.Thanks a lot sir for the suggestions.Sir one last question, this time i have compliant number so how can i use it for discount on this month bill for which phone was dead for 15days?Please brief the procedure for this.

        Thanks in advance.

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      • Please contact the Commercial officer of your exchange in person with your complaint number. He will be able to guide you

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  11. Hi Sir,
    Last year due to some exchange shifting process my landline was not working for more than 25days i paid bill..Now i want know is there any chance of getting refund for that period?

    P.S : I dont have any complaint number for that as area JE knew the phone lines were dead due there technical issues.Its Rajanukunte exchange,Bangalore north.


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    • Without complaint number it is difficult.

      If you remember the approximate date when the Phone was not working, you may seek the help of your Area JCTO/AE and request them to verify their compliant Records and process the complaint.

      But you should have the Bill and payment receipt or details to claim refund

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    • 1.Please check your Billing Cycle.Normally, if your Line has been dead and your Bill does not show discount, quote your complaint number date , deatils of the complaint and post in the sit whose url you have provided here in your comment.
      I suspect your Billing Cycle might be different.
      2.If you do not get any response, please call up the JE of your Area,phone number is available in the Directory;better still meet him in person and this will solve the problem.

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  13. Dear Sir,
    Thanks for putting up this info. I tried to call 1500 but nobody picks up the call. I waited for 1 minute and then the call ended automatically. I tried about 3 times, same thing happens. My problem is that I am not getting landline bills. I was getting them earlier. But ever since , they changed their billing system, I am having this problem. I registered a complaint on thier selfcare website, but there is no response to that. We have enquired at the bsnl office too but it is of no use. Kindly tell me what to do. I am a senior citizen and am being traumatized by the apathy of the govt employees.

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    • Please visit the telephone exchange of your area and meet the Commercial Officer, or DE and they should be able to solve it.
      in case you do not get any response from them please fwd me details .
      I will see what can be done.

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  14. a/c number 9034229422, i am getting erratic bill and hence look for a detailed number wise monthly bill. pls advise what i need to do for getting numberwise bill.

    Your customer care 1500 is just to waste customers time as none picking up the same

    tks n rgds

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    • Please go to your Exchange, contact the DE or Customer care in person.
      Please carry copy of the telephone Bill and to be on the safer side proof of ID.
      There are sites that can help.
      But my experience tells me that if you go in person your problem gets resolved, might have to spend some time but it is worth.

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  15. i have created an account in selfcare.sdc.bsnl.co.in but not sure which options to choose to get the duplicate bill.

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  16. Thank You, Sir– useful info.

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